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  1. Opej'nor Jungle In the late evening, a roar can be heard. It cascades across the jungle, raising the heads of the local fauna. It carried on for quite the time, before being cut off. - Leaving the jungle in a relative dead silence. The Young Devilsaur had been slain, yet no evidence past a frosty sigil left behind remained to show as proof of who managed. The tip of the tail was missing from the thing, alongside a number of teeth, and an eye. Any guards or scouts able to observe during, or had come running after the roars, would have seen an individual clad in black, freezing sections of the Devilsaur to the ground, and launching lances forged of some cyan material at the thing. The very air lingering around the corpse was freezing, and the grassland had become frosty. The flames of the Black Drakes had ravaged the Drustgarde, and a cryomantic magus had risen to meet them. The sigil left behind on the ground, seen above.
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