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  1. Rivet

    Gnomish Greetings

    For my 'main' gnome, I really did put a lot of work into trying to craft a character who felt believable to me, which is kind of tough when it's a gnome that you're making. A lot of their main lore things, like what happened after Gnomeregan. Stuff like "How did their culture change and evolve over this time" and so oonnn. Hopefully my gnome's long philosophical/political rants will be of some interest to people.
  2. Rivet

    Gnomish Greetings

    Honestly, I always loved (hopefully decently written) custom sort of lore and modifying WoW's environment, so I'm hopeful this is as cool as it can be. I still remember one of the old phases, where Dustwallow marsh was a sandy wasteland. I also loved how the gnomes were these like, unwanted refugees stuck in camps by fascist dwarfs. Of course the downside is nobody played anything but like, human and elf.' So, hopefully, this custom stuff can survive with whatever population is present. Otherwise we're all going to just be loitering in random areas in the Hillsbrad Foothills again. Welcome to everyone and to me! This time, Rivet Voltscrank is actually fleshed out. Could be interesting.