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    Opej'Nor Lore

    The origins of the island are mostly unknown, largely uninhabited save for the local fauna, Opej’Nor was an unnamed, untouched island of staggering size, adrift in the Doldrums for unnumbered years. Save for the odd shipwrecked survivor or victim of the Doldrums, Opej’Nor was left to fable for ages. After the fall of the Lich King, the sizeable navy of the Horde was able to return to the duties of patrol and expansion required for the rapidly expanding needs of Orc, Undead, and more. One of these navy ships, captained by Opej Ogrecrush, an orcish veteran of minor acclaim, stumbled upon the island near Southern Kalimdor. He and his crew arrived before a storm, managing to document the vast, unclaimed territory, endless forests, and the high rising peaks. The storm cut the visit short and he and his crew returned home and to report the resource rich territory to the Horde, naming the island in honor of the captain- Opej’Nor. However, when they returned with enough men to stake a claim, Opej’Nor could not be found high, low, or anywhere else. Opej Ogrecrush was dishonored and removed from command. After the Shattering and the chaos that followed, the mass of Opej’Nor was shifted and settled further in the Doldrums, coming to rest near Silver-Eye Island. It’s long travel stymied after the deep jungles of the island’s center were lanced by debris ripped from Deepholm amid Deathwing’s destructive emergence from the elemental plane. Crystals and elementals litter the tropic forests and sandy beaches, making for eerie wounds across the verdant flora. With Opej’Nor now grounded, it has become the popular spot for the sound abundance of shipwrecked survivors and victims of the Doldrums grasp since the cataclysm, many seeking to make a new life on the untouched shores and jungles. It’s hospitality is, however, often overestimated. Major Characters Opej Ogrecrush - Once an efficient and loyal soldier, Opej Ogrecrush’s military career for the Horde ended after he failed to relocate the island of his namesake, Opej’Nor. Once discharged, he made it his personal mission to find the island, no matter what, and some say he’s found it- wandering the woods, restless and ruthlessly protective of ‘his’ Island. Dragor Bloodfury - A fire-blooded veteran of the Warsong Clan, Dragor and his Warband have only recently arrived to Opej'nor and have already accomplished much. If the Old Wolf will bring glory or damnation to the Horde on the Doldrums remains yet to be seen. But Opej'nor is certain to play a large part in that one way or another. Eg - An eccentric Gnome builder, Eg is the reason Opej'nor has a settlement, to begin with. The genius, albeit strange individual is respected by many and known as Eg the Architect for his accomplishments. Haytham Francis Kendrick -The current leader of the Kul Tiran force of Drustgarde Haytham has only recently earned his title and is struggling to adjust and pull his people through this troublesome time. Time will tell if he is up to the task laid in front of him by his mentor, the late Moras Beoveld. Notable Locations Egtown and Port Drustgarde: An odd conjoinment of shanty town and bustling port, the old shipwreck of the Dauntless has grown to prominence as one of the most bustling settlements on the Doldrums, overshadowed only by Silver-Eye island. Travelers come from far and wide to trade and enjoy all the port has to offer. Cavern of Desperation - Located near the Eastern cliffs of Opej’Nor and named very recently by adventurer’s on the island, this cave has built a reputation for the hallucinogenic mushrooms within. The corpses of new and old survivors on the island can be found within, often the last places those trapped on Opej’Nor go to find some joy before death. The Wounded Jungle - Dominating much of Opej’Nor, the verdant jungles of Opej’Nor have been cut in two by debris from Deepholm. Tearing up trees and earth, much of the greenery has been displaced or destroyed. The wounds will heal in time, but the grasp of the Shattering reached all of Azeroth. Grom'thar - Build upon the slopes of Mount Opej, Grom'thar is a budding Horde settlement. Remote and well defended, it is a haven for the true sons and daughters of the Horde who enjoy the daily challenge of battling the elements and Opej'nor's mighty beasts for survival. If there is any place on Opej'nor where survival of the fittest reigns supreme, it is Grom'thar. The Lonely Island - Opej’Nor’s sister island just off the Western Coast is a small sandy dot, completely dwarfed by the bigger island mass nearby. Often included in the whole of Opej’Nor, the Lonely Island still holds secrecy and sovereignty all its own. The Fractured Coast - Along the Southern cliffs of Opej’Nor, the Fractured Coast shows the strain and tear on the island, as smooth rock fractured under the weight of the massive impacts from the debris shower of the Shattering. Utterly treacherous and beautiful, it serves as a reminder of the damage caused. The Wreckage of The Thrifty - At the peak of the Southern Cliffs of Opej’Nor, a Goblin Zeppelin- ‘The Thrifty’ lays in ruins. Destroyed during the Shattering, the ship came down in desperation on Opej’Nor. The whereabouts of the crew is unknown. Ogrecrush Cliffs - Located on the Southeastern edge of Opej’Nor, these cliffs are said to be where Captain Opej Ogrecrush and his crew laid down their flag and declared the island ‘Opej’Nor’. Rich in resources, beauty, and defenses- it is no wonder this place convinced the captain to call upon the might of the Horde to seek out the island. Notes The island mass is extensive, boasting room enough for thousands of people if they were able to claim it. The harvest of resources is unparalleled, boasting massive quantities of lumber, metal, and wildlife. The North of the island is a long stretch of beach, marked with a rocky terrain and the beginnings of a thick forest, leading to a mountainous pass. The East of the island has a much wider beach, with a few crashed and abandoned shipwrecks on its shores, eventually giving way to the verdant jungle and the birth of a thick forest path into the debris-littered crater at the center. The South of the island is dominated by a score of cliffs, high bluffs, and a crashed zeppelin that bleed into a heavy jungle and the crater pit at the center of the island The West of the island bears a lonely sister island, with simple, tropical plants and trees. It melts into the central mass, where trees and mountains take over
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    Mapping the Doldrums

    While not having a map in the Doldrums is intentional, I figured I turn over a few of my own, drawn version for players to use if they wish.
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    Special Items

    There is currently a 'trinket' slot that has RPG functionality, we're in the process of adding player items to fill that slot.
  5. We're moving into a big, brand new setting that's been put together by our staff and we don't really have a comprehensive 'guide' like a wowpedia, or anything of that stripe, so I thought I'd make up a thread here for you folks! Myself or other staff will take time to look at questions you have about the setting or Azeroth as a whole in our timeline and answer them here! Make sure you check out the Lore Primer and the links within first! If you have questions about the more general rules and regulations or otherwise on the server, try the General Q&A Thread! Previously Answered Questions:
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    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Guild has been approved.
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    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    Patch 2.9.0 ATTRIBUTES Constitution and player Health modified. Base health increased to 400 from 250. Health per constitution increased to 100 from 50. RACIALS Goblin racial effect now only increases incoming damage by 2.5% form 5% Undead racial effect updated to now provide 30 bonus maximum health and 1% reduced incoming damage and healing Night Elf racial effect updated to now provide 2.5% Damage reduction Pandran racial effect now only reduces outgoing damabe by 2.5% from 5% Troll racial effect now increases out of combat regeneration by 25 from 10 Tauren racial effect now increases health gain from Constitution from 100 to 107 NEW SPELLS Pierce (16) (Subterfuge) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 50% and Offhand Weapon Damage * 20% as Physical Damage, than Target Debuff, Reduces the Target’s Current Physical Damage Reduction by 25%, this effect stacks to a maximum of 3, This Effect Stacks With Shatter Shot- lasts for 4 Rounds Shatter Shot (12) Ranged (Marksman) Target Debuff, Reduces the Target’s Current Physical Damage Reduction by 25%, this effect stacks to a maximum of 3, This Effect Stacks With Pierce, This spell can only be used if you have a Ranged Weapon Equipped- lasts for 4 Rounds Hemorage (10) (Subterfuge) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 20% and Offhand Weapon Damage * 8% as Physical Damage, than Target Debuff, Whenever the Target receives Physical Damage from an Attack Action they receive an additional 4 Points of Physical Damage- lasts for 5 Rounds Arcane Explosion (12) (Arcane) Cleave Attack, Magical Action Check * 425% as Magic damage to all targets engaged to Self Mounting Corrosion (12) Ranged (Unholy) Target Debuff, Reduces the Target’s Current Magical Damage Reduction by 25%, this effect stacks to a maximum of 3- lasts for 4 Rounds GENERIC Overpower damage type changed to Physical from Chaos, now deals 90% Mainhand Weapon Damage from 80%, now has an increased hit chance of 4 Battle Cry physical Damage increase per stack reduced to 2.5% from 3.5% Unholy Strength Missing Health Regeneration Percentage reduced to 4% from 5%. WARRIOR Heroic Strike Strength Scale changed to 1.2 from 2.0 ROGUE Killing Spree Mainhand and Offhand Damage for all attacks changed to 37.5% from 36% Preparation has been replaced with Hemorrhage PRIEST Shadow Form has been rebuilt, now reads as follows: Shadow Form (8) (Unholy) Self Buff, Engulfs you in Shadows increasing Outgoing Magical Damage by 8% and reducing Incoming Damage by 4%, but preventing you from using Wild and Divine Skills. Can be used outside of Combat, cast this spell again to remove this Buff, can not be removed by any other means. Devouring Plague Willpower Scale changed to 4.5 from 4.0 MAGE Presence of Mind has been replaced by Arcane Explosion WARLOCK Fel Armor maximum health regeneration reduced to 2% from 2.5% ATTACK Divine Shear damage type changed to Magical from Chaos, Magical Action Check Scale modified to 650% from 600, now has an increased hit chance of 4 Siphon of Darkness Magical Action Check changed to 400% from 350% TRANSFORMATION Worgen Form now grants 4% Critical Strike from 6% and increases incoming damage by 2.5% from 5%
  8. As we move forward with setting up player architecture, map changes, and additions of items and NPCs, a rapid method of client-side changes need to be made! The talented Varen built a Launcher for us, which is the platform we'll be using to push all our future patches and validate client integrity. All new and old players should download the launcher, here: https://mega.nz/#!dtc0mQxA!4M2ct8LQwW3Xj7UiPGAwXaojwZosA5CQgD4JQbYUyRY Simply extract it into your game folder and use the USAutoPatcher File! It will clear your cache and set you to the baseline 'Unknown Shores Super Patch', which, at the moment is version 2.8.4! You can launch the 64bit version of the client from the Launcher and all future game updates will be run through this Launcher! So download, update, and be ready to play on the new patch! For further information, please see the first post in the CONNECTION GUIDE . If you wish to retain your player 'config' settings, make a copy of your WTF folder. After the game 'patches' with the auto patcher, replace the new WTF folder with your old one.
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    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    ----- Patch 2.8 Brief ----- * 8 new abilities have been added, including a generic wand attack and new rogue ability replacing Eviscerate * 6 new weapons have been added, aimed to give Willpower and Dexterity based characters new ways to improve their damage output * An overall nerf of mid-energy Magic Action Checks, with some balance tweaks on other abilities * Mark and Attunement buffs receive an overall buff with an increased 1 round duration all over * Many pieces of Armor have had their strength requirements lowered by 1 ----- New Abilities ----- Killing Spree (20) Essence (1) (Subterfuge) (Rogue) Target Attack, Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 36% and Offhand Weapon Damage * 36% as Physical Damage, Than Target Attack, Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 36% and Offhand Weapon Damage * 36% as Physical Damage, Than Target Attack, Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 36% and Offhand Weapon Damage * 36% as Physical Damage Wand Attack (14) Ranged (Marksman) Target Attack, Mainhand Weapon Damage * 85% as Magic Damage, This spell can only be used if you have a Wand Equipped Both Eyes Open (4) Essence (1) (Audacity) Self Buff, Increases Magical and Physical hit chance by Ingenuity *.9- lasts for 0 Rounds Light Spike (8) Ranged (Divine) Target Heal, Magical Action Check * 275% as Healing Shadow Consumption (20) Essence (1) (Unholy) Cleave Attack, Magical Action Check * 550% as Magic Damage to all targets engaged to you, The caster Heals for half the Damage done by this attack Clutch of Winter (20) Ranged (Arcane) Target Attack, Magical Action Check * 625% as Magic Damage, Target Debuff, The next ‘Move’ or ‘Flee’ action taken by the target fails, than Target Buff, Immune to ‘Move’ impairing Debuffs- lasts for 3 Rounds Nature’s Guidance (10) Ranged (Wild) Target Heal, Magical Action Check * 225% as Healing, than Target Buff, Increases all Attributes by 1- lasts for 1 Rounds Focused Burn (20) Ranged (Wild) Target Attack, Magical Action Check * 1100% as Magic Damage ----- New Weapons ----- Runeblade Dagger(Dagger) - 10-20, 4% Crit, Willpower Scale 3.0 - Increases Outgoing Healing and Damage by 4% Beast-Kin Staff(Staff) - 20-40, 8% Crit, Dexterity Scale 10.0 Stylus of the Magi(Wand) - 10-20, 6% Crit, Willpower Scale 5.0 - Increases Outgoing Magic Damage by 5% Sword of Kept Secrets(1-Handed Sword) - 10-30, 0% Crit, Willpower Scale 5.0 - Increases Magic Damage done equal to your Unspent Essence * 1.5 Cruel Conjurer’s Scepter(1-Handed Mace) - 10-20, 0% Crit, Willpower Scale 2.0 - Increases Magic Damage dealt by 2% and Increases Starting Energy by 6 Claw of the Beast King(Fist Weapon) - 10-20, 0% Crit, Dexterity Scale 10.0 ----- Ability Changes ----- Class Abilities Paladin * Holy Shock: Magical Action Check reduced from 500% to 475% Rogue * Eviscerate removed Mage * Pyroblast: Magical Action Check increased from 900% to 975% Death Knight * Ebon Plague: Energy Cost increased from 10 to 14, Magic Damage increase reduced from 15% to 10%, duration increased from 2 to 5 Rounds * Death Strike: Weapon Damage increased from 45% to 50% Generic Abilities Martial * Rend: Strength Scale reduced from 3.0 to 2.5 * Overpower: Weapon Damage reduced from 95% to 80% * Bludgeon: Melee Action Check damage increased from 750% to 800% * Heavy Kick: Melee Action Check damage increased from 400% to 450% Subterfuge * Poison Strike: Dexterity Scale reduced from 3.25 to 3.0 Audacity * Dive: Energy Cost increased from 6 to 8, Ingenuity Scale increased from 2.2 to 3.5 Arcane * Molten Blast: Magical Action Check reduced from 800% to 775% * Arcane Jolt: Magical Action check reduced from 275% to 225% * Mark of the Bulwark, Mark of the Rager, Mark of the Master: duration increased from 3 to 4 Rounds * Mark of the Scorned: duration increased from 4 to 5 Rounds * Evoke: Arcane Energy: recovery effect removed, now increases Maximum Energy by 6 Wild * Sorcerer’s Attunement, Ogre’s Attunement, Scoundrel’s Attunement: duration increased from 5 Rounds to 6 Rounds (Note: tooltip used to display 4, now fixed) * Icy Crush: Magical Action Check reduced from 625% to 500% * Scorching Touch: Target Attack Willpower Scale reduced from 4.0 to 2.0, Target Debuff Willpower Scale increased from 4.0 to 4.5 * Sting of the Wild: Magical Action Check increased from 550% to 575% * Arc Lightning: Magical Action Check reduced from 425% to 375% Unholy * Shadow Blast: Magical Action check reduced from 650% to 625% * Siphon of Darkness: Energy cost increased from 12 to 14, Magical Action check increased from 300% to 350% * Dark Vestiges: Energy cost increased from 16 to 18, Missing Health Damage increased from 17% to 19% Divine * Holy Strike: Willpower and Strength Scale reduced from 7.5 to 7.0 * Purify Spirit: Constitution Scale reduced from 7.0 to 5.0, Flat Damage increased from 35 to 75 ----- Equipment Changes ----- Armor The following have had their Strength Requirements lowered to 2: * Wizard’s Mantle (from 3) * Leather Armor (from 3) The following have had their Strength Requirements lowered to 3: * Brawler’s Harness (from 5) * Nature’s Armoring (from 4) * Light Mail Armor (from 4) The following have had their Strength Requirements lowered to 4: * Robes of the Scholar (from 6) * Magic Eater’s Garb (from 5) * Heavy Mail Armor (from 5) * Ranger’s Guile (from 5) * Half-Plate Armor Strength Requirement lowered from 6 to 5 * Full Plate Armor Strength Requirement lowered from 8 to 7 Weapons * Sage’s Mace: Decreased Outgoing Healing decreased to 8% from 10% * Maul and Barbarian Blade: Damage Range increased from 15-25 to 15-45 * Pike: Damage Range reduced from 15-35 to 10-30 * Wizard's Staff: Damage Range increased from 15-35 to 15-40, Increased Outgoing Magic Damage from 12% to 14% (Credits to AB For formatting.)
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    Druids and their situation

    I can look into that.
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    Druids and their situation

    At the moment, we have support weapons for druids in both the staff and fist weapons section. Are you looking to have a weapon focused less on increasing physical damage and more on dealing raw damage?
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    Daggerfin Corsairs

    I see the right number of pledges! With that said, you've been reviewed and approved!
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    Questions & Answers about RPG mechanics

    In general, this uses a Cloth token.
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    Unknown Shores, RPG Patch Notes

    Patch 2.7.3 BASE ACTIONS Precision Shot Ranged Weapon Damage reduced to 140% from 145% GENERIC Searing Arrow Ranged Weapon Damage reduced to 125% from 130% Bludgeon Melee Action Check Scale reduced to 750% from 900% Heavy Kick Melee Action Check Scale reduced from 400% from 450% Point Black Shot Ranged Weapon Damage reduced to 110% from 130% PALADIN Crusader Strike Mainhand Weapon Damage reduced from 135% to 130%, now additionally has an increased Hit Chance of 4 Holy Shock bonus Critical Strike chance reduced to 18% from 20% Judgement Health restore reduced to 6 Health from 12 Health DRUID Rejuvenate Willpower Scale reduced to 4.5 from 5.0 ROGUE Eviscerate energy cost changed to 15 from 10, now consumes a maximum of 20 energy from infinite, scaling per energy consumed increased from 30% to 73% PRIEST Power Word: Fortitude now grants 1 Constitution from 2, lasting for 11 Rounds from 6 DEATH KNIGHT Lichborne Energy cost reduced to 5 from 6 ATTACK Divine Sheer Magical Action Check changed to 600% from 625% Siphon of Darkness Magical Action Check changed to 300% from 275% BUFF Mark of the Mender Willpower Scale reduced to 4.5 from 5.0 WEAPONS Added new Weapon Tokens, Deadaim Crossbow, Divine Great Hammer, and Bloody Voulge Rare - Divine Great Hammer(2-Handed Mace) - 20-30, 0% Crit, Strength Scale 5.0, Willpower Scale 2.0, Increases Outgoing Healing by 16% Rare - Bloody Voulge(Polearm) - 25-40, 4% Crit, Dexterity Scale 15.0 - Increases Damage taken by 30% Rare - Deadaim Crossbow(Crossbow) - 0-5, 10% Crit, Dexterity Scale 8.0 Katana damage range to 15-45 from 5-45, crit chance to 10% from 8% Lance damage range to 25-50 from 10 to 50. Short Bow damage range to 5-40 from 20-40, Crit chance to 6% from 4% Crossbow damage range to 20-75 from 5-75 Hunter’s Cranequin damage range to 10-25 from 5-25 Cartridge rifle Damage range to 15-30 from 15-25 Gunslinger’s Long Pistol Damage range to 10-20 from 0-20, Crit chance to 2% from 0%, Dexterity Scale to 8.0 from 10.0 Sniper’s Rifle Damage Range to 0-10 from 10-20, Crit Chance to 0% from 20%, Dexterity Scale to 10.0 from 3.0 PROVISIONER All level one foods, Seared Mear, Smoked Vegetables, Sliced Bread, and Cooked Bread now additionally remove fatigue equal to your Constitution * 5
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    The Talon of the Phoenix

    I see six members here! After some consideration, you've been approved!
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    The Ironbound

    Consider yourself approved my lad.
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    Caveat Emptor

    I see six pledges, guild is under review.
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    tentatively existing

    Greetings traveler! Welcome to the project, howdy and all! Lots to learn, so let us know if you have questions! Otherwise, check out the discord and see you in game!
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    hi im zach

    Howdy pardner! Welcome to the server! Always around if you have questions and feel free to jump into the Discord!
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    The Adventurers Guild

    Consider yourself approved! I wanna see this thread updated- with ADVENTURES!
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    The Adventurers Guild

    I'll see about reviewing the guild for approval.
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    where am i? why did i wake up here?

    Don't be rude, Rudby.
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    Welcome to the server! It's been a blast, glad you can join us! Be sure to join the disco!