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  1. Grasswalker

    Medkit FAQ

    MEDKIT FAQ Because none of this is explained anywhere, learn from my mistakes. How does it work? You use 2 essence and a [Medical Tools] to cast it on someone. They then have to stand within range of you for 40 minutes. Can I wander off? No you cancel it all, get nothing back and it sucks. I learned this the hard way. Can you do it for free? Not really it costs resources. What's an essence? Stuff that comes back randomly, but at least once every 4 hours. Should I get Surgery? Up to you, but you can wipe fatal wounds in 6 hours on a bedroll, which is only 5:20 more than surgery. It's usually not worth the cost unless you're desperate. I keep dying halp? Avoid tall grass, stop leaving safe zones, travel in numbers, etc. What happens if combat? Also if you enter combat, even to heal, it cancels the Surgery buff. My dumbass learned that the hard way too.
  2. Grasswalker

    Shaman Ghost Wolf

    Hi Unknown Shores, I'm one of the very few Shaman players on the server and I'd just like to make a simple request to have Ghost Wolf. Shamans should gain Ghost Wolf as part of their kit for free. There is already an established precedent in the RPG system where Druids gain all of their Druid forms for free upon creation. I would argue Shamans aren't Shamans without Ghost Wolf, even moreso than Druids aren't Druids without their animal forms (at least lore-wise). In the old Vanilla class quests in which most classes had quests in which they had to gain certain abilities. Warrior had to get their stances, druids had to learn their shapeshifting forms and so on. Shamans had to get their totems through quests and also their ghost wolf form. In the Ghost Wolf quest you had to summon a ghost wolf spirit then successfully track it in order to prove to it that you are worthy then it would bestow upon you the ability to take on its form. So if we put all of these together, you need to prove yourself over the elements and then prove yourself to an animal spirit and only then you can take its form. The completion of the final quests have the NPC say things along the lines of "now you are a Shaman, I congratulate you". The entire 1-60 arc of Vanilla is about becoming a Shaman at all, compared to other classes like Warlock where you are already a Warlock but become a BETTER Warlock who summons cooler/bigger demons. Balance-wise it does nothing except let Shamans run a little faster (similar to how Druids get the free speedboost of Catform) around the island. -------------------- https://redd.it/6df7uz http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Shaman/Quests http://www.wowhead.com/spell=2645/ghost-wolf https://wow.gamepedia.com/Ghost_Wolf_(Heroes_of_Azeroth) https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Feral_Spirit > Summoning Spirit Wolves was also an ability of the orc shamans in Warcraft III, much as it is with high-end Enhancement Shamans in WoW. I expect that the shaman is "channeling" such a spirit wolf, to take on some of its attributes. Other shamans and witch doctors in the WoW setting take on aspects of spirits with which they are communing, at various times. The wolf spirit of "Lo'gosh" is as likely as any other. The old quest you had to undertake in Mulgore to get the ghost wolf spell [back when class quests existed and gave lore] made you (a) summon the ghost wolf spirit and then (b) successfully "track" it to prove to the ghost wolf that you were worthy, then (c) gaining the Ghost Wolf ability. (Sparklighter)