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  1. CascadingPrism

    An Emergency Meeting

    Where: Mag'gol village When: Wednesday, 21st of August at 10 PM server time. Who: Flamespire Clan and allies Event Type: Meeting GM Assistance: Not required. Entirely player-ran. The withered pandaren marches her way up hill of Mag'gol into the stronghold. Although she sees to her duties first, she begins handing out parchment papers to each and every clansmen's tents in the village with crude orcish writing. "Meeting soon. No boats." Afterwards, she gets back to work doing the final touches on the farm and heads out into the jungle with the same grim determination in her eyes that she arrived with.
  2. CascadingPrism

    [Staff Complaint] - Pallas

    I already responded to you in Discord DMs but since you made a public thread rather than putting it in Staff Contact, I'll reiterate my points and even point out some more things. Firstly, fair. I didn't give a warning but that's because the plateau doesn't interfere with any actual property or endanger NPCs. If I spawned the monstrosities further down, where it would interfere with guild property, then it would call for a warning though. I specifically chose the spot when the wheeldecide landed on Grom'Goshar as to not interfere with guild operations but still give a sense of urgency. No NPCs or anything built has been harmed or will be harmed unless you consciously decide to bring orc children or something up there. Secondly, also fair. I didn't know you'd spawn into that. If you were to be harmed, I'm sure Lang or I would help with your wounds and fatigue that might have been caused by it. I should have summoned you back to the base settlement. Lastly, there is no nepotism going on here. The idea behind this was not to shit on Horde RP again but to give a sense of urgency to a small invasion without immediately harming anything. There is no Trailblazers nepotism going on here. If it were, I'd spawn it by Drustgarde near the camp. Like Foogle stated, there was a random number generator I picked after I learned of the bad timing with Eg's clearing of the shipwreck for New New New New Egtown. For the sake of clarity, here is the screenshot of all the odds. It just so happens to be that Grom'Goshar was the one landed on. If you cannot take on a threat on your own, try asking other players for assistance. I would also like to note that these NPCs will not respawn. I have manually turned the option off. This wasn't even supposed to last a day. If a force was mustered while you were gone, you wouldn't even know until one of the people among that force told you. As for the cuck thing, I already apologized and stated that it was me taking that joke-y faction banter in LFRP a little too far.
  3. CascadingPrism

    The Trailblazers [Guild Draft]

    I'm bad at rank names ok?
  4. The Trailblazers “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” History The history of The Trailblazers is simply the typical story of the Doldrums. People are thrust into a dangerous world completely unprepared and try to scrape by with what they can manage. Some groups have been formed before us, but they either fade into nothingness or rarely ever improve. They see themselves content to cling onto old alliances and living among the decrepit ruins of a failed empire, doomed to repeat the same mistakes. They seek to be insular and only tolerate others in order to survive themselves. However, there are those who don't have a place to be or rather prefer not to align themselves with those. Those who are not thrilled with the status quo of surviving in the crumbling corpse of an ancient temple or isolated in tents on top of a mountain. Those who wish to turn surviving into thriving. The Doldrums is a blank canvas and the Trailblazers are those who wish to paint a masterpiece, no matter the cost. Goal The goal of the Trailblazers is to unite those who are seeking to make their own history in the Doldrums, a place for a fresh start. The idea is to carve out an area that isn't founded on pre-existing relationships from the outside world, but rather on those who feel like misfits or wish to become part of something new. The idea isn't merely surviving in the Doldrums but taming and thriving in the Doldrums. They have let go of the idea of returning to the outside world and instead set their eyes on chasing a bright future for everyone. Ranks Settler: Non-combatant rank. Depending on the circumstances, a third division might be made for crafters, merchants, and workers who gather underneath the Trailblazer's banner. Recruit: Entry-level combatant rank. These are fresh-faced Trailblazers who have yet prove their worth in combat or are settlers willing to raise a sword or staff in desperate times. Minuteman: Basic-level combatant rank. These soldiers make up the bulk of the Trailblazers. They've seen a few battles and will hopefully last for a lot more. They still hold no official power. Pathfinder: High-level rank combatant rank. These hardened soldiers have proven themselves worthy of such a title and can be granted authority in absence of actual authority such as an advisor or margrave when it comes to small decisions. Advisor: The officer rank. These people are most-often direct commanders of a Division. They must not only know how to best use their skills but also the men under their care's skills. These are limited by the duties needed of the Trailblazers and do not have to be limited to combatants. Depending on their role , they could also fill in for the margrave for certain diplomatic choices. Margrave: Absolute leadership. Although they have the final word on everything, their prime objective is to make sure everything is prospering and, as such, will be the main person interacting and planning land and people under their care. They are also the face of the Trailblazers and, as such, everything they do can be seen as representative of the entirety of the Trailblazers. Divisions These divisions aren't final and some can be added and dropped as needed. However, these are the basic Divisions. Some members can bounce between divisions depending on duties. Infantry Division The infantry division is everything that relies on cold steel to get done: from the simple warrior to the sneaky ranger or even paladins and shamans. The main focus of this division is for thing requiring martial combat, scouting, and defending land from attackers. Some might work for manual labor around settlements as well during down time. Mystic Division The mystic division are those who deal with the many magical problems that plague The Doldrums. While they aren't required to be able to deal with every single problem, they are expected to know how to deal with the problems they are hired to take care of. The mystic division are also mostly consisted of combatants. They aren't required to scout or hold positions like the infantry division, but they are expected to answer the call of battle. Recruitment Anyone can apply to join the Trailblazers, all they need is to seek out Tsolvia. Those that we're looking for the most are those who are adventurous, clever, lack cowardice, and are risk-takers. You can also talk OOCly to me (Reposeful Pallas#7481) on Discord.