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    Hemrick O. Alistus Gentleman, Wizard, Chirurgeon, Visionary 'He who makes a monster of himself removes himself from the pain of being human.' ~Doctor Samuel Johnson The Early Years. I began my path in life with the same vigour and curiosity that I have ever since cultivated. As a young boy at Sir Wesley's Boarding School for Young Gentlemen I quickly took a keen interest to the scientific and arcane arts, much to the detriment of my future there. I was studious and disciplined yet I often found myself in trouble both with my peers and our teachers. My projects, ambitious and revolutionary (albeit I freely admit now, quite immature and naive) lacked the martial applications sought by our mentors. In fact to my chagrin and later sorrow once my Father found out, they were horrified at my attempt to gift a rodent the power of flight. My kitchen privileges were rescinded and my ad-hoc laboratory demolished. Despite this early setback I was undeterred and decided to pursue my visions in secret. I laboured at night in the library, studying charts and books the content of which would only serve to perplex you, dear reader. But it is safe to say that I gave myself a thorough education despite the best efforts of my tutors. My graduation gave me the freedom to seek out the tutors I should have been granted, I found myself in the esteemed company of the masters of the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences. My father grudgingly, mostly at the behest of my dear mother, provided funds for my entry into the Wizard’s Guild and a premium membership at the academy library making available to me stores of knowledge no common man have ever laid eyes on. I gorged myself on what the old tomes and scripts offered and jealously guarded them from the predations of careless apprentices and old fools with little tact or propriety. My measures were often criticised by the librarians and they threatened time and again to remove my membership, it astounds me to this day that these supposed guardians of knowledge would allow an apprentice of no bearing or heritage to simply waltz in and leave with any book they wished tucked under their uncultured arms. While the Academy provided me with my first opportunity to pursue the great project I had set before me I soon received an invitation I could not refuse. The esteemed Sorcerer's League of Dalaran offered me a position within their ranks that allowed me to study under some of the most prestigious masters of our time. My mother told me, beaming with pride, that had my father still lived he, despite his reservations regarding the arcane and what he deemed similar silly nonsense, he would have approved of my advancement within the academic world. Of course, it was a few years after my arrival in Dalaran that my work truly began. Only after the wars, the plagues and the horrors of reconciling my position as a supposed ally of brutes and savages with the incredible breakthrough achieved by my greatest enemy and rival. My memoirs will detail the trials and tribulations of those times and how I came to be the giant of progress that I am today. And how I escaped these light-forsaken islands and returned to civilisation. Personality. Aristocratically Arrogant. Presumptuously Punctilious. Contemptuously Pretentious. Unscrupulously Inquisitive. Physical characteristics Nose. Hemrick’s facial features is dominated by the Aquiline peak at the centre, a beautiful, sculpted nose hinting at the intelligence, firm moral fibre and enlightenment of the wearer. He molded it himself, melting what remained of his cash to create the silver prosthetic that plugged the hole gnawed open by some rodent or ghoul during his short stint as a dead man. Hemrick has a habit of wiping his nose off with his handkerchief, making sure to polish it regularly. Left Foot. Born with a debilitating handicap, Hemrick struggled with a club foot for years. In recent times however he has taken it upon himself to improve on his situation. Currently he wears a gentleman scholar he met and shot dead in Silverpine, the purple-robed man provided all the materials needed for a very handsome new foot. Looking oddly fresh, compared to the flabby, grey flesh covering the rest of Hemrick the piece does not seem to be preserved by the necrotic energies within him meaning it is only a matter of time until it needs to be replaced. Belongings. Chirurgeon’s Kit A thick leather case which when unfolded reveals a set of scalpels, a small saw, an assortment of glass vials meticulously labelled, needles and thread, what looks like a hand-operated drill and a sinister, falciform knife with black handle and silvery blade. Haversack. A shoulder slung satchel which holds most of Hemrick’s belongings, within four books take up most space; ‘The Mysteries of the Worm’, ‘The Laws of Decay’, ‘Anatomical Illustrations’ and an untitled tome tightly bound with a leather strap. Besides the books there a writing implements, dice and cards, two boxes of ammunition shells, a compass, a scroll case, a sextant and astrolabe, a small spyglass, a thurible packed tightly with a pouch of herbs, a small case of cigars finely emblazoned with what looks like the silhouette of a Tauren and amazingly it seems like there's room enough for more. Magelock Pistol. An atypical pistol with mesmerising runes engraved both on the wooden handle and on the silvery barrel. Rather than a revolving magazine or being breech loaded the pistol sports a short spring-loaded belt which feeds ammunition into the barrel on the side of the gun. It is designed to fire specialised rounds and propels them through a small crystal which is activated when the trigger is pulled. Hemrick generally carries the pistol hidden within his coat but he is quick to draw it if danger present itself. Two cases of nine rounds each, each bullet being hollow and filled with murky, liquefied shadow which is released on impact and immediately infuse the target. Excellent way to quickly dispose of a threat. The rounds are quite hard to produce but can customised to contain a variety of chemicals or arcana-charged liquids or crystals.