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  1. Magic in the Doldrums Magic in the Doldrums does not act quite the way it normally does on Azeroth. Everything feels off, different or harder. This document is merely a baseline for what player characters dabbling in each type of magic or rather, how each class or magically inclined race would feel in general. Keep in mind this does not provide the reasons for WHY magic works this way, merely what your character would be able to easily tell. The reasons for why and more things in particular must be found out through Role Play. DISCLAIMER: You are not owed an OOC explanation for the reasons as to why. Just know there are actual reasons for this. Also, keep in mind currently this is all fluff for your role-play experience and the reasons behind this may play into your experience here, such as events and the like. There is no heavily enforced negative for this in the RPG currently. Non-Magic Classes/General: As all living things in Warcraft’s setting have life and spirit energy, they to would feel this very essence be drained from them. Their strikes weaker, their resolve against a blow harder to muster. A warrior may be especially affected by this, but even a commoner or a mage will feel their strength be lesser than it would otherwise be. Arcane: None can sense or find the leylines of Azeroth in the Doldrums. It is as if they don’t exist. Arcane has to be pulled from different sources. Be it an object full of mana and arcane energies, or from the ambient arcane magic in the Doldrums. Upon washing ashore, any mage worth their incantations would notice this, and part of the journey is finding out how to more effectively do what you need. Spells, rituals, everything requires more power in the Doldrums to accomplish compared to Azeroth. Upon casting a spell, an arcane user would ‘feel’ something pulling at the energies. Teleportation does not work. Portal magic simply fails, as this relies on the use of leylines. Blinking, however, does work. Including long distance blinking(though this is -extremely- dangerous and, due to high inaccuracy, can easily result in death.) Holy: Upon calling for the Light, any user of it can tell that something is off. It is harder to call the Light to you and use it, and while on Azeroth using the Light would empower and reinvigorate one, here it does not. You still feel fatigue from casting with it. The important thing to note, is any light user could tell this is not the Light’s doing. It is being pulled -from- them forcefully. And one must work harder to maintain its use, just like Arcane users face. It can still be called upon anywhere in the Doldrums. Shadow: Much akin to Holy and Arcane, it is harder to cast and use shadow magic in the Doldrums. Users would note it is being -heavily- pulled from them, specifically in the direction of Black Finger. Necromancy - Necromancers would find all their attempts to raise undead be futile. All the ways one would raise a corpse into undeath upon Azeroth merely do not work here. This does not mean it does not work at all, but it must be ‘discovered’ how it works. Nature: Nature magic users, druids is particular would be able to tell something is off drastically for them. The Emerald Dream in the Doldrums feels off, not quite right. Still retaining the blessings of their patrons(i.e. Can still use cat form), nothing else feels right. One can not simply enter the dream and it requires more effort to use nature magic then it did on Azeroth. Elemental: Right off the ‘boat’ a shaman can tell something is wrong. The links with elementals one had established is clearly gone. It is as if an Azerothian Shaman went to the outlands to try and summon the powers of their elemental patrons on Azeroth. However, it is important to note that minor shamanistic magic still works, though it is harder to summon just like every other type. Even a beginner shaman could tell that perhaps the magic that does work is a welcoming gift. Fel: Fel and demonic summoning is a tad different on the feel. Much like every other type, there is a strong pull working against the character casting a fel spell or working a fel ritual. Upon casting a spell, the pull is a tad stronger. And summoning demons, even ones that were tied to the warlock on azeroth is impossible. Much like necromancy, the way one did it on Azeroth merely does not work. Playable Magical Races Undead: Undead in the Doldrums feel fatigue. They get tired. This is a completely different feeling from what they would be used to. The shadow magic used to keep an undead’s body together is being pulled from them. See Shadow. Night Elves: Kaldorei, or night elves would not play much differently here, but they would notice they have -no- connection to the tree on mount Hyjal. All the boons granted(protection against disease, ect.) are gone. Blood/High Elf: Quel’/Sin’dorei do not feel any connection to the Sunwell. However, they do feel the pull of arcane from their bodies, meaning the need for arcane of fel to feed their addiction is stronger here and requires more than they would’ve had to deal with on Azeroth. Highborne: A combination of Night elf and Blood elf. The connection Highborne from Kalimdor had to the Hyjal tree is gone, and on top of that, they face a magical addiction that is harder to deal with here. Oddities Tides and Stars: A keen eye and observant person would know that the Doldrums has no tides and the stars change every night. Current, wind, gravity all still exist, but these two things are an odd and easy to discover bit of information. Credit to the original artists for the pictures. I don't own them, I just have no money or artistic talent. Yay, google.
  2. Elle

    March Update!

    Hello, everyone! Your wonderfully evil Head Keeper here with an update about Ice Island. First off, I’m sad to say that my initial estimation of Ice Island being released by the end of this month is not going to be feasible. Our initial and current desire for Ice Island requires far more man-hours of work then we originally thought. The great golem, Axis, has been hard at work on populating the overworld of the island with wildlife and various other NPCs. Making NPCs that are balanced to be challenging, fair and realistic for what they are is a long process, but he is doing a wonderful job. There will also be far more locations and small ‘dungeons’ and encounters out in the world set up with DMkits that you will be able to solve and enjoy without needing a keeper at all. This requires a great deal of creativity, ingenuity and time. Coupled with providing for players on the current islands, this takes time.This is a lot of work and perhaps quite ambitious, but it should allow for things to flow more smoothly and at a reasonable pace for both players and staff to handle, while also giving our staff a chance to continue being players if they so desire. It’s important for us to be able to ground ourselves at a player’s level to avoid becoming murderous on PCs. Or, maybe that’s just me. On top of that, we are also writing detailed lore for the setting. While it is mostly for DMs, some of it will be released for players to view, like the magic lore we’ll be writing. To elaborate on that, any veteran WoW rper can tell that WoW’s magic lore is… all over the place. But, that’s what we get from Blizzard. However, with the setting we are playing in, we have a unique position to make things… more consistent. This will allow DMs and players to understand -how- magic works and provide a consistent experience for that. But, this allows us to build off a stable platform with more powerful rituals and spells and other magicy things, in a consistent way that both players and DMs can work off of. To note, we’re not reworking the basic of WoW’s magic, but rather, expanding them with the changes put onto them by the unique situation of the Doldrums. And perhaps, this will give players some tips on finding out why these changes happen! We have a few other things we will be working on to release with Ice Island. New building rules and clarifications. Territory and node control, and several other things. Ice Isle will have -one- neutral, mostly NPC controlled hub at launch for players. This will provide all your important NPCs and be the -only- safe area of the island at launch. The good news is! Players will be encouraged to change things up and build upon this foundation. I’ll release more information as we complete certain things to apprise you of our progress. But, know that while it is taking us a while to do it, we are taking our time so that the experience is fun out the door, rather then a few weeks or months down the road. Avoid tall grass, and slam that bottle of wine! You’ll need it.~
  3. Elle

    [Quest Chain] A Razor's Bite.

    Rain poured heavily down upon Opej'Nor as the first shots of Haven's Ballista echo'd in the air. Landing in the Razorbranch Encampment, killing trolls and setting the place aflame. Undeterred, the trolls gave a last, to the man defense of their camp, while the Captain led his forces against the trolls. The better equipped and led soldiers of Haven suffered minimal losses. Thanks to the help of a group of adventurers and allies, Haven managed to destroy the trolls and capture one of their leaders. The Invasion has been stopped, the threat of Kolai has been diminished once more, but some scary rumors and thoughts have come to the forefront. In total, around thirty people who occupy Opej'Nor normally have perished since the start. However, hundred of trolls have died. And yet, they kept coming and seemed to not care for the losses. Something else churns at the heart of the Razorbranch tribe... OOC: This concludes the quest chain for a 'Razor's Bite'. Its been a long one, and not terribly event heavy, but I hope everyone enjoyed it all the same! Thank you all for participating!
  4. "There aren't many left from that time. Back when we lived in more squalid conditions then we do now. When the fear of troll raids." The gruff, dirty human male looked around his fellow refugees around the fire. The moon was high in the sky as he regaled them with heroics of men and women long dead or gone. "The first was when the Daggerfin Pirates owned this and it was simply a bar with a camp. The Ironbound did that. Aye. Them. Heroes, villains, greedy sods. Whatever ye' wanna call them. But, they were the first to stand against the Razorbranch from Kolai. I wasn't here for that one... But.." Trailing off, the man fell silent. The fire cracking to cover the silence. A mild commotion could be heard on the other side of the Port, this wasn't terribly unusual, so the man finally finished his tale. "My brother and I were here for the second. When a large force of those blood-thirsty, beasts came back. In far larger numbers, shortly after Drustgarde purchased the Port and Caveat moved their men out. Oh, by the Light, was it a force to take the Port. They surrounded it. Defenses quickly organized. Luckily we 'ad a hour or two before they finally came ashore and started the siege. They were met with a daring attack. A few o' Lady Springfield's soldiers protected us in the bar while the majority of Drustgarde and its allies started the attack. And I never thought I'd say this, but the bloody orcs came to help aswell. Landed off a ferry, sounded the horn and rushed into the fight. A few of us were taken, my brother included. But, the trolls were almost routed, most of their boats destroyed. Since then, the trolls have not dared to return." About half an hour after the man finished his story, news spread like wildfire. Like the pages of a story, the timing was incredible it seemed. The Razorbranch had returned. They butchered another camp of trolls on the old site of Drustgarde's base. A few hours later, a badly injured and near-death refugee brought even worse news. Halfpoint Haven had been besieged by a small force of trolls aswell they only had enough supplies to hold out for a week... It seems Sal'do the Clever has decided to finally make another move on the board... OOC: So, this is the start of a low-mid xp quest chain designed for groups and possibly some soloing at high xp. Currently, there are two quests to do. [The Butchered Camp] and [Haven's Siege]. [The Butchered Camp] Can be handled without a DM present. But, it is asked you may a ticket afterwards about any special items you find and/or upon clearing the camp. Player's have a week to deal with this before the NPCs will progress. [Haven's Siege] requires some minor DM presence, so for that one you will have to make a ticket and schedule a time with me. Player's have a week to effect the outcome of this quest. The purpose of this quest chain is to both test out a way for us to give players something to atleast be minorly engaged in, hopefully have a blast with, that doesn't require a DM being present due to timezone differences and absences caused by RL. And secondly, try out this formula. There are multiple stages to this, that will be revealed as each milestone is reached, either in time, or by players pushing for a conclusion one way or another. After this first stage, I will open a feedback thread to get people's thoughts. Good hunting.~
  5. Elle

    RPG starting XP revamp

    Mhm! This was one of the biggest issues we had from new players, the fact that you started so far below veteran players, and progressed so slowly on an 'infinite' scale of power stat wise, that you may never actually catch up to them. We've been working on improving both the RPG and DM side of things the last few months, even if it isn't incredibly fast a lot of older issues like the starting XP you brought up have been addressed. We appreciate that you thought of the server and how to better it, still.
  6. Elle

    Read Before Posting

    A few little helpful bits for new people! In game, if you type /join LFRP into the chat box, you'll join an OPTIONAL channel to help you find people who are Rpin' if they are willing to hand-wave a little logic so you can more easily find people. Keep in mind this is OPTIONAL for them to provide said information. As it is borderline meta-gaming. We also have on in our discord where you can set things up! Don't be shy, the server isn't dead, just a tad spread out right now.
  7. Hello, Survivors! I'm just dropping a quick update to cover some of the things that are in the works on right now. We have a new system in the works, Farming! The ultimate goal with this is to allow players to grow crops and herbs to make all kinds of delicious meals, salves, and other products. We've a discord channel dedicated to discuss its development, so do check it out! Secondly, we are working on adding to and improving the architect system (Big thanks to Mel), to have more consistant costs and far more objects added to it. We are also still working on evolving and making the RPG combat system better and more user friendly aswell! This includes new tokens for equipment, balance changes and potentially a few other nifty things. Axis, our silent golem, just finished up getting Ice Island and a few other world edits in! These include player built buildings and a few NPC driven ones. Which brings us to the state of the preparation for the Ice Isle: The Keeper team now has a server side ice island to begin working on spawning NPCs and other preparations. We are not quite ready to give a solid launch date yet, as we still have to finish some lore and organisational tidbits to cover before we are ready for launch. The isle is quite large, bigger than any isle we've made so far, so there's quite the work to do! However, there're a few decisions to speak about: Ice Island will start off as the only playable island on its launch, with the other isles being temporarily unaccessible. While it won't be a permanent change, it won't be something that only lasts a week or two either. There will be an abundance of things to do on the isle itself, set up with our lovely DMkit. This means that you will have many occasions to engage with the world without needing to ask for a keeper to do or learn something about it. Things are a tad slow feeling right now, I know! It happens, but we aren't dead or gone. To any new players, remember join the server discord, don't be shy to talk in it either!
  8. Elle

    [Quest Chain] A Razor's Bite.

    *For weeks, skirmishes have ranged in the jungle. Trollish blood split time and time again. The 'Captain' delayed by the lack of siege equipment and blessed by an influx of refugees, some of which turned to guards and workers. But, with the completion of the Ballista and the acquiring of some gunpowder, he was ready to launch his offensive.* [Quest-Event] Salvation of the Sanctuary *Word spreads that a elite group of Razorbranch have set themselves up at the pond near Drustgarde, once known as 'Sanctuary'. Hoping to turn the nature magic innate to the area against their foes, the Kolai have begun to do so with blood magic. The Captain is offering a payment of 500 Silver, and allowing all loot from the raiders to be granted for this. Captain is looking for a decent, organized group and is even offering help from his own 'elite' men in regards to this. Those interested should form a group and have their appointed leader reach out to the Captain to plan for this.* OOC: I will leave it up to players to organize themselves and reach out to me and the Captain to set a time and date for this. Your character can die or be seriously injured in this event. [Finale] The Besieged Launched a Siege. *The Captain has begun making plans to launch an assault on the Kolai main camp. He has stated he will make a call to arms when it begins and he needs aid. This is the make or break of the push-back against the troll invasion.*
  9. @Sevencix They may be defensive, though I don't think that is the intent. As for the setting, I know a few people have expressed how restricted it feels in terms of DMing, and it isn't as bad as people think. It just takes a little creativity. As for the work related issues and hiring people. I just made an announcement in the discord about hiring, as that is where all the current active players are. Though I'll probably throw up a post on the forums to. Generally speaking, staff positions aside council and management are up for application at any time.
  10. I want to say that we are doing the most we can and I can't speak for most of these points. ITs work I can try and -help- with but not something I can, do. Storytelling however... Yes. I know that is lacking. Most of our team is incredibly busy with work and the times they can hop on, are the times when they are either extremely tired, or not when players are generally on. I've mentioned this several times in discord and I'll say it here. -My- biggest problem is hands. Creativity is very important for DMing and trying to work and come up with lore and story changes, and making the world feel alive is incredibly taxing on. I know both Varen and I feel overwhelmed, and we are doing our best. That said, you hit a lot of things on the head about problems here and I'm working on changing them from where I can to the best of my ability. As for the event you speak about? Yes. I heard and I do not like that. I've constantly brought up from my time as a player to now, that the 'bad guy always getting away' is stupid and overdone and poorly executed band-aiding for a misstep in the planned story. I'm currently finishing up new keeper guidelines that should help fix this issue. And of course, I am -always- taking Applications for Keepers. Varen and I can only do so much between the two of us, as far as heavy activity goes. And the best way to fix problems, is to help with them. Not pointing that finger at anyone in particular, but I am just saying. If you -can- help, but choose to only complain, well, then you have to learn patience, as I'm one mind and one pair of hands. Thank you for the feedback, Sevencix. It is really appreciated and I'm sorry if our responses aren't satisfactory, but our lists are long, mate.
  11. "It was a quiet night, Zakula. Not a breathe of wind.... I tell you, none of us saw it coming. None of us. Such... horror. Bless Hindel's bloody greedy for taking its focus it..." Sears took a deep breathe, his body trembling. His fellow Ferry operator leaning across her desk frowning, it was highly uncommon for one ferryman to stay at a stop for more then to drop off or pick up passengers. Let alone say they are moving here... After a few moments, Sears was able to regain enough composure to continue. "Then the waves hit. Massive ones. They poured over the Galleon and then the docks... I... There was more then one, but this one... it was larger, terrifying. A massive black shape in the air... And... it spoke... 'This island and your horde of greed now belong to me.'..." Sears let out a sigh, moving to take a seat and hang his head. "I'm not sure who made it out... but... It burned Silver-Eye. Setting the entire town aflame. Have you ever seen someone set alight by... by a dragon's fire right before you -and- barely survive? Its... I.." He coughed, almost retching at the thought. "S-so many dead.... all because of the bloody green snotball's greed..." "It was a massive black dragon, Zakula. Silver-Eye is ash." Late into the night, Shipmaster Sears arrived to Port Drustgarde, his ferry overloaded with people from Silver-Eye. Injured, burned, suffering from smoke inhalation. Sears stepped onto the docks and told his tale to Zakula, Sotoran soldiers taking the injured to the infirmary. And word spread rapidly. Across the entire Doldrums, all know what now sat atop the peak of Silver-Eye. A massive column of soaring into the sky from Silver-Eye's location was testament to it. Sears could not answer who survived such an event. Only the next few days would show the Doldrums how badly the loss of life was.
  12. Elle

    [Quest Chain] A Razor's Bite.

    Part 2: As the Blood Warrior fell to the blades of adventurers, and word spread many thought yet another Kolai raid on Opej'Nor had been soundly defeated. But, Sal'do was not called 'the Clever' for no reason. He had been kind, in his mind, to the upstarts who refused to bend to the knee to him. Settling on -his- lands. Every chance he had given them to willingly fall in line had failed. There would be no more diplomacy. No more asking. Those on Opej'Nor would serve him in chains, or die. It didn't take long for bad news to reach the ears of the people. Razorbranch Raiders had swarmed into the jungle. Preying on lone hunters and weak looking targets. Halfpoint Haven, once more was throwing off raids, and even the Gorgeous Boy camp just down the beach from Drustgarde was being raided on the daily. It was clear to all that this wasn't just a raid. It was something far worse. [Quest 1] Bring me their h-Necklaces. The 'Captain' at Halfpoint Haven has posted up notes around various settlements. Saying that him and his people would pay for each troll slain. A necklace that all the Kolai raiders seemed to have was what he chose to have as proof. Offering Silver... and if fifty were brought, an item of rare quality would be rewarded to those who threw themselves fully into combating this menace. OOC: I will be placing an NPC who can take these necklaces, you will be given 1xp and 10 silver per turn in. Once 50 are turned in, you will be rewarded with an item from the npc. You make a ticket asking to speak with the 'Captain' and he will give you a rare item of your desire. If you turn in another fifty, you will get a special reward and a title.(100 total.) [Quest 2] I have a Ballista. I Have some Gunpowder. Boom. Trolls Gone. Word spreads that the 'Captain' is looking for help making a Balista and a few explosive bolts to fire at the base camp the trolls have once preparations for an attack are finished. He is looking for at least an adept engineer of some sorts to help, and someone with access to gunpowder or explosives. Like always, the 'Captain' promises payment and rewards for the help. OOC: The Captain needs 100 Rugged timber, 100 Hardwood, 150 Greenery, 100 Simple Metal and 50 sturdy. He will grant Silver for this, plus you gain reputation. Those who contribute the most will gain reputation, possibly a reward. Make a ticket to speak to an npc or the captain. Anyone with Architect 40+ will be given another task to help with for extra silver. People can ask the 'Captain' to point them to a place to find gunpowder to help aswell for silver.
  13. Elle

    [Quest Chain] A Razor's Bite.

    The [Haven's Siege] quest has been completed. All that remains of Part One of this quest chain is [The Butchered Camp]. This is recommended at 5+. The deadline to complete this is 12/9.
  14. Occasionally noticed pop up around the Doldrums. An enigmatic and odd old paladin of some power posts 'Quests' around the Doldrums offering rewards, opportunities for glory and occasionally his own expertise to those who complete these honorable quests for the betterment of the Doldrums. Below is a complied list of ones currently available and those completed. A Muggy Arrival: Arriving in the Doldrums after a shipwreck on the island of Opej'Nor, the old veteran was mugged by a group of crazies oddly led by a sane man. Some of his possessions were stolen. He offered a silver reward to those that greeted him when he managed to arrive in the Port of Drustgarde. Resolution: Drustgarde managed to acquire the items of the Captain and put down a bandit ring. He offered a modest sum of silver in exchange and also aided the paladin Ulriech overcome corruption from the void. Status: COMPLETED Help! A Raptor stole my mind! After moving to a new outpost called 'Halfpoint Haven' the Captain ended up holding off a raptor pack, led by an incredibly intelligent raptor. However, not even a mighty paladin of the Light can protect everyone by himself. A few refugees have died in these attacks. The Captain has offered anyone who can show him proof of the leader's demise a reward of a Thousand Silver. Progress: The hunter, Timothy has approached the Captain and said to take up the offer. He has been looking for a few experienced hunters to aid him. However, a man of honor, the Captain may not be very patient if another attack happens and hand the reward to whoever completes the task first. Status: ONGOING... OOC: This is merely a list of quests that would be posted around various notice boards, a public record of those completed and a general summary of what happened IC and rewards given, without giving out much information. The purpose of this is to give players an easy resource to access and see and also allow me to be a tad lazy and not find every noticeboard to post the quests to. I will update and pretty this up over time. If you wish to speak to the Captain either PM me on the forums or make a ticket on the server's official discord!
  15. Elle

    The Captain's GRAND ADVENTURERS!

    The Clinic and the Book Rumors of the old Silver-Eye Clinic being haunted, abound throughout the Doldrums. It seems the Captain has taken interest in it and gone to Silver-Eye to Investigate.(Make a ticket to speak with him and start the quest. Recommend party size: 2.) Progress: The Captain is outside the Clinic. Complete: Isabelle and Zoe completed this quest. Gaining basic rewards and also being granted a question to ask the captain about himself each. The artifact causing the haunting was kept by a player.
  16. Elle

    The Captain's GRAND ADVENTURERS!

    Retirement?! Bah! I'm too old for that! Posts have appeared on noticeboards across the Doldrums, the Captain is looking for a trained armorsmith and weaponsmith! He speaks of payment to those trained enough to aid him! (Must be able to make Uncommon atleast.) Progress: The Captain has already been approached by someone offering to make atleast the required armor. However, depending on if anyone else approaches him with a better deal or not will determine if he gives the bid over to the current craftsman. Completed: A dwarven armoursmith filled the Captain's order!
  17. Elle

    [Feedback] Keeper Events

    So, I've noticed that player's characters have been acting... nonchalant and snappy, or ya' know 'oh lovely this shit again'. As someone whose been a player far more then a DM, it felt familiar seeing such things from a character. So, I've asked around in the community a little bit to see if it was just my perception, or rather that maybe the current Keeper team(myself included) have gone a tad overboard with the amount of big magical and bad things happening. So, my question is rather simple do players feel that the amount of magical/'BBEG'/combat focused or such events is too much? Please, feel free to leave any feedback here. If the community thinks there is a problem, we should hear about it so we can adjust. I know myself that actually having Keeper powers, you can lose the perspective of a player and go crazy. Again, this specific thread isn't about event -quality- but -quantity- and -diversity- of types of events keepers have been doing.
  18. Elle


    Welcome, if you have any questions or anything PM me on Discord or ingame. Elle on both.
  19. Elle

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Locked at request of current Glead.
  20. Deep, deep below Menhirs, a Man'ari, the Eredar servants of the legion was held captive. Finding a warlock fool enough to pick up a book, an anchor for her to reach out the rest of the Doldrums, her plan for freedom was pushed into action. Many who have spoken or dealt with the demoness have seen her as foolish, stupid, a minor inconvenience. But, now, two resident mages of the Doldrums lie in her clutches and other powers want artifacts buried with her. Is it by design of sheer dumb luck that now people stand ready to brave the depths of a prison for one of the most powerful of the Legion's servants? Either way, many goals and loyalties now converge on this place, so far below Menhirs. Date/Time Sunday 10/14 8pm ST. Starting Point: Island of Menhirs.
  21. I am curious about everyone's opinions on the forums and discord. Do you prefer one of the other? Why? Are the Forums pretty? Do you think discord being more active then the forums is good/bad for the server? ect.
  22. Elle

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    I should've mentinoed this sooner. But, if you are comparing a tabletop RPG homebrew(which our RPG system is) to retail wow, slap yourself. They are completely different beasts. If you want to compare power, do it with another tabletop RPG like DnD, Pathfinder, Microlite, ect.
  23. Elle

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    I've never hit over 302 on a pyroblast crit. With 9 wp and 8 ing and all my gear built around that one spell. Molten blast, when ti does crit, I can get 400. But, my chance is terribly low as I am not optimized for it. That said, yes we do have more utility, but most of them are pointless to take in the current combat. Amplify magic is the msot useful I've seen that fits my character. That said, It took three turns for the last hunter I saw to be able to drop that. In the same time, I do half his damage. Since a pyroblast is an autocrit and it is doing 302 on a crit, I'm not likely to see higher.
  24. Elle

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    When I am playing a mage, with almost 5k XP and the best gear I can get, and a hunter with 3k drops a 600 crit like its nothing jsutbecuase of a OP buff, it makes me feel like all my work is pointless. I put so much into make a good mage, and any lower tier melee of hunter can out do me by double what my biggest crit is with my build. It ruins the class fantasy. Even if it is harmless in PvP, the fact PvE is still that unbalanced is wrong. And no, in classic tabletops like DnD, the mage starts out weak and almost worthless. In higher levels the spell caster out DPs and utilities in combat most melee/ranged based classes and builds.
  25. Elle

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    A lot of what I'm going to say is in Dascombe's document on another thread, or things I openly say in Discord. There are a lot of problems here, and to be fair and honest, it isn't the server alone why the pop is dead. We're in a part of the year that RP server akin to Shores shut down or go dead. But, the problems here are not staff alone. Even though I may be repeating myself for the 100th time, I'm going to put it down here on the forums so publicly people know my opinions and my stance. Staff So, there is a big issue with staff. Namely, three I count as active(and visible about it) and the rest, I'm not even sure do anything. Varen, Antiotch and Hawk are the only three I see online in any capacity. Anti is the only one DMing as far as I can tell. Varen is the only one doing coding and stuff and Hawk the only one who does Helper shit. I know there are people doing decorating and building for the server and future aswell. And I do apprciate they are, when the amount of people who may ever see the work is so low. But, that being said people like Axis, Vrahn, Skippy, Loth, ect. I see them in the discord. MAYBE see them make a post or two, and then silence. I do not see them on. Nor do I hear about them doing anything. If staff are on vacation from the server for whatever reason, cool. I understand. I get it. Hell, having other interests or doing something else while the server is kept alive by the 8ish diehard(and a couple of those are staff) who don't want to go stick their dicks or heads into RPH like servers... Or make their own, its kinda sad. And they should be replaced by people capable and willing to put the time in. Because, even if they are kept and others simply hired, it'd be a mess if they wanted to come back like nothing has changed. That being said, I'm nto advocating for people to be removed or fired. If people are working in the shadows, atleast poke your head in the light. Let us know what you are doing and shit. It takes maybe a minute to drop a quick announcement. Point two, Storylines. The current 'storylines' are shit, guys. And please, I am not insulting anyone in particular. I'm not calling ANYONE a bad DM here. But, we have a bunch of big threats that the current pop can not handle without some magical ally of equal power appearing out the ass. And even then, we have what? Sortoras: Eletric Scourge Bugaloo. Kolai: Evil Troll Empire Strikes Again, and Old God: Survival Horror and How to Facedesk. They are bland and overdone, to begin with. Each one controls an entire Island, and each one is unbeatable currently. I do not mind losing, I do not mind having to actually overcome something. But, when the solution is 'keep hitting the bad guys until they are all dead', my brain wants to just check out. I can predict what is going to happen with each, because they are literally the same thing I've seen the past ten years, just scaled down a tad. What I enjoy the most, especially now as a player, is having to use my brain. Not minmaxing and killing. I know he may not have been the best, but Ragulation was my favorite DM because he did things that required some critical thinking and creativity and it was smaller scale things, that still had impact. It made the setting and world feel alive from the NPC side. It made me want to explore and find hidden things. His Shard(Blood of Opej'Nor) storyline was brilliant aswell, in the sense that, I wasn't racing against the clock to kill a BBEG(Big Bad Evil Guy) and I wasn't trying to save the world. I was hunting artifacts. Solving problems and puzzle and figuring out what the fuck this magical shards were and they did. It was a breathe of fresh air. It made me want to do things on my own revolving magical artifacts and making things. I want more of that, and less 'OH NO A FACELESS ONE HAHAHA'. I mean, sure, there should be one BBEG running around, but it should be a slow turning thing. Allowing players to pursue minor shit and get tougher to handle it, without a steamroll from a lazily designed boss. Point Three, LOOT. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, STOP BEING POMPOUS JACKASSES AND GIVE ME SOME FUCKING LOOT. All caps and angry to sink the importance in. But, seriously guys. Loot from just executing mobs? If that? Like, I am not asking for when I kill a raptor to get the SWORD OF A THOUSAND TRUTHS. But, give me something for my time. 'You slew the bandits! And find a 100 silver on them.' Or, 'You defeat the soldier who was driven insane and find his armor/sword is in good shape 'gives uncommon cosmetic item'. Even if it is far below my current level, something for my time is better then 'that was fun rp, huh?' Because, yea. The RP may be fun. And it may be the main reason I am here, but eventually that alone begins to ring hollow and at the end of the day we are in an RPG. And that is still a game. Just because my selfless paladin may charge in to beat the bad guy up with no expectation of reward does not mean the player is not looking for a reward. Do not make all encounters and events to the level of the party. It is okay to throw some low level trash bandits at players. Or build up some big bad necromancer, only for them to stomp him to dust and get low tier loot. THAT IS FINE. But, what it does is make things feel real, players feel like the work they have put in has paid off. It makes the world feel alive and believable and it feels rewarding, even if it is disappointing in the challenge area. I'm totally cool with the challenge feeling empty sometimes. Not all the time, but come on guys. I don't get loot or XP from events? It feels hollow. Thats really my big gripes on staff. Its a lot and wordy, I know, but I feel I am making good points that others can and will agree with. Players If you think staff are the sole reason for the shit status of the server, you are severely mistaken. There is a large blame that can be pointed on players. As a whole and some individually. For the sake of people not getting offended and butthurt, I will be focusing on the blanket points. Attitude. Attitude, fucks sake. We players have so much attitude. I could write a research paper on the cause and effect of player's attitudes. But, as a whole, RPers need to change it. We yell and scream when anyone outside our group of friends does something awesome or gets some good loot. We scream nepo, we whine. We talk shit. A damn good example here is Tordala/Menhirs. When an influx of new players hit, a lot of them looked at the people on Menhirs, saw all the shit they had and screamed nepo. But, as someone who was around to observe the events that gave them an entire island, it was anything but. They got fucked hard by staff and the only reason they over came, be it easily or not, was because players banded together and out muscled and out smarted the NPCs in control for the most part. They got the power needed. Tordala got its allies, through a character not even elven. But, nobody cared. Nobody wanted to listen. It was a 'D-DM! T-Those players have stuff I do not!' There was always some reason they got nepo. Seriously, grow a pair. Put some ranks in maturity people. I want Elle to have a bunch of shit, but I'm not screaming cause others put in the time to get it when I wasn't even on the server. I know, that is harsh. But, its an attitude we, as players, have held true to across my ten years in the private wow rp scene. We need to lose it. Calm down, have some patience. Be happy when a fellow Rper succeeds and all that rainbow lovey-dovey shit. Competing OOC only makes shit hostile, especially for newcomers. And I for one, would enjoy new blood to sed-... ROLEPLAY with. Everyone is different and is here to have fun. If your not, I'll point your ass to the door. And if it was up to me, I'd kick it out. Because, no matter if you hate their RP, or their guts, don't make the environment hostile for others. I am sure I suffer for this and some of my friends do aswell, but we should try to atleast tolerate some stupid shit. Not just for the sake of people we see as bad or shitty RPers, but for the good RPers who will poke their head in and just see that one guy getting torn to shreds. A little preachy, I know. But, its how I feel. I can be harsher and point out specific names. But, I don't want to throw people under the buss publically, because all that does is make me a hypocrite and create a hostile discussion environment right now. I save my shit talking for my buddies and do my best to smile and nod at the people I can't stand. For the sake of the new blood. RPG System I'm not that far down this rabbit hole. I can tolerate a shit RPG system if the above wasn't a problem. But, this does need some heavy change. MAINLY in the combat balance. Hunters and warriors can drop a 600 damage crit. FUCK OFF. If you are going to let two classes do it, atleast let every class do it. But, seriously. A focus on balancing each class needs to be made. And, I do not mean that each class should be able to easily beat any other. Or, be on equal footing. A defended mage will destroy warriors if not dealt with. A hunter will be ineffective against a plate wearing enemy. Ect, ect. Magic is a huge thing in WoW, so I'm not saying 'Magic users should be super powerful!' But, come on. As a mage, I should not be out DPS'd by a lower tier warrior or hunter. Other then XP, I'll leave this to more skilled and dedicated people. Last point, Experience. Why in all that is logical and fun. Would the only way to get XP be a cap of 45 a day you spend productivity on? Do you want to bend me over and hammer me every day? Like, I can understand spending prod on XP. And capping that at 45. I really can, it gives you a confirmed amount of XP to cover 'training' a day. But, if I jsut killed the Old God, I think I'd get some XP outta that shit. I'm not asking for XP to be given for every NPC I kill. But, it should be given for events. Example, I am a rogue in a group going through a dungeon. We clear it. All the NPCs are dead. I also, picked eight locks and disabled 10 traps. After the event is over, the DM hands out XP. The part gets a 50xp for killing NPCs, 5xp for the roleplay, and then extra XP for other shit. I get another 20xp for the locks and traps. Total pay out is 75xp. I got 1.5 days worth of login xp for that event and it took us 4 hours of being online and active. This should be a thing. Sure, it changes the balance drastically. The people who can make every event will quickly outdo the people who can't. Thats... kinda fine, if you realize that the DM does have discretion on you joining. Is it a planned event or spontaneous? Did that character just run across the island to join in without knowing shit was going on? Are they Horde in an Alliance event? This also feeds back into players. If you know there is a player who is playing to win, be the best and being a shithead by making every event for the sole reason of OOC motivation? Dms should tell him no. Or, hell. CAP THAT XP TOO. You can go 'but, this is still a problem or, that isn't a solution!' Well, when you treat people like whiny, grabbing children... this is what you get. Put your boot down on shitheads who are playing to win, if you don't want that behavior. But, don't punish everyone by taking away an entire reward system from the equation. All you do is make your entire RPG hollow if the loot is non-existent and shit, and my XP is capped to 45 per account per 24 hours. One last thing. You can keep prod tied to the account. But, please, remove the 45xp cap from being tied to the account aswell. I don't care if I only get 32 extra xp a day to put on another toon and no prod for professions. If I want two combat characters that is my fucking choice. Stop shoehorning me into what you think I should be doing. Thats a dick move. Back in ye ole' tabletop days, it was not uncommon for a player to have multiple characters and the party be three players but six characters. Sure, I can't play both at one time here, but atleast let me have some effectiveness in playing more then one if I wish. Alright, I'm done. This is long winded and a gold star to anyone who read all of it and took their time to understand my points. I would like to hammer home, I am not -blaming- or -pointing fingers- at any one in particular. All 'insults' or aggressive language is directed at a mystical target who doesn't exist. And if you -feel- insulted by what I said, perhaps you should take some time and think if what I said rang true about your attitude or ideas and if I have any merit. That said, I only want to see this server thrive and have fun like I once did again. Nothing more, nothing less.