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  1. juniperselkie

    New Abililies

    Is that Warrior only? Or open to anyone?
  2. juniperselkie

    New Abililies

    I mean, could limit it to use on npcs, or just not add it. Like I said, these were 4am ideas lol Only reason I included it is cuz shadow/void stuff is supposed to be big on mental stuff, and mind control was a big aspect of the shadow priest back in the day. Not sure if it still is.
  3. juniperselkie

    New Abililies

    Doing anything in what sense? Because I know there are abilities that prevent the use of certain types of magic, and abilities that prevent movement.
  4. juniperselkie

    New Abililies

    So, we don't have a topic for this just yet, and I thought it would be nice for players to be able to suggest new abilities for the rpg that they would like to see. Now, I know that prestige classes are in the works. So maybe this will help produce some things we will all enjoy! I'll start first. Though, my suggestions are just stuff I brainstormed at four am. So don't expect too much! BLOOD MAGIC +Blood Bolt - lash out at a target, reducing their speed and dealing damage over time, at the cost of hp +Blood Funnel - drain hp from a target +Blood Barrier - sacrifice hp to create a shield that absorbs damage +Transfusion - Transfer HP to a target +Crimson Tides - increase damage done at the cost of hp +Red Miles - heavy hp cost, attack multiple targets. VOID/SHADOW MAGIC +Mind Control - remove yourself from the turn order and seize control of a target for a few turns. +Shadow Summons - call forth a minion of the void (voidwalker, shadowfiend, voidcaller, void terror, void revenant, voidlord, void wraith) +Wraith Walk - shift over to the shadowlands, increasing dodge chance and damage mitigation, as well as disengaging from all targets. +Void Shield - rather than mitigating damage, reflects a percentage of damage back at the attacker. NECROMANCY +Control Undead - seize control of an Npc of the undead type +Raise Dead - summon forth an undead minion (skeleton, ghoul, abomination, geist, banshee, wraith, wisp) based on the parts you have? +Death Coil - restore hp to an undead minion +Death Pact - sacrifice your minion to restore your health ARCANE MAGIC +Invisibility - unable to be targeted/engaged for a period if time, potentially protects from being pulled into fights? FEL MAGIC +Summon Demon (imp, succubus, felhunter, felguard, observer, internal doomguard, shivarra, inquisitor, gan’arg, wyrmtongue). Each demon serves a different purpose (combat vs utility)
  5. juniperselkie

    The Ironbound

    *strokes beard* Pleeedge?
  6. juniperselkie

    tirasian expedition

    I mean, Sotoras was entirely Tirasian. So a Sotoras guild could also work.
  7. juniperselkie

    Abrogael Luthion

    Beside you stands an elf, swathed in robes, a curved dagger held in one hand, a smoking censer hanging from the other. The scent of the smoke is dizzying, but it seems far worse for your opponent than for you. His sonorous voice murmurs incantations over various relics and scrolls, weaving complicated magics that debilitate and empower. Shrew eyes scour ruins for artifacts and lore to add to his collection. A heavy satchel hangs at his side, filled with the spoils of his forays. He slices carefully at his forearm, blood welling forth from flesh covered in eldritch tattoos. A smirk crosses his face. Ruin has come to your enemies. HISTORY Abrogael Luthion is the latest scion of the (at one point) venerable House Luthion. An ancient House of Quel’thalas, after the troll wars, House Luthion was exiled from the land of the elves for their methods in battling the Trolls. Specifically, for delving into dark magic. They took refuge in the Drustvar region of Kul Tiras, delving further and further into forbidden secrets. When Lord Sotor Springvale, one of their primary clients in terms of alchemical products, invited them along to found a colony, Abrogael, as well as his grandfather and mother, agreed. They lived there on Sotoras, near the church in progress, until the hurricane hit. His grandfather, a frail, elderly elf, did not survive the storm. And his mother later died to the undead of the latest Lord Springvale. Abrogael was forced to abandon his family’s artifacts and library beneath the ruins of their home, fleeing to Silver-Eye Island with what he could carry. POSITIVE TRAITS Renowned alchemist - brought to Sotoras for his skill with alchemical processes. Collector - a long family history of relic hunting and the keeping of tomes. Ritualist - A wielder of powerful, ritualized magic born blood and shadow. Curious - driven to unveil the secrets of the universe, the undying fire of the stars. Longevity - Full blooded elves experience long lives. NEGATIVE TRAITS Spoiled - a former life of luxury leaves this man wanting more. Two-faced - While he will assist, he has his own agenda. Banished - Banished from his homeland, other of his race may look down on him. Homeless - With the destruction of Sotoras, his home has been lost. No family - the death of every known relative has left him without support. PHYSICAL TRAITS Scars - arms marked with scars from ritualistic blood drawing. Weak - A lifetime of study and research has left him with a lack of muscle. Marked - His torso and arms are covered in complex eldritch tattoos. Well Groomed - He often takes great care of his physical appearance. Robes - consistently garbed in varied robes and the like. UNIQUE TRAIT [Hidden] IN-DEPTH HISTORY The venerable House of Luthion stretched back over millenia, tracing its roots back to the opulent halls of Suramar and Elun’dris. The Highborne sorcerers of old plumbed the depths of the Well of Eternity for secret arcanum, but found so much more. Ageless horrors of light and dark dwelling outside of time. Lesser minds might have shattered under the strain. But they did not. They grew apart from Azshara’s courts, whispering in darkened rooms of mysteries that they sought to unravel in the ancient chambers of Eldarath. Before long, Azshara’s greed resulted in a Legion Invasion, and Eldarath fell into ruins. The Luthion Highborne escaped the tragedy, but joined their brethren in exile thousands of years later, having never given up their twisted magics. In Quel’Thalas, the Luthion’s were honored for their heritage by Dath’remar, and given a rather sizable chunk of land in what is now the Ghostlands. There, in their rumor-shrouded manor, they delved further into the dark arts, squandering money on luxuries and expeditions to far off lands, collecting relics and rituals. One such relic was a curious item, retrieved from the ancient forests of northern Kalimdor, from a site known only as “the Master’s Glaive.” It was unnatural in both shape and design, and the leader of that expedition swore he could hear it whispering in some unholy tongue. The Whispering Idol proved to be the downfall of the Luthion family. Abrogael’s father grew obsessed with the Idol, spending his days studying it, listening to it. He skipped meals, and began to speak in tongues. Eventually, he took his own life, shrieking as he threw himself from the tallest spire of the manor. The idol then fell into Abrogael’s hands. It’s uncertain as to whether he was made of sterner stuff than his father, or simply a better vessel for whatever dark utterances poured forth from the strange stone. Where the rest of his family busied themselves with corpses and blood, demons and curses…. Abrogael found something else, hidden between the stars: the Void. There, in that accursed stone Idol, he found his gibbering patron: a monstrosity called Yibb-Tstll. A mere shadow of a fragment, but more than enough to impart eldritch knowings. But rumors travel fast, and an investigation was launched into the death of Lord Luthion. And the true nature of the house was laid bare for all to see: corruption and darkness to the core. And the entire family was cast out of Quel’thalas, their practices, ironically by the modern regime of Quel’thalas, found to be revolting and unforgivable. Abrogael lead the remaining members, his mother and his grandfather, to Kul Tiras, where they settled down in Drustvar. Stubborn, they returned quickly to their old ways, studying the old magics of Kul Tiras and humanity, pseudo-druidism and witchcraft alike. They gained a reputation for being able to cure almost all ills, and this reputation brought Lord Springvale to invite them to found a colony with him: Sotoras. And the rest, my friends...is history.
  8. juniperselkie

    The Adventurers Guild