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Found 2 results

  1. zallah

    The Scions of Tordala

    Months have passed since the arrival of the Talon on Menhirs. Many things have changed. Political alignments have become as blurred as the lines between friend and foe. What once stood as clear as 'Horde' and 'Alliance' is now a large grey area, but one thing concrete still remains. The ties of blood that bind us, and our shared, common history. As we've come to learn since arriving, Tordala is central to that history, and will continue to play a central role in the development of elvenkind. As we find ourselves more and more with our backs to the wall, we find that the need to reconnect to those we call kin grows stronger and stronger. With enemies lining up against us and with friends nowhere to be found, I find that the most obvious place to turn is the last one I had considered. Family. Even the long estranged cousins we have called our enemies outside of these islands. I see no other option but to abandon such petty conflicts, and embrace that which will always keep us together. Blood of our blood, spirit of our spirit. The city will live on to bind all of us in history. -Magistrix Emiysia Briarsong's Journal, dated two months after arriving in the Doldrums Tordala The City of Tordala once stood as an idyllic vacation spot for the Highborne of Zin-Azshari.. With its grand library, beautiful ocean scenes, and calm, tranquil meadow, it served as a relaxing escape from the busy city, where scholars could gather to study ancient secrets in peace. Today, it lies as a shell of its former beauty. The city has crumbled, the meadow decayed, and the corruption of betrayal still lingers. Following the defeat of Shaleera and Talthren, the Talon of the Phoenix found themselves in a moment of calm. Their most immediate threats were gone, and while the conflicts with the Ironbound and Sotorans were still unresolved, there was peace, and new purpose. Icath'ya Asha'thiel's guidance led the group towards the noble goal of rebuilding Tordala into a home for all who trace their lineage to the Highborne Kaldorei, Quel'dorei, or Sin'dorei.. All seemed to be in their favor as construction began. That was when the unthinkable happened. The spiritual leader of Tordala's renewal was struck down just as the work was beginning, senselessly murdered by a madman on an isolated island. Grief and a heavy air of sorrow hung over the ruins like a storm cloud. With Tordala's visionary gone, the group found themselves in a malaise. But, as winter's chill beckons the coming of spring, Icath'ya's memory filled those who sought to honor her with strength, and a new sense of meaning for the work they fought onward to complete. Goals The people of Tordala have two priorities. The first, unchanging since the Talon arrived on Menhirs, is to find a way home. By ship, or portal, or some other method, leaving the Doldrums is the key. The second goal is following Icath'ya Asha'thiel's vision. Rebuilding the once great city of Tordala into a safe haven for all elves. Establishing sustainable methods of food production, and creating a military force able to defend its residents from all threats, external or internal. Membership Citizenship of Tordala is open to all elves. Sin'dorei, Kaldorei, Quel'dorei, or Highborne. Other races may be admitted on a case by case basis, providing they are willing to help in the reconstruction efforts, and recognize that the purpose of Tordala is a city for Elves, not a city for everyone. Organization and Ranks: Tordala is broken into two factions. The Talon of the Phoenix, and the Township of Tordala. The Talon, much like its original purpose, is a military organization dedicated once to the Horde's mission. Isolated from the Horde here on the Doldrums, the Talon has a new purpose. The preservation and security of Tordala. The Township of Tordala, conversely, is the organization of Tordala as a city. Every member of the Talon holds a position in Tordala as well, but not every citizen is compelled to be a soldier. Steward: The Steward of Tordala serves the people, guiding the reconstruction, as well as laying the foundations of law, order, and justice. The Steward also holds the position as Commander of the Talon of the Phoenix, heading Tordala's defense force. Executive Officer (Talon): The Executive Officer fulfills the day to day operations of the Talon of the Phoenix, serves as an advisor to the Steward, and serves as a leader on the battlefield. Soldier (Talon): The common soldier of Tordala, serving to protect the people from all threats, foreign and domestic. Councilor (Tordala): The Council of Tordala is made up of the Steward and a number of officials, either elected or chosen directly by the Steward. There is no set number of councilors, nor set duties for the councilors. They serve as needed, at the pleasure of the Steward, or the people. Citizen (Tordala): The Citizenry of Tordala are the elves who live in and around Tordala. Even those who do not reside permanently in the city may call themselves citizens. Helper (Tordala and Talon): Those of other races who recognize Tordala's importance, and have dedicated themselves to the cause. Be they crafters, soldiers, or just charitable souls. Note: Long overdue, but here it finally is.
  2. Axis48

    Isle of Menhirs Lore

    Taking its name from the ancient monoliths that dot the island, the Isle of Menhirs is haunted by wild arcane energies and a legacy of ancient magic. Once a bastion of the Highborne, their ruins still remain as testament to their folly. Long broken and lingering with corruption, no one is certain if destruction came from within or without, but the aftermath affects the travelers of the Doldrums to this day. It’s known history is only as old as Silver-Eye Island, when the first civilized territory was dragged into the Doldrums. The Isle of Menhirs was an island rich in highborne trinkets and exotic creatures, which were plundered rather mercilessly when travelers from the Goblin port first arrived. Very quickly, the errors of their ways were realized, when disembodied spirits rose from the ruins and slaughtered the would-be pillagers. A handful of the looting party survived, but it was enough to offer up advice to would-be travelers- to avoid the island’s ruins, for those things that died here long ago still live on, vigilant and vengeful. In more recent times, bold folks of all stripes, some elvish, some not, have come, seeking some connection to the world outside. Rumors swirl about the broken leylines being some key to the Doldrums, others say that the spirits here know the secrets of the Doldrums, still others adamantly declare that the highborne and their enemies still live on the island to this day. Only one thing is certain, the island is beautiful, rich in material wealth, and utterly haunting. The storied spectres still haunt the island in the dead of night and still others have claimed to have witnessed demons stalking the bluffs. Some things are best left to the past. Major Characters Lunessa Farstar - ‘Explorer’ Farstar, as she likes to be called is a member of a group of Highborne that left Eldre’Thalas and the Shen’dralar five years ago. While they spent much of their time on Silver-Eye, the group jumped back and forth to the Isle of Menhirs, seeking to understand the lonely island. During their travelers, many were slain by the spirits of the island or by clashing gangs of adventurers, leaving Lunessa with only a handful of her Highborne kin around- where they now study the island from the safety of the shoreline. She is kind enough to ferry travelers from the island and elsewhere. Kerr the Reaver - Once a rival to Lunessa and her Highborne clan, Kerr the Reaver was forced to work with them when he was attacked by wretched spectres amid the ruins. His Orcish blood draws hesitation from some of the Highborne, but his combat prowess has made him a necessary ally as they attempt to maintain a camp on the island. Aristaeus Whitespire - A Highborne artificer from Eldre’Thalas, he departed with a group of elves from Eldre’Thalas nearly five years ago before finding himself in the Doldrums. While much of his group is dead, he remains on the Isle of Menhirs with them, doing research into the aged island to unravel it’s secrets. Comus Kir’Madune - A Highborne sorcerer and the leader of the thinned group of Highborne that dwell on Elder’Thalas. An incredibly powerful and aged spellcaster, he protects his mismatched followers as they unravel the mystery of the island. Suspicious of those outside the group, he still seems to engage in trade and travel with others- though it appears to be out of necessity. Notable Locations The Walk - The old harbor on the Isle of Menhirs is long broken, but fragments remain, dancing up the plains and all the way to the older ruins. The Walk was once the lifeline of this vibrant Highborne settlement, now in ruins. Debris, aged giants, and overgrowth litter the grounds. Redwatch Sump - Under the eerie gaze of a dreaming giant, the Redwatch Sump is a murky, brackish corner of the island. With thick grasses, thick mud, and the creeping taint of fel magic, the Sump seems to be a favorite for some of the more feral wildlife on the island. Field of Menhirs - The place for which the island draws it’s name, the Field of Menhirs is littered with aged carved stone, old ruins, and bushcover. Beautiful and mysterious, many wonder if it was grounds for a garden, future construction, or some strange ritual. Ruins of Tordala - Little remains of this Highborne settlement but the name, what was once a sprawling township dedicated to knowledge lingers as wreckage split in half, much left in the sea thousands of years ago. That which remains is infested with pests and spirits of the past, driving away would-be plunderers. The Fractured Core - Also known as Tordala’s Heart, the Fractured Core is an exquisite crystalline cavern that many suspect to be the very reason Tordala was settled. With powerful, magical crystals humming and resonating here, it stands as a beautiful jewel amid the grim fate of the rest of the island. I’kuylan’s Betrayal - While little of the history of the Isle of Menhirs remains, there is one place that has a very clear history. I’kuylan’s betrayal is an unchanged, corrupted place of magic where the Highborne Wizard I’kuylan - along with those loyal to Queen Azshara, turned on the isolated people of Tordala. The outcome of the conflict is unknown, but no one was left on the island to tell anything beyond his unspeakable pact with the Burning Legion. Notes Aged and beautiful, the Isle of Menhirs is dotted with pale trees, tall rocky cliffs, and thick grasslands. It has a natural allure that even the danger and tragedy of the island can’t dispel. While no modern settlement has taken root, a camp of highborne and other adventurers have taken root here after the Shattering, hoping to unravel the history of the island and Tordala. The ruins of the Highborne city of Tordala stand to this day. While much of the city fell into the ocean thousands of years ago, some still remains, crumbling by the day. Aged ghosts, mutated wildlife, and wild magic haunt the island, making travel dangerous. The island is rich in resources, with both the ruins and the wilds holding plunder for anyone willing to risk the unseen dangers.