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  1. Talias

    [Journal] Efeanal Wildfeather

    Efeanal had been looking out for the Kaldorei refugees on Silver-Eye Island for quite awhile now, as he tried to get them ready to finally move from the isle. With Illaei saved on Opej, and healed back to her full strength, the druid hoped the process would pick up a bit, despite Illaeiā€™s resistance. To make sure things were going as planned on Silver-Eye, Efeanal choose to make his way there, mainly to bring food and medicine to the sick. From the moment he set foot on the isle, he was unable to shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He knew full well that he was being shadowed, after having caught sight of whomever was spying on him, last time he was on the isle. Despite the fact that he was on the lookout Efeanal remained unable to catch sight of his shadow, most likely looking more like a paranoid madman as he made his way to the shack where the sick were waiting. Once he arrived at the shack he was somewhat surprised to find that neither Illaei or her sister was there, there was another refugee there to look after the sick, but it was not a face he knew too well. Without further ado he made his way into the shack and began tending to the sick, happy to see that they were all making improvements, he began handing out food, aiding those who were able to eat on their own. Once all had been fed, he gave them all a bit of the herbal brew that he had prepared, silverleaf and peacebloom extracts, to aid the healing process and take the edge of the pain. Lastly before he departed, he went about to use his druidic powers to aid them, simply to see to the parts of the sickness he did not have the medicine to cure.
  2. Talias

    [Journal] Efeanal Wildfeather

    Following the agreement made with the spirit Moonhorn to start the process of cleansing Menhirs, Efeanal continued his work with the wisps that roamed the isle. Despite already having aided some, many were still in their weakened state, the use of the well in the process of aiding them had hastened the process greatly, however its reach seemed to be limited. So he returned to his more personalized method of seeking out the weakened wisps to aid them as best he could, this way he could get the stragglers while still aiding the majority of them by channeling at the well itself. As he had done quite a few times at this point, he reconnected them to the dream and sent them to the well, to join their fellow spirits of Aessina who had already gathered there. With the wisps already at the well, and hopefully a few more joining them from around the isle of Menhirs, he located himself at the edge of the well as he had done before, taking his usual channeling position as he began his work. Verdant energies surrounded him, as the wisps came to his aid, together they weaved the energies of the dream that lingered in and around the well. Together they would channel the energies out into the ground around the well, aiming to neutralize the taint which lingered in the earth, so that the surrounding plant life could once again flourish.
  3. Talias

    Well, hello there.

    General Kenobi. You are a bold one.
  4. Well hello there fellow nerdlings, it sure has been awhile. Seems like an age ago I was hiding away in Kalimdor like the seclusive dirty elitist that I am, is it time to go hide away on some island now? If so I'm in. I guess I also play night elves and stuff. #KillAllLesserElves