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  1. During one of the stormy nights a tree trunk of incredible durability and massive size has crashed into the sands of Opej'Nor not far from the northern end of the beach. Either arriving with it or climbing on top of it afterwards, a massive basilisk have made the iron tree it's gingebread home, feasting on the stone-hard bark and branches. Several insane cultists and naive explorers have approached the tree only to rapidly turn into crystals under the beast's gaze.
  2. Ingired

    [Feedback] Forums vs. Discord

    Discord should be left for offtopic, jokes, unreleated discussions and spam - is my opinion.
  3. Ingired

    [Feedback] Unkown Shores Brainstorming Thread

    I think having many more midway (not mundane but also not world eclipsing) events happening constantly that neutral players (this is very important) and guilds can see and join would help; just give a simple idea to a keeper and let him go with it. Have an announcement or a quest that anybody can join, or a guild can pledge their support towards. How about having more random npc groups arriving to Dondrums with their own goals and ideologies asking for help? Say, a couple who got tarnished by the reefs and now the man is carrying the head of his wife and asking everyone to find the rest of her body so he could bury her properly but in reality he wishes to resurrect her. Or a group of tuskarr fishermen, now spirits, who once tried to capture a mythical fish-like beast and got cursed to follow it forever until they ended up in Dondrums – now seeking help of others to capture it and finally be able to rest. Or a sudden crashed ship that was transporting some sort of weed that suddenly begins overtaking the jungle.
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    Good luck Runok.
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    Hey, I'm one of them!
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    Hello Dascombe! Nice to see you again. Probably during Wake RP, I remember playing a couple of servers after but barely.
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    Hello, some might know me. I decided to check the WoW RP scene again after taking a long break. World and setting and the RP so far have been enjoyable!