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  1. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Atop the highest peak of Opej'Nor, where Grom'Thar was situated, the settlement would be bustling with activity with recent times. After recent events saw them with enemies on all sides, the Horde has since erupted in what appears to be an increased level of preparation. The sound of hammers thundering against steel and anvils would emit from the peak, amidst the sound of construction work being carried out by peons. Walls and defenses would begin to be raised gradually, ore and timber mined and cut down to fuel the machine that was the Horde. Torches and braziers would glow brightly in the midnight sky, showing Grom'Thar as a beacon of superiority and defiance to the rest of the Isle. Echoes of the past would call from when Bloodfury had first landed on Opej'nor, with a vision to unite the Horde being seen as folly. That time would be a far-cry compared to the current state of the Horde, growing in strength, number and power. They would now be a reason to be feared on Opej'nor, and given the recent events, one could only ponder what the Horde was planning, and what they were preparing to carry out.
  2. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Preparing to update the draft soon with some added changes!
  3. McDankus

    [Beasts of Opej] The Red Terror

    Word would soon quickly spread that Warleader Bloodfury would be swift to address the threat of the Red Terror that had arisen on the Isle. After receiving reports from the Nag'Wor about the Hydra threat, the Warleader has called the Horde into action. Preparations are to be made to slay the beast within the coming weeks, in an attempt to prevent the outbreak of the Hydra population which could imprison the denizens of Opej'Nor on the Isle. Those who wish to stand with the Horde against the Red Terror are welcome, and are expected to send word to Grom'Thar on whether they wish to join the fight or not. Time would tell on what would become of this conflict, and who would be effected by such an assault on the Red Terror.
  4. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Finally the Feast of Survival had taken place within the settlement of Grom'Thar, with the Warleader calling upon all of those who have endured alongside him. Speeches were made to commemorate to efforts made by many in the founding of Grom'Thar and the survival of their people, and the remembrance of the fallen. After some feasting and drinking, there were songs sung vigorously in the midnight flames, with many among the participants dancing joyously alongside the rhythm of the music and song. In the end, stories would be sung around the campfire, each tale varying from the individuals culture and past, enlightening all and teaching them important values and lessons of the past. In the conclusion of the feast, came the announcements of the ascended New-Bloods. Sova Traildrifter, Sookie Stackhouse and Rok'thul, Son of Morg'thul, would arise. Each of them taking their Blood Oaths to the Warleader and Grom'Goshar, they would arise as fully fledged Scouts and Mystics of the Horde. However, there were two special announcements to be made. Kha'id would ascend to the role of Packleader, and assume the rank of Stone Guard. From this day henceforth, he would go by the name "Lak'tush", meaning Suffering in Orcish. Rok'thul was tasked with following the path of the Beastmaster, with the Warleader seeking to gain the wild beasts on their side for the battles to come. And with that, the Feast of Survival ended. However, this would be the start of many celebrations and gatherings to come, that was for certain. Sookie, Sova and Rok'thul have now ascended to the ranks of Scout and Mystic! Kha'id has now become a Packleader! In addition, Rok'Thul will be following a journey to become a fully fledged Beastmaster. I thank everyone who partook in last nights event, and feedback is welcome!
  5. McDankus

    [Feedback] Transparency and Public Disclosure

    Honestly the main issue that needs to be addressed is staff hiring. Literally most of the feedback goes back to staff hiring and the lack of ability to do things. People have already criticized the lack of plots going on in places, for example it seems Menhris has the main plot going on. The only plot that was going on Opej was Fzhuzhem but that eventually came to a quick close due to Vykax OOC schedule (Which I understand). This brings me to another point on staff hiring. There seems to be a severe lack of Keepers/active staff to help keep things flowing. Random encounters and roleplay are great but it's slowed down heavily and more staff need to be hired on both EU and US timezones. The issue with this is the selective nature of higher staff when choosing people. According to Varen they won't hire people that suit -their- image of the server even though they are perfectly qualified for it? This starts to make the staff look quite shady in how they do things, selectively hiring who they please. In Varens own words he said he had a list of people he wants to hire, to the public that seems like he wants to hire his friends and therefore they get priority over other people who have just as much qualifications? Echoes of Legacy start to come back here, where higher staff make decisions that look quite sketchy, especially when it comes to hiring certain individuals and accepting feedback. When I see a number of critiques and criticisms, it's struck off as whining or complaining, to the point where some staff feel as if they're being targeted or bullied. This leads me to believe that some members of staff simply cannot accept the criticism required to be taken for their role, and something needs to be done about it. Staff handling and communication is also a major problem. We've had events retconned or potential plots dismissed oocly because there's such a lack of logging done by higher staff to the point where it becomes motivation breaking. It shouldn't get to the point where players don't want to pursue anything over fear of stuff being retconned due to staffs ooc miscommunication. This frustrates many because it seems the storylines that members of staff are closely tied with seem to have barely any issues (save for one recent issue which was due to an event not being logged after a long hour dungeon crawling spree due to IRL fatigue). These issues are where accusations of nepotism and such come from. The fact that general players have issues getting events or getting stuff done, and retcons due to failed logs, but then people with staff chars seem to be hunky dorey with getting stuff done? Even so, I feel like there's an issue with staff failing to step away from major plots or moderate themselves in RP scenarios. Yes, everyone is allowed to have fun, but when we see staff characters having close ties with story lines that they OOCly know lore of, it raises eyebrows. In short; Don't complain about nepotism accusations when you closely affiliate your character with story line plots like that. There's a reason staff on Legacy stepped away from shit like this when they were hired. We've been in familiar waters before on Legacy, and we'd rather not have it get to the point where staff have a meltdown and fuck us all. The frustrating fact is that a good deal of these issues -HAVE- been raised before and been dismissed, but now they're being addressed when plenty of damage has already been done.
  6. McDankus

    BFA didn't kill me

    I'm gutted your leaving dude, given everything we've achieved with the guild so far on Unknown Shores. I do agree though, there's issues that -severely- need rectifying because quite frankly it's hindering other guilds whilst benefiting others. Whilst I think it's not the guilds faults directly, it's more so the handling by higher staff. It appears certain people are being put on pedestals by higher staff, alongside members of higher staff having direct involvement in certain storylines. I believe staff need to take a step back and have a good think. Because it seems, with the involvements, it's unfair to see certain staff have beneficiary roles in RP, especially when they have access to a ton of lore OOCly that we get told to just "find out IC". Communication is also key, there's been too much miscommunication that has affected IC and either been retconned or massively shafted potential guild plot lines. Again, this seems to go all the way to the top and trickle all the way down. In addition it appears that communication is poor in the OOC, with many critiques being dismissed as OOC whining or complaining, and only get taken seriously when shit like this happens. In short, staff need to look at this thread and discord and get their act together. Otherwise they'll loose the trust of the playerbase and shaft their server. Hopefully this isn't the end for Dragor and Charrbone. Perhaps not on this server, but in another.
  7. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Time has passed since the latest collection of New-Bloods had ascended! Grom'Goshar has been hard at work, expanding Grom'Thar and fighting off foes that threaten the existence of the Horde! Observing the work of his pack, the Warleader has decided to allow a select few to ascend to other ranks that they are worthy of. A number of names would be called out from around the camp with the announcement: Sova, Rok'thul and Fiddle would henceforth be called by the Warleader. This particular time, their ascension would take place during the Feast of Survival, an event postponed due to the fight against Fzhuzhem. Additionally, two more names would be called, but their purposes were not particularly enclosed. Kha'id and Morkash would be called to answer to the Warleader on the evening of the ceremony during the Feast, for an announcement of sorts which was not enclosed to anyone else. As usual, all denizens of Grom'Thar would be expected to attend this celebration, and would take place on the second to last night of the week. This is to announce the Feast of Survival event which also will include some nifty promotions and praises Icly! It will take place on Saturday 18th of August at 8 PM ST! All Grom'Goshar members and Horde individuals are welcome to partake in the Feast of Survival!
  8. McDankus

    Hello and Hi

    Welcome lad, you'll have a great time here! Feel free to PM me on the discord for any info.
  9. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    It had been some time since Grom'goshar had ascended the New-Blood Ragara to the position of Scout. Now, with many more wolves joining the pack, many sought to prove themselves in the eyes of the Horde and the Warleader. It would now be time for more pups to ascend, due to their bravery and determination to ensure the best interests of the Horde and Grom'goshar. Zorku, Kha'id and Kathrom would be henceforth called by the Warleader, to await a ceremony and Blood Oath in order to ascend from the rank of New-Blood, to a more suitable position. All denizens of Grom'thar would be requested to attend this celebration, and to support their brothers in their triumphs. The ceremony would take place on the last day of the week at nightfall, around the campfires of Grom'thar. It would be here that they would be reborn, in blood and iron. This is an announcement for the promotions of Zorku, Kha'id and Kathrom, for their work and dedication to the guild! The event will take place at Grom'thar on Sunday 29th at 9PM ST!
  10. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Woopsie, didn't notice the typo there!
  11. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    Roster updated! Expect some more IC news soon on here!
  12. McDankus

    Grom'Goshar [Guild Draft]

    In the late hours of the evening in Grom'thar, the cheers of many would erupt! There seemed to be a celebration of sorts, a reverence to something unknown to those outside of Grom'thar. After the cremation of the fallen Horde soldiers on the Last Battleground, their ashes were gathered and placed in ceremonial urns. It was here that the Warleader and his people erected a shrine, to honor the dead from the Last Battleground, and the fallen hereafter. It was here, at their final resting place, that their songs and deeds of triumph would pass into legend. Grom'goshar would honor the fallen. For their memory. For the Horde.
  13. McDankus

    The Trial of Castien

    Word would begin to spread around the various settlements on the Doldrums that were part of the Grom'thar Summit. Warleader Bloodfury would call for a trial of the elf known as Castien. He is to be trialed for the following charges: - Aiding in the attack of the troll Ehk, and carrying out his murder. - Attacking two members of Grom'goshar whilst in the midst of combat against raptors. With the announcement of the trial, the Warleader asks for witnesses to step forward and testify against Castien, and to defend him. Those who step forward will be given the chance to either aid in the defending of Castien, or his prosecution. The judges to be partaking in the trial are as followed: Dragor Bloodfury - Representing the Horde Eamane Mythglancer - Representing Neutral Parties Antonio Barcelos - Representing the Alliance The trial will be in Port Sabela, with members of the towns guard and Grom'goshar acting as enforcers. Those who cause disruption and violence will be dealt with by the correct authorities swiftly. The trial will take place tomorrow in the evening at nightfall. OOC: The event will take place at 9PM ST at Port Sabela. As this is to be a fairly beefy event in size, I would implore that those partaking do not disrupt the event so it can go smoothly.
  14. McDankus

    The Grom'thar Summit

    The day after the first Grom'thar Summit, word would be sent to the leaders and representatives of each group that attended the previous summit. Warleader Bloodfury was quick to declare the next Grom'thar Summit for the next saturday to come. Here he delivered a current list of agendas he wished to cover, but also left room for other groups to contribute with agendas: - The current state of affairs with the elements, and what is being done to aid them. - Which group will lead the vanguard against the Razobranch Trolls on Kolai. - The current state of the refugees and the potential distribution among respective groups. - The state of affairs regarding the Emerald Nightmare, as presented by Royce and Thalarian. All group representatives are asked to provide more agendas they wish to push forward for the Summit. The same rules and regulations apply for the meeting, and will be upheld in Bloodfurys name. OOC: The Summit will be held on Saturday the 28th of July at 10 PM ST.
  15. McDankus

    The Grom'thar Summit

    The call would be sounded across the Doldrums. From the Mountain of Opej'nor came the call to arms from Warleader Bloodfury himself. The time had come, to gather each organization of the Doldrums, and discuss a number of important and delicate matters that would decide their fates. With the failings of the last "councils" that have been held, Bloodfury would attempt to organize the rabble into obedience with a will of iron. Leaders or representatives of each faction would be asked to attend the Summit, in order to reach key decisions when moving forward with pressing matters. Under the guise of Grom'goshar, the accords taken place and agreed upon in these meetings would be upheld, for the good of all. In addition to this, those not of any factions but have concerns of their own can speak to respective representatives of locale factions to put their concerns forward. Although the larger matters of the factions shall always take precedence, the Summit will make the other voices heard. OOC: The Grom'thar Summit is an occassional meeting held by Grom'goshar for the faction representatives to come together and discuss important matters. In addition, those not in guilds can pass on issues to their locale factions to put forward to the Summit. This will allow their voice to be heard, whilst preventing the meeting to be over bloated with too many people. Dates and agendas will be posted each time a new Summit is to be called!