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  1. Hammeta

    Elliot Mayner

    From a young age, Elliot sat among the dunes with his legs relaxed as he watched the sun rise over the coast of Westfall. Feeling the warmth and blinded by the glints of reflections in the water. He often imagined he'd see it all one day, Kalimdor, the ruins of Alterac and maybe even seeing the lost kingdom of Lordaeron even spotting the towering spires would have been enough for him. He'd go down in history. When he wasn't doing chores he'd play on the beach with his friends playing pirates and building rafts to push out as far as they could go. One girl, in particular, caught his eye, her name was Emily Murphy and she ran as reckless and wild as he did. He promised one day he'd give her the world. His love for her was almost as deep as the oceans themselves, and together they curled under candlelight and dreamed up their ship on scraps of paper as they'd giggle and draw elaborate designs a ship with a thousand rooms, they'd grow old together, and throw parties with all of their crew. It was perfection. As the years passed these two found their love of the sea a little closer to home as they found work at the docks, helping to build ships, sweep decks, anything they could. Sleeping in spare cabins or working hours in overrun taverns for a place to sleep. It wasn't perfect but they made it work between them. On his eighteenth birthday he spent almost everything he'd saved and took Emily up to a ship they used to work on that was illuminated with candles, he told her he thought he saw a shooting star and when she turned to tell him sadly that she missed it, he was down on one knee. Obviously, she said yes and wanted to show him a present that she made him. She took him excitedly towards the end of the docks tucked away from view and showed him a small boat that looked just about seaworthy. Emily beamed at him proudly, ushering him on with a few joyful pushes and claps of her hands. They managed to get as far as their small boat could take them.. but something was wrong, the ship flipped upon itself and when Elliot awoke he was alone with a mouthful of sand and a lungful of water. Where was he? Where was Emily?! "Light......."
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