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  1. Runok


    A lot of issues; but primarily due to needing to focus on someone important to me. Cya; if you want to talk to me be sure to just say something on Discord.
  2. Runok

    RPG suggestion

    To be honest I find myself constantly drained logging in every day and I'm so done with campfire RP that I just don't bother. The past week has been droll and you can say it is the player's fault all you like but it is clearly because of the direction and lack of actual presence that is really making it hard to justify even getting on. I think XP is a problem and so is the entire system but it isn't the only one for why people are so disinterested, we just have a system in place that doesn't support RP at all. I like the combat but I don't feel like I just got done with an epic battle or overcame something significant; it feels more like I just finished a battle sequence in Final Fantasy.
  3. Runok

    Maliki Haluz'Ehk's Death

    Ehk tried to stop them destroying the nightmare there and became a nuisance in the fight. She also knows of his reputation for assaulting people on a regular basis and his crime in Silver-Eye is still well known, she had plenty of motivation when he also started hurling insults at her and her friend Royce; not to mention she gave him two minutes to leave and he stuck around to try and get the last words, she also saw him as a madman for even siding with the Nightmare and much like the crazies in the jungle decided to put him down.
  4. Runok

    Cinnamon Smoke

    Dancing flames performed in the center of a clearing with five large trees surrounding the small space, warmth casting over blades of grass and a lone figure sitting upon a log. Casting the bright orange over a woman draped in comfortable leathers although stopping along the midsection; illuminating the smooth abdomen covered in a myriad of black ink runic tattoos; a golden chain glinting along the naval connected to a gemstone that rose up to two different chains that dipped beneath the tube-top. Silver threads flowing along her shoulders and back, fierce green gaze focused upon the pillar of energy; then within a second the color turned into a powerful emerald; steps crunching small and brittle twigs settled behind the woman. The shadow cast from the woman's presence shrouding the figure; although soon enough lovely hands came to greet her, winding along the exposed and smooth mocha arms and linking around the collarbone. Fel green gaze glowing above; although the visage shrouded in mystery; a soothing and delicious voice following from the woman's captor. "I thought I smelled a cinnamon roll. Although it doesn't seem to be prepared quite yet, needs to be fluffier with a bit of glaze." A silent chuckle came from the entangled woman, leaning back into the shadow's embrace as the emerald flames illuminated her further; a gentle murmur escaping her lips. "Perhaps you wouldn't mind applying the finishing touches?" An amused and otherworldy hum came from the being above; the flames snuffing out in an instant as darkness took hold; a sultry whisper filling the sweet air. "Of course...but just one bite..."
  5. Runok

    What color was the moon?

    This story touched me, well done. This inspires me to try draenei at some point.
  6. Runok

    Yes, it is I

    Hola, welcome.
  7. Runok

    Death Knights

    Energy and turns; by the time you get anything done it's over and damage just isn't going to come. You'd have to be full on ranged and at that point you may as well be playing a mage. Oh and when you did buff people it wasn't directly; you never sat there and targeted them to do so; unless it was hysteria. You just played the class; you were in their face doing damage as frost, blood as a tank, and somewhat of a mixture as unholy.
  8. Runok

    Death Knights

    I don't want to solo, the build you speak of easily won't be useful until I have 1500 xp; even then that build in its own right is a huge gimmick. The fantasy of a death knight was never to be a group buffer; it's to have a great deal of control and able to deal damage in a myriad of ways. If I wanted to be a support I'd have played a damn paladin. I want to feel like I have an impact; not an AFK oh here have a DoT you guys have fun I'll just spam this boring shit.
  9. Runok

    Death Knights

    Hello there, I wanted to talk about a subject only really two people are involved in, Finneous and I. Simply put; I feel like the class relies far too much on buffing which isn't really what a death knight does, a lot of their flavor is they are spontaneous: it's why runes exist. They do not want to sit and cast anything, they want to send a burst of ice toward their adversary, throw a death coil at a foe, root them in place with chains of ice. None of that exists here. Ebon Plague does focus on the flavor of being an unholy death knight; but usually they'd wittle down their foes and then strike with a barrage of undead, but it's simply a debuff that takes too long to take any effect and is just too niche. Hysteria is a good ability, I wouldn't change anything about it and it has the art of being spontaneous and to the point. Lichborne is a very niche ability, those are fine to have but already we have two abilities that only fit a certain criteria. Deathstrike is a good ability; but I feel like its ratios are far too low an could use maybe a five percent buff to be a flat fifty percent. Fifty-five would be too much, it just feels very useless in most situations with anything with high dodge or mitigation. My issue here is there only seems to be one staple ability that can be used for any situation and be somewhat effective and that is Hysteria; most of the toolkit that defines a death knight isn't here. Where is the frost? The death coil? I feel more like a gimped warrior, perhaps that is due to my experience only being 700, but one feels more punished for not doing a more simple strategy like warriors and mages and it comes down to the point that I am having more and more regret in even picking the class. What would I suggest? Bring in more of what focuses on death knights, passive rune abilities, more frost based attacks, DEATH COIL. I'll have more information here when I can get a good way to show some evidence of numbers that don't add up. TL;DR - Death knights are not fun to play and I feel useless.
  10. Runok

    A Ward's Legacy

    I wanted to make a thing for Elizabeth's backstory; I'm pretty much making things up as I go. I hope you enjoy.
  11. Runok

    A Ward's Legacy

  12. Runok

    A Ward's Legacy

  13. Runok

    A Ward's Legacy

  14. Runok

    A Ward's Legacy

    A cold an bitter gale swept throughout the isle of Silver-Eye; sitting upon its dock with their legs dangling from the decrepit wooden planks was a plate adorned dame. Silver threads following the path the winds had set for them; parting and splaying over each pauldron as fierce and somber azure irises fixated upon the vast oceans. Within her lap sat a blue book; it looked fairly thin with a golden trim, the symbol of Lordaeron with a raven perched upon its upper portion. Staring longingly upon the still pristine literature; pulling the cover to the side and flipping the first few pages which mainly consisted of drawings of herself wearing overbearing armor and a huge hammer. A smirk formed upon her lips; soon after pulling off one of her gauntlets so that they didn't damage the parchment to turn the next page; actual literature striking the pages. Dear Diary, My first day as a Silver Hand recruit begins today. I'm so nervous, what will happen if I make a fool out of myself? I really don't want to be known as the incompetent girl that couldn't even hold her own blade mace without stumbling over. So long as we stick to prayers and answering a couple of questions I'll be fine, plus failure isn't the worst thing ever; mom told me so! Scanning over the parchment and to every single word etched upon the thick material she'd place her hand over it as a loud sigh escaped her lips; a cloud of frost following. She remembered those days all too well. Hurried steps would rush past a cobblestone corridor; huffs and pants filling the air as a young woman hurried down the path all the while tugging and pulling gauntlets over each hand; flexing for good measure. Blonde and vibrant hair drifting through the winds as the flustered youth suddenly skid and nearly ran into a wagon as soon as a tall structure could be seen erecting within the center of a square. Standing outside of it a row of statues one would assume, but in reality, it was those that had begun their training to become Silver Hand paladins. People from around the kingdom all would stand around spaces that wouldn't interfere with introductions; curious to see the young adults that would see to their safety for the next coming years. Filling an empty space, the flustered recruit would stand upright; her simple wooden mace pressed to the earth beside her; clanging it about nervously. Silence befell the square, then from the church came a very tall man coated entirely with thick steel and ornate metals that shined despite the Sun not quite casting over him. Short brown hair, warm emerald gaze, a brown full-beard and a smile to boot as he' stand in the center. Casting his gaze over each and every single one of them, then he'd give a loud guffaw and lifted his shimmering silver hammer above his head. "Give it up for our promising students!" The people would all begin to cheer at his cry; drowning out every single thought that the nervous recruit had at the time being, that was until the large man cast his shadow over her; slowly canting her head to look up to the man nervously. "Now...it's time to evaluate you. I want you to take that mace and put as much power into it as you possibly can and hit me." Eyes widening the woman would begin to stammer and protest but was stopped by a single digit to her lips; staring down at her now with confidence. She'd sigh; nodding as the recruits at her sides stood back in a line on each side. Taking her mace with each hand; fingers coiling around the polished wood she'd backpedal before finding ground to burst into a full spring toward her soon to be mentor. Winding the mace backward and with a loud cry striking upon the center of the chest-plate; upon contact, a loud snap followed and at first terror was her first reaction, that was until she realized the weight of her mace became a lot lighter. The head fell and clattered to the ground; the chest-piece unharmed as she stared up at the man who gave her the blankest and cold stare she had ever felt in her life...then he chuckled; then went to straight up laughing until at last taking a deep breath. "Compassion is a good trait to have, miss Ward. However, most enemies of the Light will not hold back; nor will they relent in ending your own life. Do not feel sorrow for those you must judge, for their sins they have committed should and will be met with righteous fire." The woman trembled for a moment before a forced sigh came from her lips; a determined stare looking him right back in the eyes. "I will do my best to protect our home; Lord Holtdin." A gauntlet would press to her hair and sift her hair about before moving to the next recruit; a smile creeping up on her lips as she soon collected the hammer-head and shaft; hugging them to her chest. This was going to be fun. A loud and obnoxious cry from a gnome wearing a black trimmed hat broke her from her trance in that moment, glancing back and giving a grunt she'd ascend and close the diary; perhaps another time she'd regale herself...for now there were things to do.