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    wait is this a thing?

  2. sander

    [Player Complaint] - Dascombe

    Looks like this should've been a PM to Dasc tbh, and then an official private complaint if you couldn't sort it out like adults. You're both players who have 1 on 1 beef and your disagreement over a campfire (wtf) has zero impact on anyone else. The rest of the server doesn't need to know about your dirty underwear. Poor form.
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    Sir Alistair Roux

  4. sander

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    The only thing I don't like is that there weren't any proper warnings given. Yes people can be dicks, but why let things escalate to the point of a 3 month ban straight away? Warnings are the perfect solution to give people a chance to change their behaviour, plus you have an actual history you can point to when dishing out the serious ban hammer. And I'm talking actual official warnings that are logged with screenshots on a person's file (preferably a publically accessible file), not a single message in an OOC chat in-game. It would avoid big drama, either because the offending player changes their behaviour or because they keep pushing and get banned, at which point you can say "well we did warn him, just look at these logs; he already had 3 chances to change but didn't". Nobody would kick up a fuss about that, it would seem fair. Instead you're left with this; where a big dramatic statement has to be made and players are up in arms with disagreement. Honestly I would suggest letting Frankie return with a final strike official warning; if he gets rude again he's out.
  5. sander

    [Event] The Trial of the Hunter

    This event was awesome. We were having fun on our own but special shout-out to Lang for showing up and taking the event to the next level.
  6. I'll throw an alt your way! Can't promise high activity levels but I'll mooch off events and important stuff. ;D
  7. This is CANCELED as <Egtown> formed organically in-game as the guild for the port. Jani worship will still exist just not as a guild.
  8. “May ya always find friends in low places.” - Jani High Priest: Kuz Mayor: Eg Eg and Kuz, the Cult’s founders, are wholly and utterly convinced that The Doldrums is the realm of Jani. What else could it be? Jani is the Loa of the discarded, and everyone here is discarded by the rest of the world, stuck forever in Jani’s Realm under her protection, where only the worthy will ascend to become True Junk. Even the land itself is cast out by the rest of Azeroth, random seemingly disconnected islands forgotten by anyone but its denizens. It only makes sense that this is where Jani makes its home. Voodoo plays a large part in being a Jani devotee, but anyone can make a sacrifice to Jani as long as they have some junk to give or an orphan to give some food to. The guild focuses heavily on the worship of their deity and all things that come with this worship. Current Location: The Port After a series of tumultuous up-and-downs, the first ever port on Opej’nor is officially back in the hands of its original creators and founders; Eg and Kuz. The Port is the home of the Cult, though any non-Cult members are welcome to use The Port as much as they want; everyone is welcome. Currently facing a refugee crisis, Flotsam is not in its best condition; ridden with Fugie Disease, rat infested and with low food stores, it’ll need all the help it can get. The Loa of Discarded Things, Master of Minions, Patron of Scavengers, The Saurid Lord of Thieves and the Collector of Secrets. Many names describe this Lesser Loa who takes the form of an Anklebiter. Anywhere a pile of trash and debris is found, one can also find the essence of Jani- and perhaps even the manifestation of the Loa herself if the junk is adequate. Those ignored or mostly forgotten about are blessed with Jani’s protection; The poor, downtrodden, orphans and homeless. Jani, a purveyor of loot and trash, is hardly picky about her sacrifices. Everything from broken ship wheels to bottles of expensive wine to the Ashbringer itself are accepted as proper sacrifices in the Loa’s name. Very much like the rest of her prodigious pantheon of peers, Jani is every bit as fickle and very much a trickster. Despite the extreme loyalty the Cult might demonstrate, they could still be teased with various misadventurous scenarios equal to the amount of blessings they receive. Big Goals Gather a loyal Cult of followers. Build a religious site to devote to Jani. Summon an avatar of Jani into the Doldrums. Grow the power of Jani within the Doldrums through rituals and dedication, so that she may fight once again against the malevolent forces that have grown rampant in Her Domain. Little Goals Go on quests for Loot in the name of Jani. Get a trash caravan going where we go around the other settlements to collect their trash like literal garbagemen. Other smaller goals that emerge naturally from trying to achieve the bigger goals and other roleplay. HIGH PRIORITY GOALS Refugees! They need food, they need shelter, they need medical attention! Figure out what exact illness plagues the refugees and attempt to cure it. SOLVED (for now) Recruit healthy people to help out in Port Eg. Being a Jani devotee comes with a certain mindset and outlook on the world, accompanied by habits and little rituals common amongst the Cult. This is a small list of some of them, which is likely to grow as we develop. Compulsive Scavengers Jani followers are likely to see worth in almost anything they can pick up that looks discarded or lost. From interesting looking sticks to legendary swords found in the sand, it all gets picked up and considered a blessing. A lot of what they find ends up in the Trashpiles they dot around the place. Trashpiles Where Jani followers exist you will find their Trashpiles. Created to be shrines and altars to Jani these heaps look to other people like just stacks of trash, but they hold Jani’s presence within them. They can be any size, shape or worth. Sacrifices Jani loves loot. Most would say the shinier the better, but all trash is considered equal in the Patron Scavenger's eyes. Because all the refugees and others arrived onto Jani’s domain via the ocean, it feels natural to toss loot back in as thanks to Jani for bringing us together and invoke Her protection. Autonomy Being proud to be a part of a community of people who might commonly shout “Trash Tribe” in a show of comradery, mostly entails that one has no real qualms or pride about themselves. Members of the Cult of Jani are free to practice their own desires and goals, and experience equality amongst everyone else from lowly refugees to the High Priest and beyond. High Priest Kuz Self-Proclaimed High-Priest Kuz, benefactor, has jumped at the chance to use Eg-town as a wellspring for the beginnings of a group dedicated to worshipping the Loa. The island beset on all sides by a wide ranging pantheon of Higher Powers, mostly all sinister, has him pressed to introduce one to the island that actually represents the common ‘fugie. Mayor Eg Mayor Eg, co-founder of the Cult, has been a fixture in creating piles of junk in the Doldrums, responsible for the biggest one of all; Egtown. While not a troll and thus not having a direct connection to the Loa, he is still highly respected as a speaker on All Things Trash due to his contributions to clutter. Trash While most people would imagine a rank named ‘Trash’ to be the lowest in an organisation, in the Cult it is anything but. The Mayor and High Priest exist as a superior rank, but their roles are for organizational, diplomatic and educational purposes only. The two believe themselves to be equal to any other full member of the tribe/cult/coterie of dirty denizens. These are the meat of the cult. The numbers that make up the followers to the Patron of Trash and Loot. Their devotion is paramount to what blessings or interactions they receive from Jani, and thus are as impertinent as any other. One attains this rank after doing their initiations. Clutter The rank one gets upon completing the first and easiest trial of becoming a Jani Cultist. This is the first step on the road to being Trash, and most dedicated people won’t take long to ascend. While the Cult follows a Loa, which are strictly Trollish gods, we don’t discriminate based on race. We feel that of all Loa Jani would be most open to letting other races worship her. Saying that, while we technically accept all races we don’t expect all races to be very interested in this and will look pretty hard at certain races (Draenei or Nelves to name a few) before letting them join, both IC and OOC. People can join the guild through one of two methods: Already a Cultist You start out as a cultist and skip all the roleplay that comes with becoming a trusted member of the Cult. This comes with a bit of a condition that you have to play a loyal follower, since otherwise you wouldn’t be trusted and we’re assuming you went through the joining process. This is likely to be a refugee that lived in Egtown and got influenced by Eg and Kuz’ constant preaching. Recruited through roleplay You get invited In-Character (or ask) to take an initiation ritual and begin your journey on the path to becoming Trash. There’ll be several initiation rites you have to go through. *NOTE: It’s entirely possible to become a Jani cultist without being in the guild. Any character can believe in and worship Jani without leaving their own guild! Current Pledges: 5 - Sladicus - Locket - Intoxicated - Sprongle - Roz “One mon’s trash be another mon’s Loa.” - Jani
  9. Not sure if this is a useful reference point for a stone Dwarven construction, but this is one example of a quoted cost for a fairly simple wooden structure which should give you a good indication of the elevated costs for worldedited stuff: Wooden Barracks - 2000 rugged timber, 500 hardwood, 200 natural glue, 150 glass, 100 simple metal, 400 Prod (info received from Vrahn)
  10. EPISODE 1: TENTS Wolvar_hut02.m2 wolvar_hut02_sholazar.m2 wolvar_hut03.m2 wolvar_hut03_sholazar.m2 Oracle_hut03.wmo Forrest_troll_hutsmall01.wmo Trollhut01.wmo Trollhutsmall.wmo excavationtentpavilion.m2 excavationtent01.m2 satyrtent03.m2 beerfest_opentent.m2 6og_ogre_tent_01.m2 6hu_inscription_tent.m2 zandalari_tent_small_01.m2 zandalari_tent_canopy_01.m2 saurok_tent_01.m2 Worgen_tent_02.m2 Worgen_tent_01.m2 Twilightshammer_tent02.m2 Dragonmaw_orctent01.m2 Wt_tent03.m2 Wt_tent01.m2 Ld_stratholme_tent02.m2 Hu_tent01.m2
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    Daggerfin Corsairs

    Pledged obviously.