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  1. Dae

    Your favorite weapon?

    I like weapons whose purpose is to *not* kill people. Beyond the cheezy pascifist stuff, she sheer inginuity behind them is fascinating. From simple ideas like padded arrows, or bamboo practice swords to high-tech pain guns, tazers and the likes... They bring focus to the situation at hand and have a more real-world application in contemporary life.
  2. The muscles in WoW are getting kinda rediculous. Well, at least with the fellas. I kinda want to give those lady blood elf paladins a little more mass. So, what are the worst offenders in your book? What would you most want to RP with? Personally, I'd like to see a petite draenei man. They seem like a culture whom could host plenty of non-steak people. Moreover, the most frequently used draenei concept art back in the day showed a more lean, toned kind of guy. With a more meek draenei, its hard to not have the "Big softie" thing forced onto the charscter.