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    Hey, everyone. We just wanted to update you guys on some fundamental changes We’ll be making to the Story team here. Recently, Varen and I had a discussion about Shores and reoccurring issues the server has been having. We came to the conclusion that one big issue is how the server presents itself, versus how it runs when you get in-game. In other words, the server presents itself as a sandbox, but when players get in-game they experience a setting where Keepers are required for a significant amount of your progress. It is our intention to correct this discrepancy, and part of this correction will take place in the form of a restructuring of the story team. Moving forward, Keepers and Dungeon Masters will be replaced and redefined with the new roles of Loremaster and Dungeon Maker, respectively. While the exact details of these roles are still being fleshed out, we'd like to give you a preview of how they will work. As it currently stands, Dungeon Masters are very much what you would expect. In the style of a Tabletop RPG, a Dungeon Master creates campaigns or series of events and conducts it to a conclusion. Similarly, Dungeon Makers are exactly what you would expect from the name. Dungeon Makers will be granted access to a set of tools that allow them to create dungeons and exploration based areas for players to find and experience without the need of Keepers or staff oversight. Random encounters, puzzles, dungeons, and other quests are all a part of what Dungeon Makers will be able to create for their fellow players. These can be one off events, such as an encampment of bandits that, once cleared, will stay cleared. Alternatively, this could be a repeatable thing such as a dungeon full of Virmen. There is a lot of potential and flexibility in the tools Varen has made for us. The content we will be rolling out with the 7.3.5 update will showcase some of what these tools can do. This system is not without its flaws. You won't be able to interact with these dungeons as you would a Keeper led event. We acknowledge these flaws and at present, do not intend on ending staff led events altogether. Rather, this is an important step that will allow us to move towards a more sustainable model for the Doldrums. One focused on exploration, adventure, and true player control over the world. As we work to provide more content for the players, we hope that we can lessen player dependence on the limited staff that we have, while keeping things fresh and interesting.
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    The Baron's Banquet Where: New Moonbrook. Banquet Hall When: TBA Who: Specific individuals by invite-only Event Type: Politics GM Assistance: No GM assistance required unless certain NPCs wish to attend (PM for more details on discord) The baron sits at the largest chair on the sprawling table. Although it now lies empty and as barren as the chairs that accompany it, he pictures vividly a cornucopia of dishes and delights from across Opej'nor and dignatries from across the Doldrums. He sits, scrawling with a large goose feather quill and penning multiple scrolls before sealing them with a red candle perched conveniently nearby. Although they are sealed, the seals are ultimately broken when they are delivered to their respective settlements and pinned to town noticeboards for all to see: Tordala "To Councillor Dothrel of Tordala. I write to you with a formal summoning to a banquet here on Opej'nor within my hall here in New Moonbrook. This will be an opportunity for all gathered to speak their minds of matters of politics and the great questions that plague these Doldrums. All dignitaries will be provided with food and wine and whilst I do not wish to dwell too long on matters of a tactical nature, there will be opportunities for the various interested parties attending to relay their own knowledge collectively unto others. As you are well versed in matters of politics and have made frequent visits to inspect New Moonbrook, I have taken it to request your presence as the dignitary of Tordala. In addition to yourself you are allowed to bring one additional individual from Tordala of your choosing however it is requested that they are to be silent during speeches and talks at this banquet unless you deem what they have to say to be of importance. Courtly attire is requested of those attending. I would be grateful if those representing Tordala would attend wearing something in a colour of a dark magenta. Weapons are disallowed however your companion may have a side-arm on them should you wish. Individuals are to refrain from bringing armour. Should you be unable to attend, please do let me know and you shall be more than welcome to appoint your own replacement to attend (said individual is entitled to a companion to accompany them) I look forward to hearing from you. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" High Hearth "To Priestess Emily of High Hearth Your writing lessons appear to be coming along very well and I have seen a noticible improvement in their texts, for that I am eternally grateful. I, however, write to you of another matter. I shall soon be hosting a Grand Banquet here in New Moonbrook for a number of dignitaries from around the Doldrums. You can consider this a formal invitation for yourself and your choice of a single companion. Food and wine in abundance shall be laid out over which individuals can speak of matters relating to the Doldrums. It is my intention to highlight a few matters that require some attention from other interested groups as well as to see if we can't find some answers to some of the bigger questions here in the Doldrums. Courtly clothing is of course a must for those in attendance. It would be greatly appreciated if you (and your companion) could attend in something of a deep crimson colour. Weapons are disallowed in the banqueting hall however the companion you bring with you can have a side-arm if they so desire. I know you are extremely busy a woman training your men upon High Hearth and further expanding your holdings so if you cannot make it you are more than welcome to appoint someone to attend in your stead, such an individual can of course take a companion with them. I look forward to your attendance as well as your input into the matters at hand - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" Shimmerpond Village "To Yumiko Snowbloom of Shimmerpond Village I greatly appreciate the most recent conversations we've been having, I sincirely hope your new arrival is doing well and coping with the perpetual madness that is the Doldrums (not least to say of Opej'nor alone!) I would like to present you and your fledgeling settlement an opportunity of sorts. I am hosting a Grand Banquet at New Moonbrook for individuals from around the Doldrums who represent some of the major factions and groups therein. I would like to extend an invitation to yourself and a companion of your choice. I know not much of pandarean custom however consider this a 'courtly' attire as we humans would refer to it: formal wear with no armour however your companion is welcome to wear upon their hip a side arm (such as a knife, short sword, hand axe or similar) should they wish. This is an opportunity to show off wealth, prestige and political clout should you wish it. I know you have a large amount of building work to do so if you find yourself struggling to make time to attend this banquet you need only let me know and appoint yourself a replacement to attend in your stead. They are of course still entitled to bring a companion along following the previous terms. Should you have questions about human customs of this nature or anything else, do not hesitate to write to me... and before I forget: I would be most appreciative if both yourself and your chosen companion could attend in attire of an emerald green colour! I look forward to seeing you. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" Haven "To Matron Mel of Haven I hope you are well, I have not seen much of you at all in these past few months. Doubtless you're either tending to the farm as of late or are still constructing all matter of machinations as usual. As the defacto leader of Haven in these matters, I would like to extend to you a formal invitation to New Moonbrook for a Grand Banquet. I know you appreciate being kept in the loop with regards to matters political and military so I think this is a fitting time and place to do so. In addition to yourself, you (as well as the other dignitaries) are welcome to bring a second person with them to act as a companion. I would like to request that such individuals keep their thoughs to themselves when talks of serious matters are taking place unless they have something to say that you decree to be of importance. As it is a courtly affair, I would beseech you to wear attire of an ardent white colour as is befitting a representative of Haven (your companion also) and to refrain from wearing armour or weapons. Your companion however is more than welcome to bring in an inconspicious side-arm should they wish to. I know many nobles with their pages back in Stormwind used to possess knives and short-swords crusted and gilted with shimmering gemstones from across the seas in dazzling displays of wealth. Should you have queries, do not hesitate to send a letter my way, Matron. - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" Dawnbinders "To Master and Lady Dawnbinder. It has indeed been a while since I have seen you two, I feel as though a catch up over a flagon of ale in the Jolly Otter is of course a stern remedy to such an injury to the soul! But I digress, I write to you both for a more important matter. Nay it is not just Vaxandris's wages which he has still to collect (I jest, I am keeping tabs on this) but rather one of a political nature. I will be hosting a Grand Banquet at New Moonbrook to discuss matters of politics and what will doubtless also decend to military matters (such as that of certain bandits problems) for individuals to discuss and perhaps some sort of action will aspire! I would like to ask that both of you attend if you can. If either of you cannot then the other is welcome to bring with them a single companion. This is a courtly affair so I will have to ask that weapons and armour are left behind (discreet side-arms such as daggers and short-swords are however allowed as I know many like to walk around with very ornate ones). There will be wine and food in abundance to feast upon whilst we talk of all sorts of matters that are on many individuals' heads, there is scarecly a good opportunity for such an occasion to arise and I thought it was time to amend that! I know you two are very busy so should you not be able to make it in your entirity then do please let me know at your earliest conveniance. And before I forget: as stouthearted citizens of the Alliance I would like to request that you both wear an azure blue attire at this banquet. Yours faithfully - Baron Timothy West of New Moonbrook" OOC: Ahoy peeps Some of you on previous servers may recall a number of various 'House of Nobles' events. One such event I ran a while back (can't recall if it was Legacy or something earlier) ran on the basis of the crowds judging noble's attire as they came in to have an impact on their political clout. Although there won't be crowds of pages and courtesans, there will however be your fellow players at this event. I have specifically given clothing requirements to the different dignitaries for a few reasons. Firstly its to get you out of your comfort zones of wearing armour all the time and to actually look up some clothing in game that looks like something that nobility would wear! This is your chance to wow and impress your fellow players using what is effectively going to be just 'Cloth' and 'Leather' clothing. This is a mix of general political RP but also an attempt for players to get some server-based direction going. Many of you will recall the old Grom'Goshar summits that occured ages ago: Although these usually fell into a horrific IC bitchfest, it was handy to hear what other players in other guilds were up to ICly and to ultimately force a direction and generate player-alliances and trade agreements. This is likely going to shoot me in the foot as there will be no formal 'arrangement' or 'lists of questions' to be followed. It'll simply be relatively free-form with the host (Baron West) likely stepping in slapping a silver tankard down on the head of the table to get a particular discussion point across. I will however like to stress one final point: Yes, this event is invite-only. The event is specifically invite only to the people who are deemed by Baron West ICly to be 'people of note' who have engaged with New Moonbrook. Without revealing too much: its people who the Baron view as friends, allies or compatriots of some kind or another (what self respecting nobleman invites plebs he hates into his hall?) so if you wish to be granted an invitation to the next Banquet then you have one of two methods: 1.) Become a person of note and interest to the Baron 2.) Become a person of note and interest to one of the Baron's invitees and be brought in as their 'companion'
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    Unknown Shores will be going offline for a few months, starting from the 1st of July. We will be working on much needed fixes to our management style and the available content on the server. Shores has been up continuously since its launch in 2018, weathering tumultuous episodes that other servers would have closed under. Thus, it has accumulated many issues that need cleaning up both mechanically and story wise. We have chosen to go through this temporary shutdown in order to give us time to do more than apply some band-aids. During this downtime we’ll be working with temporary extra staff on revamps and additions to our islands for people to explore and roleplay in, as well as adding to and changing existing content to come out with the 7.3.5 update. As stated before; we're not just looking to place band-aids over old wounds, we are looking to remedy them and seek to give you, the players, the experience that you deserve. We will also seek to begin the highly suggested advertising campaign, create a brand new website, a new wiki board, and revise the role of the forums we currently have. We aim to keep the community informed with regular updates, showcasing the new systems being coded, teasers for the new areas to explore and the new opportunities that players will have available to them. We recognise that the server has been a daunting experience for new players and we seek to mitigate these issues by the time the server relaunches. We want this to be a community that welcomes both veterans and fresh faces to our story. We’re also looking to hire more people to have a larger staff pool when we reopen, so if you’re interested, do contact us! We look forward to welcoming you all back again soon and look forward to giving you our first progress report in the coming weeks!