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    Ahoy, gents

    Huh. Great! Thanks! Gai-jin looks like an interesting adaptation of the actual Meiji restoration period.
  2. Gentle Pirate

    Ahoy, gents

    Wait. Shogun is part of a series? I have the 3 chapter book, but I didn't know its a series. I will look it up!
  3. Gentle Pirate

    Ahoy, gents

    Oh, also, other games are For Honor and Europa Universalis 4. Add me on discord: Gentle Pirate #9968
  4. Gentle Pirate

    Ahoy, gents

    Yo', been a while since I've done anything active in the roleplay scene, or even in the writing scene in general. Some might remember me under a different nick (Kairac) during very old phases of Epilogue/Prologue/Legacy/OtherServersICBAtoName, but all in all, I do remember some of the names I've seen pop up whilst I was creeping around the forums. I'm glad to see this community is still alive, as this community has been a stable pillar of decency and civility, an escape from a world in which everyone is shunned by everyone and backstabbing is done at breakfast, lunch and dinner by the people you care for and love. Still, no reason to demoralize or be different, be true to yourself and the stars will align at one point, I keep saying. Though, waiting for them to align takes ages and I'm kinda tired. Beating off the bush here. I'd like to give the roleplay scene a chance again, as I do remember it fondly in my teenage years and into the early 20's (I'm 23 now, turning 24 on the 27th). Although I used the roleplay scene for the very worst of reason (to deny depression), I finally realised that when I wrote about it on the forums and someone said that its a sad way to see roleplay. I'm all grown up now, and I see roleplaying as a medium in which young, aspiring (or even old, who cares?) writers can improve their skills, get feedback and be an active part in a story with a common ground. I've been doing some reading lately (something I just refused to do while in high school due to teachers demanding it. F**k authority!!!), and I realised how dumb I was to just wave it away as if its 'stupid' to read. Reading through 'Shogun' by James Clavell I started remembering how deep into my imagination I can go and I remember how fondly I used to love it (still do). I'm a bit rusty and in the dark here, as I haven't properly roleplayed since 2015 or so, and even then it was in SWToR and everyone met the cancerous RP community of SWToR stereotype at one point. I hope to fit in this community and environment you've set up well, and if you've got some forum links I should check out do let me know.