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    Mystic variety

    I have just thought about this: I know it would be a lot of extra work (possibly even a whole revamp), but maybe Mystic could later on be "specialized" based on classes? Make it specific to caster classes? (Would make lore sense idk) I say this because this just struck me today: no matter how mystic both of them are, a warlock or mage isn't going to make a rune or potion the same way a shaman/druid does: their principles vary greatly.
  2. Terra

    Special Items

    So you are saying that trinkets actually have effects in the RPG System…?
  3. Terra

    Mystic variety

    Ah, the ruthless reality. Well, I was so enthralled by the idea that I did not stop to think of the population. But I did not think of it being… 5 different specs. Rather, two only (At least for now). One that gives pure benefit but they're lower and one that gives good benefit but also high risk or side-effects (For example Order VS Disorder kind of thing), since it offers a bit of a twist. Anyways, even if it does not come into being, at least the idea is there. 😆
  4. Though I must admit I have not quite thought about the negative implications it may bring with it, I have pondered about the Productivity Tokens, and I have reached a conclusion: Allow them to be reimbursed (1 productivity per token, of course. Or 0,5 so it's got a consequence. Or something, you decide what). Maybe only until a certain condition has been met, so that you can't accidentally buy more than needed and be stuck with them.
  5. Terra

    Reimbursing Productivity Tokens

    That is why they are unique, though, no? And that's exactly why I said they're only reimbursable under certain conditions: IE after 2 hours have passed, you can not turn them back and they must stay as they are. Yet I understand that may be hard to code.
  6. Hello! New player here. I have encountered a problem. (I think) You see, while I was messing around with abilities, it let me forget them. So I picked a few to try them out, but when I decided I did not quite enjoy them, it did not let me forget them! When I click on them, no option is there. Either it is completely unexistant, or it tells me I have already learned the maximum class abilities. As such, I was wondering if this is intentional. On another note, how does one gain back Essence? I unknowingly spent it all, and it does not seem to come back.
  7. Terra

    Help required: Abilities & Essence

    Thank you a lot for your time! It's a great help.