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    We need to show the Hordies which faction is the best.
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    Drok'thul Goresnarl becomes the first to sign up to the brawl!
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    This lists the current assets through the RPG system controlled by New Moonbrook Mine X1 - Managed by Vaxandris Dawnbinder (X4 workers) Stone - X1 Untrained Worker Simple Metal - X1 Untrained Worker Rock Salt - X1 Untrained Worker Glimmering Gemstones - X1 Untrained Worker Lumber Mill X1 - Managed by Timothy West (X3 workers) Hardwood - X1 Expert Worker Rugged Timber - X1 Expert Worker Fiberous Greenery - X1 Expert Worker Tobacco Farm X1 - Not Managed This lists all buildings and structures within New Moonbrook as well as any details: Mine: X1 Lumber Mill: X1 Tobacco Farm: X1 Bathhouse: X1 Tents: X10 Cabins: X6 Infirmary Tent: X1 Wagon: X2 Watchtower: X1 (Under Construction) Tavern: X1 Garrison: X1 (Under Construction) This lists the total number of NPCs living within New Moonbrook. It is broken down into workers, worker types, troops and troop types as well as any named NPCs of note that may come out from the population of town Total: 28 (Prisoners + Military + Civilians) Civilians: 13 Draenei: X1 (Worker Capable) Kaldorei: X1 Worker Capable Kaldorei: X1 Active Bard Dwarves: X3 Combat Capable -And- Worker Capable Miss Whitestone Combat -And- Worker Capable. Additional Info: Miss Whitestone. Drinking buddy of 'Sami'. Has preference to working in mine. High Elves: X1 Worker Capable (Tailor) Sami. Worker Capable (Tailor) Additional Info: Drinking buddy of Miss Whitestone. Can't handle his whiskey. Experienced Tailor. Gilneans (Worgen): X1 Worker Capable Gnomes: X1 Worker Capable Humans: X4 Jim Worker Capable Additional Info: Out on a fishing trip before washing up in the Doldrums. Is from Stormwind. Lost wife in Northrend. Deckhand. Military: 14 CR16 New Moonbrook Rifleman X1 CR18 New Moonbrook Guard X5 Jane Hayle Combat Capable Additional Info: Out on a fishing trip before washing up in the Doldrums. Is from Stormwind. Dislikes Horde. CR18 Ironforge Brigade Footman X3 CR18 Alliance Infantry X3 CR18 Corporal Garret X1 CR23 Sergeant Jeremy Thorne X1 Sergeant Jeremy Thorne Additional Info: Suriving leader of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade (ACAB). Second-in-command to the late Captain Heinrich. Dislikes Horde. Prisoners: 1 (Cages for X3) X1 Nefarious Bandit captured by Grom'Goshar Docks Home sweet home. This lists the total amount of sleeping space as well as total numbers of civilians (including players) living within New Moonbrook, this is to ensure that there is a warm bed (or bedroll) for everyone in the settlement. Sleeping quarters for a total of 19 individuals (bunkbeds for 22 in the garrison for MILITARY personnel only) Number of citizens (players): 3 Number of citizens (NPCs): 13 Number of military (NPCs): 14 Total bed availability: 3 Current Bed Availability Situation: Minor Excess Bed Availability Here is a list of all current publically known New Moonbrook military assets including troop types, numbers, strengths and any military 'hardware'. This also includes any players who have taken the role of guardsman / watchman and details as well any defensive structures in place as well as their status. Military Assets: Crimson Cannon: X1 Functional Arcane Shielding: X1 Functional Military Structures: X1 Watchtower Functional X1 Garrison Functional X1 Town Wall Functional X1 Palisade Wall Functional Additional Bases / Outposts: Haytham's Landing (Kolai): Abandoned- Bandits defeated however threat considered too powerful to re-occupy area. New Duskwood (Black Finger Isle): Under hostile control- Claimed by Baron West but never actually manned. Baron Timothy West (Player) Sergeant Jeremy Thorne Sergeant Osbert (Player) Corporal Garret Private (Un-named) X13 Private Danwar (Player)