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Found 1 result

  1. Axis48

    Black Finger Lore

    Far above the sea, far above the peaks of Opej’Nor, far above the wings of the flapping gulls about Silver-Eye Island- Black Finger towers above them all. Carved from dark rock and standing over the Doldrums, it imposes itself as a grim monolith to an ancient dark architect. Crowning the dark obsidian, a spiked fortress rests, casting it’s long shadow over the dark seas below. There is no place more menacing or unnerving in all the Doldrums. Haunting on it’s own, the near-unapproachable pillar has only a few places where a ship might find purchase- with the main approach a debris littered beach where a ship and dock now lay in ruin. It is uncertain who or what such things were established, but the question come as the rise draws ever higher to an abandoned, eerie camp- with aged designs of yet another unknown force. This threatening place seems unnaturally quiet, the sea is calm, the waves are few, and the creak and groan of the rotting dock is muted. Few remain for long, stories of shadowy drifters in the night, people disappearing, and violent dreams seem to chase any mention of Black Finger. Most people say it’s best avoided. Major Characters The Masked Woman - No one knows her name, but everyone seems to know that the only person willing to go to Black Finger is a mysterious woman in black. She doesn’t talk details, she won’t ask for anything, but she is a traveler who ferries people between Kolai, Black Finger, and Opej’Nor. What else could you ask for? Notable Locations Nameless Port - Decidedly simple in design, the Nameless Port and the ruined ship and debris among them were burned down very recently. The wreckage and the crew are littered on the nearby shores as some garrish warning. Abandoned Camp - The ruined and neglected camp on the beaches leading up from the Nameless Port. The Abandoned Camp lays littered with half-done chores, skeletons, and wrecked bedding. It looks like the scene of an aged ambush. Darkstar Camp - Lingering near the long platform at the top of the singular rise near the Black finger, Darkstar Camp appears as some leftover of a slave market, a staging area, and a resting place. Although there is no formal presence as of late, most people would recommend not lingering long. It’s said the occupants of the camp are never far. The Black Fortress - Enigmatic and ancient, the Black Fortress sits atop Black Finger, looming high above the Doldrums. No one is known to have gone in or out, although some have tried. It stands as some miserable giant that casts an eerie shadow across the misty seas of the Doldrums. Notes Isolated and haunting, Black Finger is dominated by shards of obsidian, brackish sand, and dark waters. With only a single spot developed other than the Black Fortress, few places are accessible. A simple, sandy beach with signs of destruction and death. Resources are few, but it is said that much of the docks and the camp nearby are rich for salvage. It is rumored that the island suffered no damage from the Shattering whatsoever.