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  1. Caid

    [Announcement] McDankus' Fiasco

    Holy freakin' super crap. Is this what the server has devolved into? Actually wait scratch that, maybe it's always been that way. I know from my previous experience it's always been "what we say go" and "my way or the highway" here. It's a carry over from Legacy and Prologue. Let's break this down from what I can see. >Player sees a ton of NPCs, does some head math and wonders just how a group can afford all these NPCs with the way NPC pricing is >A staff member who is notorious for having a one-track mind says "we dont owe you an explanation", which basically means fuck off >this irks the player, who pushes the question and tries to get transparency >at some point, the staff slapped the player with a 72 hour ban, because he can >he takes the issue to discord, both Elle and Varen seemingly tell him to fuck off "politely" >eventually he gets booted from discord and handed a permaban, but then its retconned to a 3 month ban While McDankus can have some colorful language, that doesn't excuse the Staff's response. If you can't handle a few cuss words and banter, maybe you shouldn't be on the internet? To me this sounds like an escalated situation where the staff has an agenda they want to see, and when someone questions said agenda they basically try to silence the player. It's quite obvious the Staff in question don't want to explain how Haven can afford over a hundred NPCs. Because they can't, because they are in bed with the Haven players and are too comfy to step-up. Though this is less a Varen issue and more an issue with a certain individual that just so happens to be Head Keeper. Instead of giving a reason why haven can afford the salary of all the NPCs, or just admitting the truth, you tried to silence someone. You know what this sounds like? This sounds like the fucking Bioware and Bethesda forums. Just STOP, before you become Stanry Woo.
  2. Caid

    he is here

    soy and onionpilled
  3. Caid

    [Feedback] Critique and Suggestions

    Aight so lemme hit this thing up real quick. I'd make my own thread but I don't want to bloat. These are all my opinion, but okay. Combat As Pate has said above, Casters suck ass. While all characters get QA, BA, and FA, they are only useful for melee characters due to how they work. QA and BA do not work for casters (and rogues) because, as the system would have it, off-hand is not applied to their damage. Off-hand is only applied to FA, which is a whopping 20 Energy. Let's fix this by giving the equivalent to players who pick spellcasters, who almost always start with Quivering Knife and an off-hand. Example: Mana Shock: 8 Energy, Target Attack, Mainhand * 50% Weapon + Off-hand * 30% as Magic Damage Mana Blast: 14 Energy, Target Attack, Mainhand * 75% Weapon + Off-hand * 50% as Magic Damage Mana Burst: 20 Energy, Target Attack, Mainhand * 135% Weapon + Off-hand * 70% as Magic Damage Or we can just have off-hands applied to QA and BA as well to help Rogues out. Class Fantasy This is the meat of RPGs. Warriors are fine. Paladins and Mages are decent. Druids could be better. All the other classes are fucking ass. Rogues are laughable, there is no stealth and they do piss-poor damage unless they game the system more than they should. Implement combos and combo points. Priests heal the same as paladins but unlike paladins are squishy and have no true damage. That's okay, but Priests do not do anything priesty. Give them Slow, Fear, Mind Control and other abilities that makes people WANT to roll priest. At the end of the day this is a game. Hunters are just sad. Over half their skills cannot be used if they are targeted, forcing them to disengage or be forced to use the QABAFA meme. Give them traps, Pinned Shot, and make it so disengaging doesn't cost so damn much. Give Mages Blizzard. Shamans have no Earth Spells, what is this? Add them you fucks. Druids have a lack of Earthen/Nature/Balance spells, and no one uses the Druid Forms in-combat. Fix this. A ton of other issues that other people can probably narrow down. Professions They are mostly okay. But jesus fuck fix how you level. I shouldn't need to spam tents or Forsaken Banners just to learn how to make a door. Add in Random Discoveries that let you learn new recipes that ARENT LEVEL GATED. Lower prod cost of some creations. Add mass production of some items like planks, seared fish, etc. That cost just as many mats, but less overall productivity than if you were to make 100 Seared Meat one at a time. Add more architect objects. ALL the objects. Do it. Story and Storyline Image aside, there's no overall arching storyline on the server, which wouldn't be so bad if there were smaller storylines being done throughout. But there aren't, everything is in a lull. This drastically needs to be fixed. The World Itself We need more World Edits, more islands, isles and shores. It was only recently that people went back to Sotoras after it being untouched for who knows how long. Last Battleground is laughable, even though it has a volcano now. Kolai is a joke filled with NPCs that can be run down by a 2-player group of 888s. There's only so much returning, current and new players can do on the total of TWO islands with actual content. Menhir's is monopolized by the elves and swarmed with ghosts and hostile entities. Opej only just recently got more NPCs around. I think its high time someone gets to make an entire archipelego of islands to explore. There's a lot more I could say, such as a lack of drive and passion on the Staff side of the server (IMO), but I think I've said my piece. Take it as you will.
  4. I personally see your point, but at the same time it's not nepotism related. It might seem like it, and I for one know the feeling of how it is to be shafted for staff help when you see other guilds and group advance, but I think that it boils down to US being a relatively small server in general. There's a lot of overlap that can happen, and I don't think it's fair to say "if you are staff you can't have a player character". It's because the server is small that there's only so much one can do without overlapping their own characters into the mix. Do I like Tordala being on the top of the RP food chain? Of course not, but they've been here longer so they have had more time to build up as well as more time to gather XP. I don't think this is a nepotism issue but it's something related to other players in general and cliques that bring OOC into IC far too often. No Guild in the history of WoW RP is immune to this, all we can do is strive to be better and not shit our pants.
  5. Caid

    BFA didn't kill me

    Oh no no, not like this bro. Sad to see you go. You were a fun guy to be around and Grom'Gashar will feel empty without you. But remember, our bond is iron. And true lads never die. Stay an Absolute Unit.
  6. Caid

    Hello and Hi

    Well met, Champion!
  7. Caid

    coins and shit

    Let me hire peons/grunts with silver who will gather materials for me. That way I can spend the spare silver I have AND not have to rely on the RNG of gathering to craft items.
  8. Caid

    Dascombe's Armour & Weapons Thread

    Okay boy, why would a snake be able to chomp through mail armor when? I'm curious, do snakes just have some innate ability to chomp through armor? It's bad enough they can withstand being beheaded by a massive axe. Tell me how I'm wrong.
  9. Caid

    Maliki Haluz'Ehk's Death

    Ehk pushed too far with his treehugging. From my small amount of interaction with him on my Orc, he very clearly made threats to me and the other Orcs when we were hunting animals and claimed that the lands were his. We just shook it off as Ehk being deranged but I guess some people took it too far. Hope to see you on another character soon!
  10. Caid

    Gnomish Greetings

    That profile pic...👀 Welcome aboard.