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  1. Kit

    Ahoy, gents

    Welcome and ahoy!
  2. Kit

    Discord External Emoji

    I understand that and I'm happy to hear the other perspective. Mine is mostly from having to clean up aforementioned emoji from other servers before that it makes me feel like constant babysitting over every emoji reaction. And yes, I've seen some... pretty obscene ones. Lol. I'd be interested in hearing more opinions and maybe issuing a trial basis if the council would be on board with it.
  3. Kit

    Discord External Emoji

    Do you feel that people on the server would use obscene emoji that would cause more hassle for the moderation team?
  4. Kit

    Discord External Emoji

    Should the discord server add external emoji?
  5. Kit


    Welcome. 😃
  6. Kit

    he is here

    ... Hi! I don't know you but welcome!
  7. Kit


    Welcome! I roleplay too!
  8. Kit

    A new autist approaches

    Zug zug.
  9. Kit

    Guild and Event Screenshots!

    And I'm spent. XD