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Found 1 result

  1. McDankus

    [Event] The Warlords Call

    In recent times, the Horde have fallen into chaos with the absence of Warlord Bloodfury and the destruction of Grom'Thar. Until the return, the Horde have re-established themselves as a growing force of reckoning for their enemies. Around various settlements on Opej'nor where Horde races were found, notices sprung up: Attention, true Sons and Daughters of the Horde! For too long we have been scattered and broken, downtrodden by those who believe we are nothing but savages. I, Warlord Bloodfury, call upon the true people of the Horde who wish to stand under our banner once more. To make amends for the tragedies of the past, and to bring death to those who have wronged us! Join us in restoring our dignity and glory, and allow us to make a home for our people here, perhaps find a way out of these Islands so we can re-connect with our loved ones. Join me in my camp at the base of Grom'Thar Peak. Hear my words, and then decide whether you wish to truly stand with us or not. Lok'tar Ogar! The Horde will never die. Not whilst we draw breath. What: This event is for the chance for people to introduce new characters for the Mork'Kar Vanguard, and to gather more support and influence through NPCs on Opej'nor. Who: Anyone who is a Horde race is willing to join. Anyone with known ties to enemy groups/banned from the area will be turned away. Where: At the Mork'Kar Vanguard camp at the base of Grom'Thar Peak Time: Sunday 23rd of July, 9 PM GMT +1 GM Aid?: Possibly, depending on whether Keepers decide any NPCs from other settlements may attend to listen and possibly pledge to the Horde. Hope to see some of you Hordies there! It's important people tell me their availability so I can choose a more appropriate date.