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Found 1 result

  1. “The world is a well from which we all come to draw a draught of knowledge.” The Votaries are an order of knowledge seekers, secret keepers and sorcerous pioneers. From disparate factions and races, they have come together to create an environment where their pursuit of knowledge can thrive. The Votaries work together, putting aside petty rivalry and factionalism in the name of progress and unraveling the mysteries of the world; and the secrets in the Doldrums. With the Kirin Tor and the Blue Dragonflight being but memories of the outside world, the Votaries of the Well has taken it upon themselves to collect and safeguard artifacts and knowledge of magical nature, be that of the light, shadow, fel, nature or arcane. The Doldrums is a place of convergence, great power is drawn into it and have for millennia. It is for the Votaries of the Well to ensure that this power is handled with care and to the benefit of the islands. The sacred beliefs of the order state that there are no gods, only Powers who use people as their pawns in the games they play with each other. In the eyes of the Votaries the Light and the Burning Legion are not much different from each other, they both offer power in return for submission. Unacceptable terms for the order. They do not forbid the pursuit of knowledge these Powers offer, but the terms must always be favourable to the Votary and never may they offer servitude. Clever deals and contracts are bread and butter for the order, they always seek to extract the last drop of advantage they can before closing a pact. As such, each member has a pact with the order which states the details of their membership, most follow the standard pact but a few members have special considerations taken into account. Studying the Arcane, Demons, the Light, Necromancy, Runes, Artifacts, Alchemy and so on are all encouraged, as long as faith, worship or servitude is not indulged, a Votary is never a pawn. The Votaries of the Well organise around grand projects which all members make their contribution towards. After a project has been completed, as judged by the Curate, a symposium is held to both discuss the next undertaking as well as celebrate the accomplishments of the order. A symposium starts with the Curate officially resigning their position and declaring a moderator for the discussions to be held. The moderator is usually a luminary who does not intend to argue in favour of a proposal. The moderator is then given a list of the projects members want to propose, any member may propose a project and argue in its favour. The moderator then keeps order and ensure that the symposium progress at a reasonable pace. He introduces the proposal and the Votary putting it forward, then allows the Votary in question make their argument in favour of their proposed project. After which any member may make a counter argument. Once all proposals have been made, the moderator will call for an anonymous vote to decide which project the order shall embark on. Once a project is decided, a luminary will be nominated as the Curate to oversee its completion. The Curate is an elected member of the order who oversees the current project the Votaries have decided to pursue. The Curate leads the order as the first among equals until the project is completed, at which point a symposium is organised to discuss the next project and vote on a new Curate. Only Luminaries are eligible for election. A Luminary is a full member of the order who have participated in the completion of at least one project. It is from the luminaries that the Curate is elected and it is they who are entrusted with the knowledge and power that the Votaries secure. Luminaries decide who can join the order and by consensus decide where the order should put their focus next and what their goals will be. Adepts are the new members of the order who have not yet participated in the completion of a project. Adepts have all the rights and privileges of any member of the order except voting on or eligibility for the Curatorship. To become an adept you must have a patron among the luminaries who can sponsor your entry into the order. This person vouches for your trustworthiness and is responsible for the pact between you and the order. Any race or class may join, even those who have no magical expertise. Warriors and such may act as artefact hunters, using magical items and enchantments to secure more knowledge and artefacts for the order. We expect most who join will be spell-casters of some kind however and welcome all kinds. It is important to note that the order does but welcome those of faith, priests and paladins are welcome but should be of the kind we see among the blood knights or Goblins. The light and shadow are tools, just like the arcane or fel and as such should not be worshipped but instead studied and brought under control. Power and knowledge must never come at the price of subjugation. Knowledge and power over the esoteric is dangerous and volatile, it must be in the capable hands of the Votaries of the Well. New discoveries must be documented in the Codex and objects of power turned over to a Luminary of the order or kept in the Vault. The power and knowledge of the order must be used for the greater good of the isles, as judged by the consensus of the Luminaries. “I, ______ ______, agree to enter into this pact sound of mind and body, wholly willing and with full knowledge of who the Votaries of the Well are. I will now and in the future be truthful and faithful to my brothers and sisters of the order, I will uphold the tenets in good faith and without deceit.” Formally form the order in role-play. Settle the rules and tenets. Hold the first symposium, deciding first project and Curate. Write the first edition of the Codex. Decide whether a Vault shall be built, and the details of location, security and access.