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    HAYTHAM KENDRICK OF BORALUS ♫ Name: Haytham Francis Kendrick Occupation: Governor of Port Drustgarde, Entrepreneur, Captain (former) Birthplace: Boralus, Kul Tiras Age: Thirty Residence: Drustgarde Marital Status: Divorced Background Born as the eldest son to Francis and Caroline, who led a prominent merchant family of Kul Tiras, the Kendrick family. Ever since Haytham was but a young boy, he always dreamt about commandeering his own ship and serving his country proudly. This vision was however, one which brought great dismay to his father who had envisioned another path for him. He spent his childhood fascinated about the navy, always asking questions and seeking knowledge wherever he could find it to the point where some considered him to be annoying. As he grew up, he watched his father manage the company while he even had an insight into his father’s plans where he learned of his father’s underhand tactics in becoming rich. Disgusted with his father’s unlawful use of methods, Haytham enlisted in the navy of Kul Tiras despite his father’s wishes. This resulted in him earning the ire of his father which would play a course later on in his life. The now estranged scion of the Kendrick family found himself serving in the navy as he always wanted. His ambition and passion to serve had led him to rise quickly amongst the ranks of the navy. Some questioned his rapid ascension, yet others who’ve served alongside him call it a testament to his skill in leadership. It is here where Haytham had met Meredith Meadow Thistleton who he grew to become fast friends with and later even marry despite their families’ ever building rivalry. This only caused further disappointment within the eyes of Haytham’s father who at this point considered his firstborn to be a lost cause and decided to groom Haytham’s twin - Harper to inherit the company instead. Haytham continued to serve in the navy as a Captain, remaining in frequent contact with his twin sister and mother back at home through letters. The newly wed couple had been eventually separated for reasons unknown to others. Some say that Meredith herself had tried to sway Haytham into choosing her over his family and he had chosen the latter. Others say that the pair argued over matters unknown and this led to their separation. No one knows for sure but the pair themselves. Haytham continued his duties sternly and appeared quite unhindered emotionally to the public yet when he found himself in the privacy of his cabin he wept silently. To keep the separation out of his mind he turned to write letters to his twin sister and mother for comfort. Shortly after, news of the disappearance of his parents had eventually reached Haytham’s ears and this only added to his already emotional boat ride. In his now devastated mood he was visited by his younger brother August who managed to convince the once proud man that his parent’s disappearance was no mystery. He claimed that they had disappeared because the Kingdom’s elite had somehow discovered his father’s shadier operations and intended to rid them in one quick stroke. This would be done without any possible suspicions on the basis of a storm being used as a cover up as the cause of their disappearance. A now vengeful Haytham swore he’d avenge his family by using any means necessary, the now satisfied August took this as an opportunity to make him resign from the navy and assume control of the family business himself. And so he did. Haytham had resigned from the navy and due to the amount of sway he held within it, several others followed him once he returned home - most notably his loyal swabs and crewmen. Upon his arrival home and reunion with his siblings, he had witnessed the damage that had impacted the company due to the sudden disappearance of their parents. After seeing how his twin sister had contained the chaos that had been wrought upon the family business in the wake of their predecessor’s disappearance, he made it known that she would share equal power alongside him in heading the company. Together and along with their siblings, they made a vow that they would restore their family business back into its rightful place in society by using any means necessary - even if it meant utilizing the methods of his father which he once despised as a child. A few years had passed. The family business remained as stable and prosperous as ever under the combined leadership of the Kendrick twins. A need for adventure had arisen within the man now edging towards his thirties, and when rumours came to him about a group of Paladins wishing to explore the fate of the missing vessel his father had been on, Haytham was quick to provide them with monetary support. Not only did he fund them, he decided to leave the family business in his capable twin-sister’s hand only to directly set off with the group on their voyage with a few companions. Knowing that he had possibly been tricked by his younger brother, only fueled his desire to find his father and perhaps redeem himself. He had after all gone against his personal values to see his family remain afloat and strong in trade back home. Only time will tell whether he would find his father or return home empty handed. Or perhaps not return at all... Traits & Flaws Disciplined - His time in the navy has molded him into a man of discipline and can act apart in a controlled environment. Diligent - Years of hard work and commitment in pursuing his dreams have made him show care in his work. Dutiful - Haytham feels like he holds a sense of duty to his family and his family’s company thus giving up his dream occupation for it. Ambitious - Every man is a dreamer. Haytham however happens to dream bigger than the rest. Devious - Like father like son, Haytham does not shy away from using a more less-direct route to achieve his goals. Deceitful - Should it be necessary, Haytham would lie to get himself out of a sticky situation. A common trait running amongst the Kendrick family. Navigator - Through years of experience in the navy the man has adopted a new skill in navigating both on land and sea. Appearance Fair of hair with lightly tanned skin as befitting someone who hails from the Island Kingdom of Kul tiras. Haytham embodies and resembles his father more so than the rest of his brothers, with his viridescent coloured eyes representing his nationality and his masculine strong facial structure, symmetrical and square with a heavy brow, stout nose and a strong jaw line, with said face still bearing somewhat youthful looks. His visage in question shows little to none marks of combat, perhaps a show of caution. From these minor scars one would be able to tell that he is indeed no stranger to combat. An attractive man, one would say. Like his father and brothers, he stands somewhat around the six foot mark with an athletic build, one that resembles a soldier yet carries a soldier’s presence. He walks as one would expect a soldier would, stern and straight-backed - some may mistake this for uptightness. When spoken to, his voice would sound rather appealing and carry a sense of discipline with a slight hint of sophistication with it. A merit from his time spent in the navy.
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    Name: Gratha Race: Orc Age: 28 Class: Shaman Affiliation: Dragonmaw Clan, Grom'goshar Although stunted in stature, Gratha possesses the semblance of a capable fighter with sturdy shoulders and a vigorous posture. Her thick black mane is decorated with a plethora of minuscule braids, and various clan-related trinkets. A pair of glowing amber eyes bring warmth to her grey features, that most often bear marks of battle in various forms. An outlandish tempest filled the air with unbearable pressure in the Twilight Highlands. A lone Shaman scaled down the mountains with what seemed like crawling pace, eyes directed to the slithering path ahead. The havoc that was slowing her down was wrought by those loyal to the Old Gods, and were now tearing land and skies apart. Howling of the wind and the unspoken threats of the blackened forest below deafened the Dragonmaw from everything else. It was the mistake she made, trusting to her hearing over other senses, and in a heartbeat she was off the cliff, followed by a trail of flames by her winged challenger. * I was falling, falling from a great height. Nothing would stop me and there was roaring black air all around me as I was plunging through it. I heard myself call out for the elements, a desperate shriek in the thick of the living storm. I woke with a violent lurch and laid winded against a cluster of rocks, torn fabric and sand was caught to my rough features. I had no memory of what happened. I scrabbled in my brain, but it was blank - an empty cavern, no echoes. Nothing. I tried to think of the last day I clearly remembered, but it was like looking into an impenetrable mist, with indistinct shapes looming. I possess the ability to call the elements to my aid, but as I laid here, I could feel nothing familiar surrounding me. Perhaps I had wronged the elements, demanded their aid to bring me here alive. The seawater was burning at my damaged body, prompting me to stop reminiscing and to focus on my survival, and to soothe the agitated elements. * Stranded, the scrawny Shaman began to make her way further away from the shore. Having never communicated with an ally other than a Dragonmaw, she had no faith in finding anything but hostility from where she now was. With that belligerent mindset, she ventured on. OOC: If anyone has found errors, please tell, my english is not the most fluent. Other feedback is also most welcome.
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    ♫ Lost, but resolute Rain. The rain fell from the heavens in droves, threatening to overwhelm the solid wood galleon stoically sailing over an ocean whose waves rose and fell ceaselessly. Almost proudly, green sailors with a single golden anchor flapped defiantly in the face of a storm. Sailors tended to sails flapping erratically while others labored with buckets used to discard exorbitant amounts of water flooding the deck. At the helm, a Captain bellowed orders to his determined crew while civilians huddled in the bowels of the wind-torn vessel. Frightened murmurs spread throughout the crowded interiors, praying to the Light for salvation. Their passage was unknown. In the storm, bereft of a night sky for navigation and with navigational equipment malfunctioning, the vessel was sailing blind. “Land! I see land! By the Light, LOOK OUT!” Shouted a man in the crow’s nest who had desperately been looking for a way out of the storm. CRACK! A horrendous-sounding noise of wood splitting filled the air as the vessel made contact with solid ground. Civilians and sailors alike screamed in fear. Some were knocked overboard. Scraping the reef, the vessel was filling rapidly with water. At the order of the Captain, the adventurous Tirasians abandoned their vessel through rowboats or leaping overboard… moving towards what looked like land. Drustgarde is an expedition sent by the Church within Boralus, funded by burghers from the capital, and was tasked with discovering the cause of the disappearance of Tirasian ships in the South Seas. En route, they were met with a savage storm blowing them severely off course only to be shipwrecked in the Doldrums. Left with little choice, the expedition has decided to settle within the islands and become a beacon of civilization in a hostile land. Composed of three Paladins (Judges), burghers, and adventurers, the company hopes to found a colony of Kul Tiras. But, with no knowledge of how to return to Kul Tiras and being so distant from their homeland, there is no telling what cultural or social differences may emerge. AS A GUILD As a guild, we want to focus on civilian and settling roleplay focused within the colony. For example, the colony itself is set up to be a autocratic-theocracy underneath the rule of a ruling class of Paladins. However, the reality is that power must be shared among such a small group so it is likely more mediums of government will form in later days. It is with this hope that we create a sense of tension between burghers, theocrats, and perhaps even changing the outcome of the colony entirely. Change will come, and more conflicting social classes will form. Even the Paladins want to survive, so they will gladly work/compromise with their fellows to have the government shift as needed. Tl;dr: We are a guild with settler rp, conflict, and political themes. We’ll also have a big meeting at the start of the guild to determine the course we take in game. JUDGES Judge Barcelos, like most other expedition members, simply wants to survive. But this does not mean he will compromise the entirety of his moral code for the sake of survival. Although it is difficult, Barcelos still clings onto his education as a member of the clergy; he sees himself as a tool of the Light to bring harmony for those traumatized by the shipwreck. Judge Bregham Grimsley stands as the single most perilous member of the expedition. His position as judge is reviled by many and supported much the same. Impugned for his fanatical fervor and militancy, his modus operandi is one of brutal truths and uncompromising judgement. Perhaps in what ascribes Grimsley to the least holy of the illustrious judges, the grizzly warrior of Light wears etchings of Neptulon and other seafaring scriptures across his mangled skin, though his rugged character has certainly earned him the adoration of Drustgarde’s less privileged constituents as their trusted champion. HIERARCHY AND FAITH Appointed Leader (1/1) Appointed by the Church to head an expedition in search of lost Tirasian vessels, the leader occupies an executive position within the group and oversees operations. For the time being, the role falls to a Paladin aligned with the Judges via a shared order whose task is to ensure everything runs relatively smoothly. He the head of the group. His voice is final. For now, this autocrat works with his fellow Judges to retain order within the expedition. Council (2/2) An assembly of individuals representing the interests of the entire colony. They are the legislative body, underneath the Appointed Leader, and together meet bi-weekly to address the state of the colony. If a law must be changed, then the Council will adhere to the wishes of Drustgarde in order to amend said law underneath the guidance of Judges. However, regardless of their legislative powers, the Council isn't above the law nor possesses any true authority aside from that of assembly or lawmaking. Judges (2/2) Originally dispatched to solve disputes among the expedition, the judges now find themselves surrounded by uneasy civilians on the Doldrums. These judges draw authority from their use of the Light and their knowledge of Church doctrine on morality. The Judges do not legislate, they enforce. Colonists (11/X) Colonists are people who hail from all manner of backgrounds. They may have found their way on the voyage through various avenues. Perhaps the call of adventure or the need to escape from a life in favour of beginning anew amongst the promises offered to them by the Church. Every colonist must serve in the role of militia if the need is called. Levies will be raised, militiamen will be armed, and the role of protecting the colony will fall to the colonists when war takes place. However, there will be no standing army or military. RECRUITMENT To join the expedition, one can merely send a pm to Monteu or Scorpio on the forums, discord, or find us in-game. It is an Alliance guild, but has no race or class restrictions aside from Paladins. Later on, we might change these restrictions to accommodate neutrals etc. CHARTER OF LAW Drustgarde assembled together officially for the first time and agreed upon a representative council who along with the Appointed Leader decide upon the Code of Law to be maintained within the colony's borders. This code was to be in no way permanent with the council, to the people's wishes, possessing the ability to amend them underneath the oversight of Judges. Judges may render justice, immediately if needed, as they see fit using the law as recommendations as to how they might do such. Murder - Capital offense with execution as punishment. Judges may render punishment, or obtain justice, immediately if caught in the act or may procure justice in any fashion they may deem fit if murder has taken place. Stealing - Offenses will follow a three-strike method. On the first offense, a fine of something near in value to the stolen object must be paid. In addition to this there will be a number of lashings forced upon the lawbreaker. On the second offense, they will be imprisoned for a number of days and may be forced to endure a period of indentured servitude. Lastly, on the third offense, the lawbreaker will be executed through hanging, drowning, or beheading. All Judges may render judgement on a case-by-case basis on the severity of the offense. Rape - Punishable by death. Judges may exact justice on the spot, immediately, or at a point of their leisure. Desertion - Applies when at war and levies are raised. If desertion is because of low morale, floggings or imprisonment will occur. Should the deserter leave for malicious reasons, they may be executed after giving due attention to their case. Enforcement - Judges, as your spiritual guides and enforcers, are the only ones able to enforce law. They cannot draft laws, but they can enforce them as they see best befitting the situation. The Leader of the Colony, as a Judge, is exempt from the restriction of drafting law in accordance with the colony's wishes. Arson - On a case-by-case basis, judging on intent, Judges may exact justice as follows: if accidental, the burner will enter a period of indentured servitude to those he had wronged until whatever was damaged is repaired. If by deliberate, malicious action, then the punishment is death. For most nonviolent crime, they will follow a similar method of justice as stealing known as the three-strike method. ROSTER (17/x) Monteu Scorpio Dauble Horadin Ayleth TeegeeUK Lompocus Dalekfodder Jaime FatherHay BobbyWitDatTool Julie Cudn Robb Khor Antioch Kit This man is wanted by Drustgarde for the sale of illicit goods, smuggling, and laundering.
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    “May ya always find friends in low places.” - Jani High Priest: Kuz Mayor: Eg Eg and Kuz, the Cult’s founders, are wholly and utterly convinced that The Doldrums is the realm of Jani. What else could it be? Jani is the Loa of the discarded, and everyone here is discarded by the rest of the world, stuck forever in Jani’s Realm under her protection, where only the worthy will ascend to become True Junk. Even the land itself is cast out by the rest of Azeroth, random seemingly disconnected islands forgotten by anyone but its denizens. It only makes sense that this is where Jani makes its home. Voodoo plays a large part in being a Jani devotee, but anyone can make a sacrifice to Jani as long as they have some junk to give or an orphan to give some food to. The guild focuses heavily on the worship of their deity and all things that come with this worship. Current Location: The Port After a series of tumultuous up-and-downs, the first ever port on Opej’nor is officially back in the hands of its original creators and founders; Eg and Kuz. The Port is the home of the Cult, though any non-Cult members are welcome to use The Port as much as they want; everyone is welcome. Currently facing a refugee crisis, Flotsam is not in its best condition; ridden with Fugie Disease, rat infested and with low food stores, it’ll need all the help it can get. The Loa of Discarded Things, Master of Minions, Patron of Scavengers, The Saurid Lord of Thieves and the Collector of Secrets. Many names describe this Lesser Loa who takes the form of an Anklebiter. Anywhere a pile of trash and debris is found, one can also find the essence of Jani- and perhaps even the manifestation of the Loa herself if the junk is adequate. Those ignored or mostly forgotten about are blessed with Jani’s protection; The poor, downtrodden, orphans and homeless. Jani, a purveyor of loot and trash, is hardly picky about her sacrifices. Everything from broken ship wheels to bottles of expensive wine to the Ashbringer itself are accepted as proper sacrifices in the Loa’s name. Very much like the rest of her prodigious pantheon of peers, Jani is every bit as fickle and very much a trickster. Despite the extreme loyalty the Cult might demonstrate, they could still be teased with various misadventurous scenarios equal to the amount of blessings they receive. Big Goals Gather a loyal Cult of followers. Build a religious site to devote to Jani. Summon an avatar of Jani into the Doldrums. Grow the power of Jani within the Doldrums through rituals and dedication, so that she may fight once again against the malevolent forces that have grown rampant in Her Domain. Little Goals Go on quests for Loot in the name of Jani. Get a trash caravan going where we go around the other settlements to collect their trash like literal garbagemen. Other smaller goals that emerge naturally from trying to achieve the bigger goals and other roleplay. HIGH PRIORITY GOALS Refugees! They need food, they need shelter, they need medical attention! Figure out what exact illness plagues the refugees and attempt to cure it. SOLVED (for now) Recruit healthy people to help out in Port Eg. Being a Jani devotee comes with a certain mindset and outlook on the world, accompanied by habits and little rituals common amongst the Cult. This is a small list of some of them, which is likely to grow as we develop. Compulsive Scavengers Jani followers are likely to see worth in almost anything they can pick up that looks discarded or lost. From interesting looking sticks to legendary swords found in the sand, it all gets picked up and considered a blessing. A lot of what they find ends up in the Trashpiles they dot around the place. Trashpiles Where Jani followers exist you will find their Trashpiles. Created to be shrines and altars to Jani these heaps look to other people like just stacks of trash, but they hold Jani’s presence within them. They can be any size, shape or worth. Sacrifices Jani loves loot. Most would say the shinier the better, but all trash is considered equal in the Patron Scavenger's eyes. Because all the refugees and others arrived onto Jani’s domain via the ocean, it feels natural to toss loot back in as thanks to Jani for bringing us together and invoke Her protection. Autonomy Being proud to be a part of a community of people who might commonly shout “Trash Tribe” in a show of comradery, mostly entails that one has no real qualms or pride about themselves. Members of the Cult of Jani are free to practice their own desires and goals, and experience equality amongst everyone else from lowly refugees to the High Priest and beyond. High Priest Kuz Self-Proclaimed High-Priest Kuz, benefactor, has jumped at the chance to use Eg-town as a wellspring for the beginnings of a group dedicated to worshipping the Loa. The island beset on all sides by a wide ranging pantheon of Higher Powers, mostly all sinister, has him pressed to introduce one to the island that actually represents the common ‘fugie. Mayor Eg Mayor Eg, co-founder of the Cult, has been a fixture in creating piles of junk in the Doldrums, responsible for the biggest one of all; Egtown. While not a troll and thus not having a direct connection to the Loa, he is still highly respected as a speaker on All Things Trash due to his contributions to clutter. Trash While most people would imagine a rank named ‘Trash’ to be the lowest in an organisation, in the Cult it is anything but. The Mayor and High Priest exist as a superior rank, but their roles are for organizational, diplomatic and educational purposes only. The two believe themselves to be equal to any other full member of the tribe/cult/coterie of dirty denizens. These are the meat of the cult. The numbers that make up the followers to the Patron of Trash and Loot. Their devotion is paramount to what blessings or interactions they receive from Jani, and thus are as impertinent as any other. One attains this rank after doing their initiations. Clutter The rank one gets upon completing the first and easiest trial of becoming a Jani Cultist. This is the first step on the road to being Trash, and most dedicated people won’t take long to ascend. While the Cult follows a Loa, which are strictly Trollish gods, we don’t discriminate based on race. We feel that of all Loa Jani would be most open to letting other races worship her. Saying that, while we technically accept all races we don’t expect all races to be very interested in this and will look pretty hard at certain races (Draenei or Nelves to name a few) before letting them join, both IC and OOC. People can join the guild through one of two methods: Already a Cultist You start out as a cultist and skip all the roleplay that comes with becoming a trusted member of the Cult. This comes with a bit of a condition that you have to play a loyal follower, since otherwise you wouldn’t be trusted and we’re assuming you went through the joining process. This is likely to be a refugee that lived in Egtown and got influenced by Eg and Kuz’ constant preaching. Recruited through roleplay You get invited In-Character (or ask) to take an initiation ritual and begin your journey on the path to becoming Trash. There’ll be several initiation rites you have to go through. *NOTE: It’s entirely possible to become a Jani cultist without being in the guild. Any character can believe in and worship Jani without leaving their own guild! Current Pledges: 5 - Sladicus - Locket - Intoxicated - Sprongle - Roz “One mon’s trash be another mon’s Loa.” - Jani
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    Goldwolf Cartel is a small organization which is lead by Greed the goblin, and is under Grom'Goshar's protection and authority, effectively making it a Horde-affiliated cartel. The difference between the two guilds will be that goblins and various Horde workers will focus on setting up a trading post and dealing with all those who come to it. We'll be focusing on constructing, gathering, crafting and overall tinkering with the system, and to create a Horde settlement/trading post which can act as a hub or trading center for players. This serves as an opportunity for those who wants to play goblin, as such seems lacking around. It's also a way to create a larger Horde community, should the guild succeed. Goals Short Term -Establish Goldwolf Trading Post in Opej'Nor. -Recruit Horde refugees as working force. -Establish ties with factions existing in Opej'Nor. Long Term -Become center of trade for the Horde in the Doldrums. -Expand Goldwolf Trading Post into a town and rename it. -Massive profits. -Big gains. Accepted Races and Classes Goblins, orcs, tauren, trolls, undead and blood elves are all welcome into the guild. All classes are welcome, however we'd like to not have TOO many edgy casters around. Members Greed - Boss Rules of the Cartel The cartel runs by pretty simple rules. Don't backstab the cartel or any Horde groups for that matter, don't keep artifacts of incredible power around(such are to be passed on to Grom'Goshar) and don't hoard resources, give them times to re-emerge. It's an unspoken rule that in order for trade to flourish, there mustn't be too much or any conflict with other factions or guilds. While the cartel is under Dragor Bloodfury's supervision and by extension the Horde, we're not a fighting force, nor will we only focus on being that. We'll sometimes go on adventures to gain resources and whatnot, but we won't seek out conflict too often. It's expected of the members to give the materials they collect to the leadership, then after that we can hand out resources to what's needed. While we can't enforce that materials are to be handed over, we'd appreciate it as it'll let the guild progress as a whole, instead of an individual. Closing Statement I haven't lead a guild in a while now, so it'll be a bit slow in the start maybe. But if people want to play goblins and create a guild that can support all members, then maybe this is a cool idea. I'd also like feedback on the idea below, if that'd be possible. Thanks for the read.
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    Hemrick O. Alistus Gentleman, Wizard, Chirurgeon, Visionary 'He who makes a monster of himself removes himself from the pain of being human.' ~Doctor Samuel Johnson The Early Years. I began my path in life with the same vigour and curiosity that I have ever since cultivated. As a young boy at Sir Wesley's Boarding School for Young Gentlemen I quickly took a keen interest to the scientific and arcane arts, much to the detriment of my future there. I was studious and disciplined yet I often found myself in trouble both with my peers and our teachers. My projects, ambitious and revolutionary (albeit I freely admit now, quite immature and naive) lacked the martial applications sought by our mentors. In fact to my chagrin and later sorrow once my Father found out, they were horrified at my attempt to gift a rodent the power of flight. My kitchen privileges were rescinded and my ad-hoc laboratory demolished. Despite this early setback I was undeterred and decided to pursue my visions in secret. I laboured at night in the library, studying charts and books the content of which would only serve to perplex you, dear reader. But it is safe to say that I gave myself a thorough education despite the best efforts of my tutors. My graduation gave me the freedom to seek out the tutors I should have been granted, I found myself in the esteemed company of the masters of the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences. My father grudgingly, mostly at the behest of my dear mother, provided funds for my entry into the Wizard’s Guild and a premium membership at the academy library making available to me stores of knowledge no common man have ever laid eyes on. I gorged myself on what the old tomes and scripts offered and jealously guarded them from the predations of careless apprentices and old fools with little tact or propriety. My measures were often criticised by the librarians and they threatened time and again to remove my membership, it astounds me to this day that these supposed guardians of knowledge would allow an apprentice of no bearing or heritage to simply waltz in and leave with any book they wished tucked under their uncultured arms. While the Academy provided me with my first opportunity to pursue the great project I had set before me I soon received an invitation I could not refuse. The esteemed Sorcerer's League of Dalaran offered me a position within their ranks that allowed me to study under some of the most prestigious masters of our time. My mother told me, beaming with pride, that had my father still lived he, despite his reservations regarding the arcane and what he deemed similar silly nonsense, he would have approved of my advancement within the academic world. Of course, it was a few years after my arrival in Dalaran that my work truly began. Only after the wars, the plagues and the horrors of reconciling my position as a supposed ally of brutes and savages with the incredible breakthrough achieved by my greatest enemy and rival. My memoirs will detail the trials and tribulations of those times and how I came to be the giant of progress that I am today. And how I escaped these light-forsaken islands and returned to civilisation. Personality. Aristocratically Arrogant. Presumptuously Punctilious. Contemptuously Pretentious. Unscrupulously Inquisitive. Physical characteristics Nose. Hemrick’s facial features is dominated by the Aquiline peak at the centre, a beautiful, sculpted nose hinting at the intelligence, firm moral fibre and enlightenment of the wearer. He molded it himself, melting what remained of his cash to create the silver prosthetic that plugged the hole gnawed open by some rodent or ghoul during his short stint as a dead man. Hemrick has a habit of wiping his nose off with his handkerchief, making sure to polish it regularly. Left Foot. Born with a debilitating handicap, Hemrick struggled with a club foot for years. In recent times however he has taken it upon himself to improve on his situation. Currently he wears a gentleman scholar he met and shot dead in Silverpine, the purple-robed man provided all the materials needed for a very handsome new foot. Looking oddly fresh, compared to the flabby, grey flesh covering the rest of Hemrick the piece does not seem to be preserved by the necrotic energies within him meaning it is only a matter of time until it needs to be replaced. Belongings. Chirurgeon’s Kit A thick leather case which when unfolded reveals a set of scalpels, a small saw, an assortment of glass vials meticulously labelled, needles and thread, what looks like a hand-operated drill and a sinister, falciform knife with black handle and silvery blade. Haversack. A shoulder slung satchel which holds most of Hemrick’s belongings, within four books take up most space; ‘The Mysteries of the Worm’, ‘The Laws of Decay’, ‘Anatomical Illustrations’ and an untitled tome tightly bound with a leather strap. Besides the books there a writing implements, dice and cards, two boxes of ammunition shells, a compass, a scroll case, a sextant and astrolabe, a small spyglass, a thurible packed tightly with a pouch of herbs, a small case of cigars finely emblazoned with what looks like the silhouette of a Tauren and amazingly it seems like there's room enough for more. Magelock Pistol. An atypical pistol with mesmerising runes engraved both on the wooden handle and on the silvery barrel. Rather than a revolving magazine or being breech loaded the pistol sports a short spring-loaded belt which feeds ammunition into the barrel on the side of the gun. It is designed to fire specialised rounds and propels them through a small crystal which is activated when the trigger is pulled. Hemrick generally carries the pistol hidden within his coat but he is quick to draw it if danger present itself. Two cases of nine rounds each, each bullet being hollow and filled with murky, liquefied shadow which is released on impact and immediately infuse the target. Excellent way to quickly dispose of a threat. The rounds are quite hard to produce but can customised to contain a variety of chemicals or arcana-charged liquids or crystals.
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    While not having a map in the Doldrums is intentional, I figured I turn over a few of my own, drawn version for players to use if they wish.
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    greetings fellow legacy 4.0 degenerates on a serious note nice to see some familiar faces around, i'll be lurking about
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    A notice would go up unusually quick around various noticeboards in the Doldrums, specifically those within Silver-Eye and around the settlement of Egtown with one or two leaflets strangely enough being nailed to the Horde and Alliance ruins on the Last Battlegrounds... The notices reads:
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    A number of rather crudely made yet practical booklets appear throughout the various isles of the Doldrums archipelgo namely in settlements which are not considered hostile to the refugees who find themselves stranded. The booklets are left beside the noticeboards in such settlements and appear to have no cost, a simple sign in both common and (albeit very crude) orcish simply states: "Take freely and enlighten the world" If you are of the frame of mind that thinks of using the booklets for crafting materials, it would appear that they have been made from reused parchment of an extremely crude quality with the majority of any previous ink washed out from them. Telltale signs of their previous usage seem to have not fully bled out as small signs for 'goblin laser size enhancers' and 'The Doldrums circus' appear on the patchy corners The booklet seems to have the words inscribed upon it The Explorer's Digest Issue 1: The Temple of Tordala Opening the booklet you find the following inside Salutations budding explorer, and congratulations on picking up the first copy of the Explorer's Digest! Gnomish pictograph of the author in the Temple of Tordala My name is Grettick Gritbeard, MotEL, PoA, SA. Like many of you I am a refugee on the forsaken Doldrums archipelgo however this has not and will not stop me from exploring foreign lands to understand our past. In this first issue we'll be looking at the Temple of Tordala which is located on the unusual Isle of Menhirs, an island of mystery and magic. The temple is made of a few key parts labelled as follows: The Moonwell sanctuary The author collecting rubbings off the runes along the edge of the moonwell The moonwell sanctuary is a small part of the temple complex consisting of a pillar supported building, a pillar supported gateway, a shrine, a statue of unknown shape and form and, as the name suggests, a moonwell. This smaller 'sub-complex' is at the bottom of the cliff from the main temple and so for the purposes of this study it is given special attention. Initial interpretation of this moonwell is interesting, it is of a far less complex structure and design compared with those found in the Night Elf lands of Ashenvale, Darkshore and the like. The inscriptions and runic symbols on it suggest that it is part of the upper complex due to the contemporary nature of the designs. It is entirely possible that this is an earlier 'Proto-Moonwell' that precedes those that we see today. This indicates that the nearby buildings likely served as quarters for the Elven carers of the moonwell who looked after it and kept it in a suitable state of repair. Excavations around here may reveal items such as stonemasonry tools of an expert design for the carving of runes to contain the power of the wells. Images of the gateway, pillar supported building and the unidentified statue behind the gateway The curious part to the sanctuary is the nearby shrine which, although damaged and in a ruinous state, may not be part of the Moonwell sanctuary and could be later or even earlier. What is curious is when this author visited it there was a local flower left on the centremost shrine indicating it is still in use. In conclusion, we can summarise that the area known as the 'Moonwell' sanctuary is of extreme interest mainly due to the presence of a proto-moonwell, following the acquisition of willing volunteers and a knowledgeable excavation team, the archaeological investigation of this site could provide valueable information into the construction methods of moonwells over time in addition to information regarding their full function and operation. Image of the shrine with the recently laid flower in shot The Temple of Tordala Plaza The next area following a now-blocked pathwa.y* leads to the main area of the site denoted 'The Temple of Tordala', this is to be considered seperate to the temple as it contains multiple 'residential' areas in addition to a complex in the centre possibly acting as a gathering point for worshippers The Temple of Tordala Plaza consists of a large central 'plaza', a partial segment of a wall and two buildings considered 'residential' from external appearances. A rare segment of Elven masonry utilized for fortification processes The plaza area, showing the sheer size this would have been a prominent gathering area with possible ritual activity associated with it. Of particular note is the wall segment which suggests that some or all of the settlement was fortified to some degree making it a place of some note even without it's positioning on a prominent part of the landscape. There are few other examples of an Elven temple complex with fortifications surrounding it either partially or fully. Chances are that the remainder of the wall is either non-existant or has been annihilated during the sundering. Excavations around the settlement with trenches positioned in key spots will likely reveal the foundations of any other possible walls in the area. The two residential buildings appear to be the only ones in the settlement unless excavations reveal the foundations of others, one is larger than the other and appears not as ornate as the other smaller structure. Building designated 'small' residential building indicating possible high status usage. Has now been refurbished on the interior due to modern interference. The temple proper can be seen in the background beyond the plaza. Sadly it would appear that a faction of followers of the Horde referred to as the 'Talon' have taken up occupation of the ruins making internal investigation of these residential structures difficult pending negotiations. Given the author is a Dwarf this is likely to be a unfruitful. Building designated residential building 'large', likely once housed a small Elven household. Has been refurbished by nearby Horde forces. The larger central plaza likely held ceremonial meetings before proceeding to the inside of the temple or vice-versa, rubbings reveal it is more than likely to be of some ritualistic function however this cannot be fully ascertained until the site is fully investigated as this may reveal additional information such as alignments with Azeroth's moons. One interesting part of the plaza is the presence of a now destroyed statue... what remains of it suggests an Elven woman who once possessed a bow, possibly a military leader in these parts? The destroyed statue in question, the arm holding the bow can be found at the base of the structure The Temple of Tordala Very little sadly remains of the main Temple of Tordala, not even a statue as to suggest in who's name worship was enacted here. The building however is quite substantial or would have been in it's prime. Comparisons can be seen in Azshara with a multi-tiered structure with a single spiraling access-way to the top. Further exploration of the ruins is hampered by the large presence of Elven ghosts in the area some of which are passive but some are incredibly hostile going so far as to phase through walls and attack their target in a screaming sorrowful rage. It is because of this the author was unable to take any images of the ruins. Conclusion The Temple of Tordala represents an important site in the Doldrums in most part to the fact it is a multi-facted complex with aspects of military, residential and religious life all rolled into one single site. What remains is likely a fraction of the original temple-city considering it has endured not only the events of the Sundering but also the spirits of Legion demons nearby suggest that the place was sacked during one of the demonic invasions of Azeroth. Both of these disasters suggest that we will find far more buried beneath the ground which will reveal the foundations for further buildings and dare I say: the remains of a full city. The residing issue with the site is that members of the Horde faction known as the 'Talon' have set up base at this very important site and could (admittedly without realizing it) be damaging the site irreparably by living in it. I have attempted to make contact with the organization however their base is now unreachable due to a fortified gate halfway up the cliff pass with no-one manning it that often. Additional work Further archaeological work is required to gain an accurate record of these Elven ruins before they either fall from cliff erosion, conflict or magical anomalies. Of particular note is the temple itself which had a number of ghosts in and around the ruins making surveying extremely difficult. The author has established a basic contact with a research group on the coast consisting of Elven researchers from the fabeled city of Eldre'Thalas however any archaeological work -MUST- include these individuals as they likely possess a wealth of knowledge on the site that puts even my archaeological qualifications to shame! Those interesting in assisting them should seek out Comus Kir'Madune, leader of the expedition. To the eastern end of the isle appear some Elven statues however the presence of extremely hostile Elven spirits as well as what appear to be fel energies make this place extremely hazardous without an armed escort. Next time Catch the next copy of 'The Explorer's Digest' where i'll be taking a ferry to the isle known as Opej'Nor in search of ruins and archaeology and possibly undertaking a survey of the sand banks known as the 'Last Battlegrounds'! Contributors Enjoyed the read? Want to get involved? The Explorer's Digest is widely available on most islands of the Doldrums Archipelgo and is written in both Common and Orcish. If you are interested in putting an advert into the booklet then please contact the author by letter to the following address: Grettik Gritbeard The Silverscale Inn Bunk 5 Silver-Eye Island Payments for advertising contribute not only to additional research and archaeological excavations but also help fund the booklet by funding artists to make it far more aesthetically pleasing to others. Those interested in voluntary work for research projects please also contact the author at the above address citing any experience in fieldwork or with archaeological organisations such as the Explorer's League or the Reliquary. As a journal dedicated towards the thrill of adventure and exploration we are always on the lookout for contributions! If you've been on an exciting adventure as of late and wish to share it with the rest of the archipelgo's denizens then please drop us a letter and we may include your piece in our next issue! Are you a charitable soul with either silver or building resources available? The author of this booklet intends to open up a museum on Silver-Eye showcasing the weird and wonderful from around the archipelgo. If you have anything to donate (museum pieces are also appreciated!) then do please get in contact. And last but not least, the author's dissertation piece with the league specializes in finds identification of objects of titan creation and magical arcane items! If you have something interesting but you don't know what it is, give us a visit and we can identify items for a modest fee. ((For IC contact / letters left, please send a PM in a letter format via the forums or discord ('dascombe') and Grettik will get back to you))
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    Theme: "Someday, we all die. But what is important is how we choose to die. In glorious battle. For me, there could be no better death." Dragor Bloodfury Race: Orc Age: 62 Allegiances: The Horde, The Warsong Clan, The Warsong Offensive, Grom'goshar Aliases: The Old Wolf, Warleader of the Warsong Clan, Warleader of Grom'goshar Birthplace: Nagrand, Draenor Languages: Orcish, Common The Wars of Old Dragor Bloodfury was born into the Warsong Clan, many years before the opening of the Dark Portal and the subsequent wars that followed. For a time, Bloodfury had known what he described as "peace", if you could call it such. Before the Blood Curse ever tarnished the name of the Orcs of Draenor, there was the savage and primal time. For Bloodfury, his time was spent fighting alongside his father, battling the Gorian Empire in their twisted and ruthless efforts to place the Warsong back into slavery. No more would the Warsong become slaves, or so they thought... When Gul'dan rallied the Horde together to sate his own twisted plans, the Warsong Clan were the first to follow. Watching as Hellscream became the first to harness the power of the Fel, Dragor joined his kin, believing this new-found power could give them glory beyond measure. But how wrong he was, something he remembers to this very day. The memories of what transpired over the coming years act as a grim reminder of what atrocities he and his people had committed. With the Fel powering them, the Warsong lay waste to the Gorian Empire in an effort to completely topple the once mighty ogress. Though the thought of destroying the ogres was something Bloodfury relished, this was a manner he thought dishonorable, the way in which they massacred their people was neither proper nor honorable in his eyes. But he pressed on, as his father instructed. The bloodshed would continue until the Draenei, Ogres and other races had been annihilated. The siege of Shattrath was one of the next battles which saw Bloodfury question their actions. After succumbing to blood lust, Dragor found himself at the front of a slaughter of a collection of women and children of the Draenic people. To this day, he receives nightmares, the faces of those he massacred coming to him in vivid, haunting memories of the past. In time, this blood lust would only continue, before the rest of the Clan succumbed. Because of this, they were left behind on Draenor, whilst Warchief Blackhand lead the Horde during the First War. Though the Clan would be spared the defeat of the First War, they had to deal with the aftermath. As the world around them withered and died, the Warsong continued to fight with the other orcs and ogres, preventing Doomhammer to replenish his forces for the Second War. After the defeat of Doomhammer, the Warsong would finally partake in the war, being sent through the portal to protect it from the Alliance. This battle saw the fall of Dragak Bloodfury, Dragors father, as the Alliance Expedition slammed through Hellscreams lines, entering Draenor. In the chaos and confusion, a furious and sorrowful Bloodfury charged the Alliance forces, finding himself cornered. In the chaos, the orc would refuse to be slain. Despite the blows the Alliance soldiers inflicted, a strange force carried him on. Was it his rage? His might? The Fel? Even to this day he is unsure. In the end, he was rescued by a warband of orcs who came to his aid, offering a worg upon retreat. The last glimpses of that battle were the humans storming Draenor through the portal, with a number of scattered orcs being slain in the process. Despite the massacre he had witnessed on Draenor, and the acts he committed, this day would scar him. First hand, Bloodfury would realize that the humans were just like the orcs, and he bore a fierce grudge due to the death of his beloved father... Reign of Chaos Many years later, after countless efforts of evading the humans of Lordaeron, the Warsong Clan endured. Though hindered and beaten, they spat in the face of death many times over. At this point, Dragor resented the humans for locking up his people like dogs in cages, a poor display of what the Horde currently was. During such time, the relentless effects of lethargy plagued the orcs mind threatened to drive Bloodfury into weakness and incapability. Seeing the resilience of his Chieftain, Hellscream, he would continue to push on. At this point, he had a family. A mate, and two children, who shared the same strength and determination that he had shown before. But this would not last. Dragor would soon take a warband into the Hillsbrad Foothills, laying waste to the towns and camps in an effort to cause chaos and confusion, as well as provide the Warsong with essential supplies. At this time, the orcs began to break their chains and reunite along the new Warchief, Thrall, son of Durotan. This came after Doomhammers death at the hands of the Alliance whilst liberating Hammerfall. In time, the Horde traveled west to Kalimdor. Once again, Bloodfury allwoed himself to be consumed by old hatreds, joining his Clan in the strike against the humans who had traveled there to escape the Eastern Kingdoms. Blood would be shed, and Dragor would bathe in it... That is until the Warchief redirected the Warsong to the North, Ashenvale. It was there that certain events would indeed shape the orc to whom he was today. But theses events were not joyous, not one piece. There the raging battles between the Kaldorei and the Warsong were waged in the forests of Ashenvale, with the Kaldorei gaining the upper hand with the assistance of their demi-god, Cenarius. It was here that the Warsong made a desperate choice. Hellscream, having seen his Clan pushed to the brink, decided to drink the blood of Mannoroth once more. After loosing his family in the battles, and now a broken and demoralized orc, Bloodfury would drink. Regardless of what Thrall had taught them before about the dangers of Fel. He would have vengeance against the Kaldorei. The Warsong, now bolstered by Mannoroths "gift", would lay waste to the Kaldorei and to Cenarius, ending his life. Victory came, but at what price? Bloodfury remembers being freed from the blood curse, standing over the bodies of Kaldorei and Frostwolf alike. He had slain his own kin in his blood lust once again. Something that haunted him. But it was not all for naught. Hellscreams sacrifice had freed the orcs from the blood curse, and allowed them to eventually defeat the Burning Legion atop Mount Hyjal. Dragor would take the time to go into exile due to his actions, and reflect upon what had transpired during the 3rd War. There, the Old Wolf would question himself, and his honor. The Frozen Wastes When the Scourge invaded Azeroth in a bid to turn its people into the living dead and plunge the world into darkness, the Old Wolf returned. Having spent years in exile, he had prepared himself for what was to come. Having heard that the son of Hellscream had made a triumphant return, he was one of the first to pledge his blade in the fight in the North. Joining the ranks of the Warsong Offensive, he traveled North to do battle with the Scourge. Arriving in the Borean Tundra, the fight was like nothing he had experienced before. The way of battle had changed, especially with the living dead. Bloodfury would lead a number of raids upon the scourge camps in the Tundra in a bid to halt their operations, but at times it proved a daunting task. For all the undead they slew, more would take their place, some were even kin who Bloodfury had served with before. The task of putting them down grieved him deeply.. However, he was redirected to serve beneath Saurfang the Younger at Wrathgate. At Angrathar, the battle started positively, with the Horde charging gloriously into battle. It was at this moment that Bloodfury thought a decisive blow could be struck against the Scourge, until that moment came. The Lich King himself arrived, forcing Saurfang to charge in an effort to take the glory for himself. This proved to be his downfall, as the Lich King decimated him with Frostmourne, taking his soul. This was not the worst of it, as the forsaken revealed their treasonous nature. They released the new plague upon Horde and Alliance alike, with Bloodfury being forced to watch his own people succumb and die. Blacking out, he awoke to find that he was dragged off the battle with a number of wounds. There he would spent a period of the war confined to the hospital of the Warsong Hold. The Old Wold grew impatient. His fellow warriors were out dying whilst he was there, stuck in a bed, useless. He spent time honing his skills again, training so he could be fit enough to serve on the battlefield. Once he was ready, he was relocated to Orgrims Hammer, the airship hovering over Icecrown. It was here that he partook in more skirmishes, both with the Scourge and Alliance. After witnessing the Argent Tournament, something he found loathsome and pompous on behalf of the Argents, he prepared himself for the pivotal battle that would take place. Icecrown Citadel. The siege came swiftly, and gloriously. The chance to redeem himself, in his mind, had come. Leading a unit of Warsong soldiers, Bloodfury aided in the battle for the lower spire with the rest of the Horde and Alliance. They fought through scores of scourge forces who tried to halt their advance up the citadel. Once they made their way to the upper levels, they aided Orgrims Hammer in a fierce battle with the Alliance. Despite that battle threatening to undo the work that had been made, they soon went their own ways. Bloodfury and his soldiers were deployed in the upmost levels, to stop the Scourge rallying to prevent the heroes of Azeroth from being disturbed as they moved to engage the Lich King. In the end, he was defeated, and the Azerothians were victorious. At this moment, the Old Wolf felt he had redeemed himself. For the innocents he had murdered, for the times he succumbed to dark magic. It was here that he felt renewed. When the war ended, he returned to his Clan, to aid and teach them on what it meant to be a true Warsong. The Forsaken Isles When Deathwing shattered the world with the Cataclysm, the Warsong naturally rallied for war. Bloodfury was one of the first to join the fight against the Kaldorei in Ashenvale, when Hellscream commenced the Fourth War. The Kaldorei threatened the home of the Warsong, and Bloodfury did not take kindly to this. A brutal siege would occur, lasting a number of weeks before a daring counter-offensive would see the Warsong liberate their camp from the jaws of the Kaldorei. Even at this point, he was still searching for his friend, Gruk Charrbone, who had gone missing during the time of the Northrend Campaign. Having both served together in previous battles against the demons of Ashenvale, he sought to find his old friend. But at the same time, honor and duty demanded he remain with the Horde during the war. Once again, Bloodfury felt torn between the path he should take, and how best to go about it. In time, Hellscream would redirect some of the Warsong to the Twilight Highlands, to begin the invasion there. After years of knowing the treason of the Twilights Hammer Clan, Bloodfury would soon be able to bring them to justice, and he relished it. This would be short lived, however, as the vessel would be assaulted by a contingent of Alliance Vessels. In the battle, their ship was sunk, sending Bloodfury into the depths. It was here that he questioned whether he would get the glorious death he sought. If he would ever see his friend Gruk again. As the waves receded, he found himself on a strange, new series of Isles... The Doldrums. After hearing a number of his kin are on the Isle, and of the Horde, Bloodfury would set out to unify their people, so that they would survive under the banner of the Horde.
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    Greetings! I am the Alchemage! Purveyor of all sorts of mystical and fantastical roleplay -- Mostly I like to play magic users is what I'm saying. I've got experience with World of Warcraft and its roleplay community (including private servers like this one) reaching back for nearly a decade now, and what's here has truly piqued my interest A friend of mine linked me to this community here and well, it looks like an interesting idea that's at least worth trying out. However, I do maintain a certain level of skepticism on private roleplay servers, seeing how a lot of them have come and gone in relatively short periods of time over the years. Generally a project as ambitious as this one wouldn't be one on my radar, but I'm willing to give it a shot and hopefully to be proven wrong. Especially after seeing all the detail and work put into the RPG system that would likely be too much of a pain to work with otherwise. I just hope that the levels of character progression don't get too out of hand as this project grows older, as that seems to be a common problem among these roleplay servers. Either way, I'm happy to be here and am excited for the coming launch. Hope to see you on the islands! Also, I don't see alchemy in any of the RPG stuff. Where's my alchemy? It's important okay! Oh yeah, and tell me Warcraft puns. Post them in this thread. Make people groan.
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    Theme: His name will not die. His sacrifice will always serve to show the way. Shackles once that chocked the inhale of honor's breath no longer bind us. Can you hear his scream? A battle wail for the Horde: Victory or death! We must remember his strength in the face of death. His dream, now made real. Dangers everywhere! Enemies seek to bring us back to the shackles. When we fight, think of he who did what must be done. Hellscream, forever! Background: Grom'goshar, once a warband of The Warsong Clan long ago, now exists to put the Hordes interests in mind in these strange new lands. With the lands ripe for the taking, the Horde must strengthen their position, before other foes move in upon them. Clues and long forgotten reminders of the past lay strewn around the Doldrums, reminding those of the Horde that their hardships are far from over. Taking upon the symbol of the roaring teeth of the Warsong, they work to secure land and shelter for their people. Lead by Dragor Bloodfury, a proud and patriotic warrior of the Warsong Clan, Grom'goshar hopes to resurface in the Doldrums, and seize glory for all. Though scattered, soon enough those faithful to the Horde will come to the banner of Grom'goshar. Together, they stand united, but alone they are broken. Sheep for the wolves. Though Grom'goshar ushers in the promise of glory and conquest, they remember their people and their culture. It is important for them to remember their link to the elements, now more than ever in light of the Destroyers desecration of the elemental planes. Unified, they will secure themselves as a testament to the Hordes persistence and determination, even in the face of great peril. And when all is dark and seems lost? They will remember the lessons of Hellscream, and do what must be done! Culture: Grom'goshar, having originated from the Warsong Clan, prides itself upon the teachings of Grommash Hellscream, and the example he made for the Horde during their darkest days. Strength, perseverance, the will to do what must be done. These qualities are what makes a member of Grom'goshar. Though they pride themselves on ferocity and might in the battlefield, they do well to remember the teachings of the ancestors. Often will Grom'goshar revere the wolf spirit, Lo'Gosh, to grant them the might of the wolf in glorious combat, and respect the might of the animals they hunt. New blood are always expected to prove themselves in combat, the hunting of a great beast with known strength. Should the new blood die, then they prove themselves unworthy of taking the mantle of a proud servant of the Horde. If they succeed, they will be granted the chance to join in the blood and glory of the Horde on the Doldrums! The Elements, once a force the orcs foolishly abandoned, are now in more aid than ever. Grom'goshar understands the vitality of maintaining a connection with the Elements, and perhaps aiding in the healing of the rampant on the isles of the Doldrums. Additionally, Grom'goshar understand the importance of their people, pertaining to their goals of establishing a settlement for the Horde to endure on the Doldrums. This means together, unity in strength is what matters, and that each member of the Horde, no matter what race, pulls together. If the battle goes ill, and all becomes dark, they must rely on each other to ferry themselves through the darkness and into the light that is a glorious victory. Though weakness is frowned upon within the Warsong, Grom'goshar understands that there are those that need protecting, and must be aided in order to survive. One life for the Horde, no matter how small, can make a difference. Grom'goshar Heirarchy: Warleader - The undisputed commander of Grom'goshar. The Warleader directs all operations performed by the warband, and upholds the honor and dignity of the group and its members. It is his duty to carry out the goals of the group, for the glory of the Horde. Adviser - The wise council of the Warleader. His voice of reasoning and calm when tensions are high, as well as one who aids in overseeing important tasks for the warband. In addition, the adviser may serve as a diplomatic figure between Grom'goshar and other respective groups. Packleader - Second in command on the field of battle on behalf of the Warleader. The Packleader will often be tasked with training and leading warriors into battle when the Warleader is not present, or if the warband must split forces to fight elsewhere. The Packleader also aids in the strategic planning of Grom'goshar, and council the Warleader on military matters. Mystic/Grunt/Scout - The bulk of the warbands forces, comprised of a number of different paths. Warriors, scouts, shamans, all who serve the Warleader fall into this category. They will often be asked to aid the warband in securing and gathering resources, and carrying out war in the name of the warband if it is required. New-blood - The fresh recruits for Grom'goshar, taken from scattered individuals now found on the Isles of the Doldrums. They are given training to help prove their worth, and find their place among us, so that they may rise to stake a claim in the Hordes glory! Restrictions/Regulations: Due to being a Horde Guild, there are a few clear restrictions and regulations that must be followed by anyone wishing to join the guild. These are as followed: Horde Races - This is the obvious one. The main Horde races that we accept are Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Goblins, Blood Elves and Forsaken. Pandaren are a case by case, since MoP has not officially happened. Other races that may have affiliation with the Horde in other expansions (Highborne, Nightborne etc) are also a case by case basis. Warlocks/Death Knights/Dark Shamans - Due to the guild being forged around Warsong ideals, there is a strict policy regarding classes such as this. Whilst these classes may be accepted, they will be held under the highest level of scrutiny. Should these individuals cause any issues pertaining to their classes nature, then it will be dealt with in a matter fitting of the guild. Grom'goshar Roster: Dragor Bloodfury - Warleader Gruk Charrbone - Advisor Ragnara - Scout Kha'id - Grunt Kathrom Axesplinter - Grunt Zorku - Mystic Gratha - New-Blood Rokk - New-Blood Cheroketah - New-Blood Nashashi - New-Blood Runok - New-Blood Morkash - New -Blood Evalith Suncrest - New-Blood Okrim Spinereaper - New-Blood Rok'thul - New-Blood Toraburu - New-Blood Oswald - New-Blood OOC: The main purpose of this group is to provide a different narrative to Unknown Shores, and help solidify the Horde as a faction within the server. Whilst Grom'goshar is Warsong/Orc oriented, they will accept anyone loyal to the Horde in order to increase their influence in the Doldrums. The guild will focus on an array of themes, such as conflict, culture and such. This guild will -NOT- be an excuse to gank others, and such matters will be handled delicately to provide RP rather than kill it. However, the general gist of Orcs should be remembered, and they are not the most peaceful race in certain circumstances. This is not a complete draft, but more so a chance to tell people that Horde RP is being emphasized, and anyone wishing to throw a pledge here is more than willing. We'll be getting some RP done soon, just waiting on others before jumping in! If anyone requires me, they can PM me on the discord to find out more info.
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    Through trial, tribulation and turmoil the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Elves and even the Forsaken of Grom'Goshar have stood tall against adversity and all the threats that Opej'Nor has come to throw at them. As the moons rise and fall to herald a month passing, Bloodfury's advisor Gruk Charrbone has called for a great feast to be held on the thursday of this week to celebrate a month since the Grom'Goshar warband formed. A feast where all races of the Horde are invited to drink, eat and be merry in a land where there is little to be merry for except for survival against the elements! Food will be devoured in abundance, wine and grog shall flow like rivers as the warriors best each other in friendly wrestling matches observed and refereed by the just Blood Paladins, the hunters compete to see who is the best shot and the warlocks and magi conjour magics to dazzle and impress those attending. Whilst all this is going on Gruk and the other shamans shall be telling stories and whispering tales with compelling and apt morals for the New-Bloods to learn from and for visitors to recall their ties to the Horde. This is an announcement for a medium-scale social event that we are simply referring to as the 'Feast of Survival'. This will likely be a monthly occurrence starting on Thursday this week at around 9pm server-time. The event will involve anything non-combat and non-political. Politics are left at the door for this one and the only fighting to be had will be friendly 'banter' and duels demonstrating skill and honor. It will be stressed that this is a HORDE only event. Non Grom-Goshar Horde races are allowed to attend however Alliance / Neutral races will be turned away (Pandarean disallowed, Goblins allowed for clarification) Folks are welcome to arrange their own form of celebration at the feast, those who are skilled in making crazy GHI items to wow and stupify are implored to visit, folks are even welcome to attend on Horde character 'throwaways' If any Keepers wish to pop along on a Horde NPC to do some conjuring tricks etc with GM commands they are more than welcome, let us know and we'll clear a space for you to perform!
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    hey, so i wanted to address the issue that coins are seemingly inflated and rather useless at the current moment, therefore i've come up with a suggestion that may or may not help just that. this regards the npcs that sells the gathered resources outside of the inn in silver-eye, such as rugged timber and simple metal -decrease the price of imaterials from 25 to 15 each -cap the amount being able to be purchased to 5 every 48h -make a single rare material from every profession available for purchase once every 72h for the price of 35-45 silver now i may look myself as a god but i am nowhere near that, therefore i wished to know you people's 2 cents on this matter
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    Castaway. Over time the realization that most were. Firm stares of disgust. A castaway in a familiar setting. Emotions ran through him; dread, angst, regret. All will eventually die, but few come to regret it. Stares. Lambasted with his back turned. Honesty. Honesty washed ashore these isles in droves. In reality, appreciation came from it, though one wasn't keen on admitting that fact. Cared for. Caressed with words. Distrust. Honesty came only in brutal forms in this savage land. Otherwise, deceit ran rampant. Deceit to rip apart hearts that were too delicate and willing to trust. For his first days, the dead dwarf was a hermit. An eye desperate to see truth, and ears desperate to hear it. Secrets uncovered to only be buried into his frail heart.
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    Update your forums and make is usable. Prologue/Legacy Forums which was like 2 years ago was more conducive for people to use and organize their posts and edit them. Your whole forum's a mess and over bloated. Finding lore and rules and everything would make a new player lost. I wouldn't blame them for not knowing anything about the server and leaving just by the fact you sideline your damn forums where all your information but almost everything is done through discord. How about this either overhaul and make the forums useful or make it into a blog with links to create a account, patches, and RPG info and put a link on Discord THEN redo your Discord to be a quasi forum with locked text channel where your rules are and etc.
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    In the late hours of the evening, the former camp of Grom'goshar had been packed up. Some time later, the clashing of blades and the crashing of spells could be heard atop the peaks of Opej'nor. In the silence that followed would be the cheers and cries from the victors. For the Horde! They cried, declaring dominance over the foes that had once occupied the land they were on. It would not be long before the warband got to work, tents being raised swiftly alongside barricades to further secure their defensive positions. The banner of the Horde would be proudly displayed at the entrance to the plateau in which the camp would now rest on. Whispers would come, that the warband had named their newfound home Grom'thar, in reverence to the mighty Hellscream himself. The land was bountiful with what the Horde required to sustain themselves. Lands could be cultivated and farmed on, resources could be gathered and tended to, and the very elements themselves could potentially be contacted through the efforts of the shamans. It would not be long before these whispers reached other ears, perhaps sparking curiosity in those who heard of the founding. Grom'thar would open itself to those loyal to the Horde, and allow diplomacy for the sake of maintaining the security of the people of the settlement. Time would tell if the settlement would come to fruition, or if it would become another dream on the Doldrums. OOC: Just thought this'd be a fun little post to state that Grom'goshar has moved to another location in order to fulfill their goal of establishing a settlement for the Horde. This can also act as an area Horde players can stay or take shelter in on Opej'nor!
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    OOC: Because there are no comments, I'll continue by filling this space with random 'journal' stuff. Because I rather keep it all together than spread across the forums. Trusting a condescending Warsong had seemed like an unlikely compromise, but grudges were a luxury ill-afforded on these forsaken isles. I knew not if the ideals of this Horde would suit those that I upheld, yet for survival’s sake even certain ideals had to be tucked away into the shadows. I could still not feign a promising attitude, for I saw naught but despair and destruction when trying to reminisce the moments of my retreat. Would I still have a clan to return to? Or would the internal disturbance be the end of our Warchief? I poked the charred logs further in the campfire, and added a few fresh ones into the fray. It was silent now, as silent as I imagined it could be in such an exotic forest at night-time. I steadily stood up to skulk out of the encampment to the nearby shore, with that same silence and darkness as my protective cloak. The sight of an endless sea was a hopeless reminder of complete isolation from what was familiar. To no avail, I tried to communicate with the water elements with calm regret fresh in my mind. Never had I felt so distanced and disconnected from the elements, and it hurled turmoil all across the crevices of my damaged mind. Paranoia had made a nest in my heart and as soon as a simple crack of a breaking branch reached my ears, I was already headed back to the camp. At least there I would be safe, for now.
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    Gruk Charrbone Race: Orc Age: 76 (Venerable) Class: Pyremaster (Shaman) Alleigance: The Horde / Independent Languages: Orcish (Fluent), Ignan Kalimag (Fluent), Other dialects of Kalimag (adequate), Common (close to Fluent) A Land Called Home Charrbone was one of those Orcs that chose neither the path of the warrior and not nessecarrily that of the mystic. The clan he was part of, a minor one faded into obscurity and all but deceased, was one which made up the larger shadowmoon clan in Shadowmoon Valley on Draenor, one known for its shaman and mystics. Although he studied the mystic arts he was not destined to work with all four of the elements that made up the natural world, he was destined to become attuned to the elemental forces of fire as a Pyremaster. The pyremaster undertook a rather unique yet important role in Orcish society... whilst many would choose their own way of entering their afterlife, many would opt for the act of cremation so that the spirit free of flesh can conquer the elements in the next life, the pyremaster facilitated that transformation from corpse into spirit through a complex series of rituals which became less a formality over the years and became far more communal, a ceremony where the relatives of the deceased and their entire clan would drink, dance and sing songs of their deeds of valor and their accomplishments. Although an adult and a wise pyremaster by the time of the blood curse, his vision and clarity was not enough to prevent him from falling to the same affliction that befell the rest of the Orcish clans who, in their bloodfeud, put the Draenei race to the sword. During this time his skill with the flame were used to incinerate entire Draenei villages and settlements, sometimes even using his abilities for gruesome executions where Draenei vindicators were held in cages in arenas only to be set ablaze with blazegrease. Years of this would continue, a sensation not unlike being trapped inside one's own body, his actions not his own and that of the fel coarsing through his veins. Orcs vs Humans Following the decimation of the Draenei population of Draenor, the Orcs turned their gaze to new worlds to conquer in the name of their demonic masters who had enslaved them. Gruk followed some of the later clans through the portal to learn the ways of this new world they sought to invade and despite the years of push-and-pull conflict they would find themselves bound in iron servitude and enslavement to their new human masters, trading the fel-blood for the pinkskin. Age had begun to unleash it's own curse on the now aging Charrbone who began to wrinkle and slow as the passage of time battered him physically. During the internment period, a great many of the Orcish population withered away with many perishing and even more losing their identity and becoming shattered husks of the proud race once called 'Orcs'. It was in one of these internment camps that Gruk found himself becoming what was the equivalent of a human chaplin, he would tend not just the physical wounds of the Orcs but their spiritual ones, speaking great stories of their kind and of great hunts in Draenor and of their great shamanic heritage. After the uprisings in the camps, which resulted in the Orcs gaining their freedom, Gruk made his way across the sea to the land of Kalimdor seeing himself less a part of this newly formed 'Horde' and simply one who tends to the spiritual needs of the Orcish people. Upon their arrival in Durotar he became something of a hermit, he did not follow the Horde in the vision of its new warchief Thrall but instead chose the life of a recluse in the mountains in order to better come to understand his connection with the elements that he lost whilst under the demonic blood haze. As he lived in the mountains of Durotar he dispensed wisdom to the next generation of shamans as they sought to acquire the blessings of the elementals of flame. The Burning Crusade When the call to Outland was announced, Gruk packed up his meager belongings and set out on the long and ardeous road to the Dark Portal along with young and fresh faced heroes of the Horde. Deep down he knew what he was going to find on the other side of that portal but the horror wasn't lessened by the stories he had heard. Making his way to Shadowmoon Valley with the armies of the Horde he eventually came across the shattered remnants of his tribe's old settlement, only the faintest remains still marred the area with telltale signs of old tent positionings and family groupings from the position of carved stones, the tents having long since rotted or burned away even this close to where the coast once was and now only fragments of the valley's rocky floor broke off and floated into the nether where the sea should have been. Close to the centre of the settlement he spotted old Kalimag markings on the floor and despite his age he managed to dig down finding a cache of ceramic flasks nestled in an old wicker basket. Recognizing it immediately as the fabled concoction known as 'Blazegrease' which is tribe brewed for the blademasters of the Burning Blade clan, he proceeded to make headway back to Kalimdor upon realizing that all that remained in Outland were sad memories and thoughts of shame from the blood curse. Upon returning to Kalimdor, he left his life of being a hermit behind and became a close advisor to one of the Warsong Clan's riders, an Orc by the name of Dragor Bloodfury. During this time he managed to recreate the recipie for Blazegrease and from this a new generation of blademasters was formed under the banner of the Warsong! Little is written of the Gruk and Dragor's ventures, all that is known to others it that the two spent the year taking the fight to the Horde's enemies in Ashenvale and protecting the Warsong Clan's interests in the land of Kalimdor. Though despite the war banners from Outland being stowed away in this tenuous peace, they were summoned forth once more. Stranded It has been a year since Gruk set sail for Northrend. Unlike his comrades who set sail upon the larger juggernaughts and Orcish warships, Gruk simply sought passage upon a small merchant vessel with barely any crew upon it for the sake of contemplation and peace so that he may meditate for the fight to come. Though little did he know it he would never make it to Northrend, for across the great sea a horrific storm came from seemingly nowhere and threw the ship around as though it were a toy. The superstitious crew thought it the wrath of Neptulon himself visited upon them in the form of a monstrous kraken, Gruk however thought better and came to the realization that his strong affinity with the elements of the flame probably did not bode well with those of the Abyssal Maw and the lieutenants of the Duke Hydraxis. The last thing he remembered was taking one final gasp of air as the split wreckage of the ship sunk beneath the waves, blackness filled his mind until he woke up upon a sandy shore, a rather irate beach crawler prodding him curiously with its claw before scuttering off sideways when realizing Gruk was awake. Dusting the sand off his tattered robes he made his way inland on this jungle-covered island. Despite (or perhaps because of) his age he did everything in his power to survive against the wind, rain and tormenting heat of this new environment, fashioning a crude shelter and living off what animals didn't manage to outrun his feeble frame. On several occassions he even fashioned himself a raft or a crude vessel and attempted to leave the isles in the hopes of making his way back to Kalimdor or finding some rest in death on the ocean waves... but each time he found himself sailing towards the islands rather than away from them... all manner of incantations seemed hopeless in aiding his escape from this prison without walls. For a whole year he would find himself secluded in the most isolated and hidden parts of the jungle, keeping himself far away from unwanted guests and returning to his long-forgotten life as a hermit, all the while meditating and worryingly finding himself severed from the elements, unable to hear their calls... that is until one day he woke to find his head filled with shrieks and screams in what was quite audibly Kalimag... they came from all around him in the campfire, the pond by his camp, the air around him and the earth beneath him. Something very bad had upset the elementals in this world, so much so that it was noticible even in this land seemingly magically severed from the rest of the world. But that wasn't the least of his problems. Over the next several days he would notice a great many new survivors washing up on the beaches, appearing in freak portal accidents and all manner of strange happenings. Something very strange is going on... and Gruk reckons the elements may provide the answers. Appearance Age is the first thing that comes to mind when this Orc is spotted, he has a large amount of wrinkles and sags around his face suggesting an age many may not have ever seen in an Orc before considering their warrior-orientated culture. When the body looks aged, his clothes look doubly so. It is suggested that when he washed up on the isle his original robes of his position as a Pyremaster were lost to the waves and so he wears tattered rags and weaves from wherever he can find them making him look like a vagabond and an outcast. When visible his arms appear to have various markings on them, some as permanant tattoos and others as temporary markings, all of them have the same thing in common in that they are all a form of Kalimag writing.
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    Hello, it is i Dragged here by the one called Dascombe Heard there was fun RP, came to see. I notice a lack of zug-zug and I will change this
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    Hey I guess I'm new here. This whole project looks really promising, especially if the beta is anything to go by. I've been on all sorts of dumb WoW RP servers like Paragon, Prologue and others, and I really hope we've got a long run ahead of us. A question for anyone who decides to read this; What is your favourite race and why?
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    *Records of Scholomance Academy* Student Name: Susie Sinister. Student's Other Experience: Trained to be a psychiatrist among the Gnomeregan Exiles. Excellent cover, should the need arise. Reasons For Joining The Cult of the Damned: Lost all family in the fall of Gnomeregan. Disillusioned with life and its unending pain. Came to accept that life, with its endless consumption and demand for materials, was unsustainable, and that also undeath was a path to the closest possible equivalent to immortality - wishes to find and resurrect her family some day. Passionate but flighty, would trust with writing pamphlets over deployment in the field. Necromantic Studies: Passable. Basic grasps of necromancy, but nothing extraordinary. Diligent but not swift. Further Notes: Certain of the imminent victory of the Scourge, though more pragmatic in service than is ideal. *more recently written* As with the other students noted in this pile, possibly disloyal since the unmentionable events in Northrend. Press them all at AT ONCE into service elsewhere, let them die in the cause before their wavering continues.
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    "Few live a life long enough to tell of the past. Fewer, still, remember it in truth. Truly, to be blessed, is to have an honest memory." Uron the Exile, son of Hakon, is a testament to the fortitude of the dwarves. In his youth, he was an avid scholar, renowned amongst his kin for a keen mind. Like a tomb sealed away beneath the earth, it was inescapable, brimming with knowledge of yesteryear. For this reason, he was chosen to study under a human wizard; a harsh man, his tutor often chastised him at the end of a belt or switch. To this end, discipline was foremost in his learning. Each morning, in chilling mountain air, he hiked a three-mile route to the tower of his mentor. His diet was strict, comprised of bread and light meats like chicken. He drank only wine and finely-brewed ales purchased by his master. To this end, he grew fit and slim. His temperance followed him after five years of study. Proclaimed to be a proper mage, Uron emigrated to the great city of Ironforge. He found employment under a dwarven senator; a noble with a vast estate, Uron served as his personal librarian. He also tutored the senator's children and grew closely attached to the family. For six decades he served this role, until the senator passed. His services were inherited by a headstrong young dwarf, brimming with hatred for the Horde and a lust for battle. Appalled by this, Uron and his new employer frequently clashed. Tensions boiled, and a rivalry was born. Uron found less and less welcome within the household. As war broke out in Northrend, and the Senator struck out across the sea, Uron was sent to Gol'bolar Quarry to document the happenings within. Uron did not trust this new position, and rightly so; he was far more vulnerable to political intrigue out of earshot. Shortly after the return of his lord, he was received by two dwarven housecarls. He was found guilty of treason, and banished from the realm of the dwarves. In shame and shackles, he was dragged to the Deeprun Tram, placed aboard, and sent to Stormwind. His life was to begin anew. Mage Uron is an experienced wizard, well trained in the arts of frost and adept in other fields. Adventurer Having traveled extensively following his banishment, this dwarf has become something of an explorer. Scholar At heart, Uron's ultimate goal is to learn. With a long history as a librarian and an avid reader, he has a vast wealth of historic knowledge. Servant of Nobility Though not born into a wealthy family, his time serving a Dwarven senator would garner respect from his folk.
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    Hey it's Willow. Varen shoved me this way... Kinda. Might remember me as Willow or Cecelia the Elf from... Many... Various nelf Guilds on past servers. :) It's pretty nostalgic to see so many familiar names again.