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  1. Honestly I always though the morrowind approach was a good idea, improving skills by using them, allowing you to more naturally progress and even train with others. But that'd be a major overhaul and is getting off topic. If gaining combat experience through experiencing combat and having fatigue alter how well you absorb that, then I dunno, that's my best solution, and it wouldn't necessarily need a cap removed. I don't friggin know, that's why the devs get paid the big bucks :^)
  2. With the current system allowing for a cap of 45 XP per day it would admittedly be difficult to work the pacing out for XP earned through kills, but integrating it into the fatigue system could be a decent way of padding it out. It'd also free up more productivity per day making people less likely to resort to underhanded means like multiboxing to gain resources, and encourage alting which has also been a dissuading factor for new and old players alike.
  3. I like the idea of not being able to chew through hordes of enemies, that's fine. But completely falling apart due to fatigue does not a good system make. During my final confrontation with Fzhuzhem I had to nerf his health at one point because no matter how I held back people were being eaten alive by their fatigue. It felt like seal clubbing if I didn't, and we should be able to feel heroic sometimes. If we had a combat XP system that rewarded XP for combat, as name would imply, we could have a nerf to XP gain when reaching a certain fatigue level (good, winded, exhausted, delirious) something like that
  4. Part of the problem is that The Doldrums is both too large and small at the same time. Taking a package from one end of Opej'nor to another is a matter of minutes, but traversing to another island can take considerably longer where there isn't much to do but stand around, and dedicating a character to just standing at boat masters is pretty dull. If there was another perk to it, I could see it being a more desirable job and service. Something like but mot necessarily banking for powerful items. Maybe. I dunno.
  5. I had an idea for a courier character back when things were a little more fresh and chaotic. And when silver had more value. Could still be resurrected.
  6. As an avid Faceless enthusiast who is looking for something to do after my current one's demise, I welcome this
  7. Bob Ross

    [Guild Draft] Cult of Jani

    fucking sick!
  8. Given that dwarven structures are predominantly made of the stone they are carved from I think it'd be safe to assume that your largest resource would be stone, seeing as its not enough to carve it, you still have to use that stone in other applications there. Then there would be the wood needed to craft replacement tools and the metal for it as well for the various other things around. And a mountain of prod. I don't think it's impossible, but it'll be a bitch. Expect to pay at least triple that of the barracks house above, but likely in a different configuration as far as the resources would go.
  9. Goblins wouldn't really take to communism, no matter how you portrayed it. Goblins are highly competitive and are constantly trying to outdo one another. Poor as shit? Well my shanty shack has four walls and yours only has three. My roof only has three leaks in it, yours has four and a half. Rich as balls? My bathtub full of gold has has little ornamental feet on it, yours does not. I'm taller than you in my oil painting of myself. They wouldn't take to being paid the same as others for the same (apparent) work. The dwarf thing looks cool though. I like the idea of using a carpus to enter a cool dwarf interior too. It'd take a dick load of productivity and probably a significant requirement as far as the participants' prospector skill, but I like it and could see it being a favored hangout for IC shenanigans.
  10. Bob Ross

    Goldwolf Cartel

    Not to mention the fact that them calling themselves a cartel would make them subject to a lot of snickers and jeers by other goblins. Cartels are huge, standard organization would be a merchant -> company -> corporation -> conglomerate -> cartel -> trade coalition ... This is a rough definition. Basically a cartel is a hell of a lot of other big businesses working together in a sort of... Pyramid. Trade Prince tier. Which that rank goes Merchant -> Baron -> Mogul -> Trade Prince. At best it could be called the Goldwolf Trading Company or something without attracting rude remarks. Goblins are cruel.
  11. Bob Ross

    coins and shit

    We do need a way to increase the value of the silver coin. Currently we operate on the trust system. The way most modern currencies work. A dollar is only worth a dollar because we trust that it can be spent in order to obtain something of it's value, and the silver coin is exactly the same. U-S should work off of some variation of a gold standard, when countries worked off of the gold standard their money could be exchanged for gold through the government and therefore it was backed by a highly sought after material. Currently the silver coin is only valuable because we say it is, and there isn't much proof of that, especially given the allowance we receive each hour. The two can't really work at the same time though the allowance is a smaller fish and perhaps a necessary one. We do need something valuable that we can exchange silver for that has a set value to the community. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gathered resource either. It could be something RP related that people would enjoy like approved spell visuals or something that aid in RP. I know I for one would like to pimp out ny characters with neat sparkle hands and wouldn't mind saving up for the coolest ones. I'd even slave away for hours providing a comprehensive list of the best ones. Also maybe base game enchants for the particle effects alone. Want a fancy flame blade? That'll be one thousand silver, sir. This preserves the crafting good economy being in the hands of the players and adds value to silver. The problem every MMO has with currency is inflation, and it's money sinks that fix that, gruesome as that term may be. The other way is premium currency but ho boy are we not going there. Hello blizz, we are being good, no scary papers please :^) Premium objects independent from crafting might work as well. Luxury items that couldn't be crafted and had to have been pilfered from wrecks by shady black market goblin types. But that might be a stretch. Spell effects and weapon effects might be a better fit. Thoughts? Also I am in the field (army shit hoo-ah) so don't expect me to be super fast in responses. I'm just in between shooting shit.
  12. Bob Ross

    Goldwolf Cartel

    I dunno. Goblins are all about hoarding resources and stabbing each other in the back. I get that Grom'gashar has no economy though, so it's good that they're trying to fix that.
  13. Bob Ross

    Grave Wounds

    I think grave wounds is appropriate. The length is painful though. If it were down to 24 hours it would be more easy to swallow. As for new players, it is a very real thing that people get frustrated and would likely leave if friends aren't present to encourage them when they receive gravy. Either some sort of newbie appropriate mobs could be littered about so people can practice against the real thong instead of dummies, or a free gravy free incapacitation for new accounts. I know fro watching new players the first thing they do is explore the NPCs at silver-eye, take a boat to opej, and either fight crabs until they die or get ass blasted by a panther.
  14. Bob Ross

    RPG suggestion

    I would really like to see some incentive for building alts. A major reason things stagnate outside of events is that it's really risky to be daring. In a way that's a good thing, but who doesn't feel anxiety at the thought of their character dying and having to start over? It feels like a penalty to put your limited XP into a character that can't really do anything without at least a week of XP dumps because that's a week that your main is now falling behind which puts them at greater risk if they've made a few enemies. I know as well when I first started I was really turned off by dying to snails and crabs. Account wide productivity and XP caps are meant to keep the system from being abused, but I really think a better system would help breath some new life into the server, it'd feel a lot less like Game of Thrones: Survivor Island Edition if there were new faces, even if they were the same players that we already know.
  15. Bob Ross

    Mystic variety

    I'd be really interested in more variety. I had the idea to make an apothecary character, but the potions available never struck me as something a morally questionable dead fellow would desire to make. The addition of throwing potions and potions with bizarre and unlikely effects would be nice. I want to make a potion that makes someone projectile vomit poisonous spiders at their enemy, god damn it!