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    "From the ashes of ruin, we honor the fallen. Vengeance shall rise." The Mork'Kar Vanguard There are few who speak of the destruction of Grom'thar in present times. The ashes of those who fell still litter the scorched earth of the mountain summit, they say. Through the absence of a leader did destruction come to the Horde, and it's dismantling. Many days and many nights did the fire rage upon that mountain, many days and nights did the Warlord remain absent. Where he went? No one knew, until recently. A great battle upon the mountain saw Smoulderous slain, the fire of the raging elemental snuffed out atop the now still peak. A home in ruins, a son lost, he who had failed had returned to make amends. In light of the chaos, a dream still burned bright. The Horde. Once proud and noble, despite their stubborn ways, stood mighty on the Isle of Opej'nor. Through trial and tribulation, they survived, until recently. Sitting atop that lonely mountain, he sat and stirred as the winds of woe and misery whispered to him. This was his fault. This could have been stopped. But none of that mattered now. The past was the past, and shall always be. But the future is what can be made. The Horde, though scattered and misdirected, still remained. All that had to be done was to rebuild, reforge, renew. As the darkness loomed over the Isles, and the mountain, he sat there and knew one thing. The Horde was all they had left now. Vengeance Rises The Mork'Kar Vanguard, forged through tragedy and hardship, has formed to champion the interests of the people of the Horde on the Doldrums. Though a number of them stay true to the vision of Grom'thar, there are many who reside in areas such as Haven, unable to truly express their cultures. Seeking to give those people another chance at living the life they wish to live for the Horde, the Vanguard aims to secure resources and land for these people to thrive on once again. Whilst their people wish to survive, they know the darkness is coming for them. In the Doldrums, dark evil stirs, and the Vanguard knows this. In time, they aim to rally their forces and face the evil that aims to drive them to extinction, for the safety of the Horde, and for vengeance for the lost. Though the Vanguard is comprised of mostly Horde, due to the recent revelations and tribulations of their Warlord, the Vanguard will accept the aid of those outside the Horde under certain circumstances. Though they will not stand beneath the banner of the Horde, they can stand alongside one another against the great evil that will soon reveal itself in time. It does not matter what flag someone stands beneath in the war to come against the Old One, but the Warlord will do what he must to preserve the Horde. If words cannot soothe tensions, then the only other choice is the axe. The Horde can abide by nothing less. Form up in line, Grunt! The Mork'Kar Vanguard, for the most part, retains a militaristic structure primarily for the war to come. Though they cater for the civilian of the Horde, there are mostly positions for the soldiers ready to put their lives on the line for their people: Non-Combatant - As the name suggests, these individuals provide services to the Vanguard in ways that are not strictly combat related. This can be anything from crafting to gathering, or other small tasks or even being a simple civilian. Volunteer - Though the Vanguard was forged around Horde ideals, Warlord Bloodfury has decided to accommodate for neutral allies wishing to help them against the Twilight's Hammer and the Old One. These individuals are known as Volunteers. The Warmarch - The bulk of the Vanguards forces, The Warmarch are the axe that cuts through the enemies of the Horde, and the shield that protects their lands. A strong, disciplined unit, they are taught the true meaning of Lok'tar Ogar, and are prepared to put their lives on the line for the sake of their people. Anyone who wishes to fight, whether they be a warrior, marksman or magus, is expected to join. The Wolfguard - The Wolfguard serve as the Vanguards elite Honor Guard, tasked with providing increased aid to dire situations, or acting as the Elder or Warlords personal guard. Whilst they are expected to serve their superiors fiercely, they are also expected to think for themselves when a situation requires initiative. Warleader - The Warmarch must be formed under a superior who can give commands swiftly and calmly in the field. The Warleader was once the position held by the commander of Grom'Goshar. Since it's dissolution, it has been re-purposed to serve as the one who acts as the superior of The Warmarch, and serve as an advisor to the Warlord. Farseer - The most esteemed shaman of the Horde on the Doldrums, skilled in both the elements and leadership. The Farseer is seen as the spiritual leader of the Vanguard, and handles a number of matters pertaining his specialized field. Additionally, the Farseer serves alongside the Warleader as the advisor to the Warlord. Warlord - The Warlord stands as the supreme authority of the Vanguard, responsible with the lives of all of those who serve beneath him and those who dwell within the holdings of the Horde. The Warlord must retain a calm and collected mindset, and not seek reckless warfare that could undermine the true goals of the Vanguard. However, the Warlord will act in defense of his people, regardless of who it is that strikes against them. Answering the Call For the most part, recruitment should be handled ICly by walk-ups or inquiries through anyone in the Vanguard. However, I am willing to discuss recruitment OOCly, especially when it comes to integrating certain concepts and such within the guild. Hopefully this seems like a change of pace from the previous guild iteration, which has changed due to IC events and the like. Hoping to bring back Horde RP to the Doldrums!
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    Well, its been another month roughly, since the last update. I've a few major updates here and not all of them are likely to make people happy. But, after a discussion with Varen and the rest of staff, we've come to a decision of what we feel is best for the server in the long term. Ice Island is moving forward and closer, albeit at a slow pace. I really can not find a way to express the workload this has on the team and myself. As such, we've come to the decision that currently maintaining the workload we have will only result in a massive staff burnout. So, what does this mean? Well, for starters, we will be trimming back on several things we've had open for players to do lately. Primarily, world edits and gob building(such as spawnable garrison buildings). We will no longer be providing them for players until Ice Island. All player building will now rely on the architect system for the time being. To make up for this, we will be releasing a few housing updates for Haven, specifically to offer some form of player character housing for those who wish it. There will be a small cost in silver to be paid every month for these. Businesses, will still be available. But, other then that, no gob or world edits will be provided by staff. We apologize for this, but its something we need to do without if we will ever release Ice Island in a reasonable time frame. Secondly, I will be scaling back required keeper support on projects. These are the tickets that normally end in a player character doing something for a paybox. NPC hiring(aside business workers), custom weapons, magical projects and experiments, ect. I am hoping this is a temporary measure, and for those of you with tickets currently open for related things; We will be finishing those up. It is only new ones that will be denied. This is a temporary measure while I work on a few guidelines for both Players and Keepers to make the normal process far more RP and player-driven then it currently it. We will still allow things like languages, healing permanent injuries and a few other things that are heavily linked to rules or minor things. I'm sure many of you by the time you reach this point are curiously what we are doing that requires such cut backs? Well, below I will provide a general list of the current checklist I have for things we need to work on and fix for the server. 1) As previously mentioned, I am working on a set of guidelines to streamline and change how staff handles player character projects and NPCs. I am very unhappy with how it has been handled under my time as Head Keeper, and I know this place would be more enjoyable if we moved away from a dull, mat grind paybox to solve everything players would wish to do on here. 2) Forum updates, much of the lore or system information on the server is on our forums and much of the older information is both heavily out of date and hard for new players to understand. We will be going over it all and getting things both up to date and easy to digest. 3) Ice Island, the mysterious 'soon' update. This last month has been terribly slow on the island's progress, however we are moving forward. We still have a few dozen locations to finish up, and a great deal of lore to write. This is a large reason for the above cut-backs. As we are unable to move forward at a reasonable pace and maintaining the current workload we have. 4) The RPG system. Anyone who has played for at least a month on here will know it is a flawed system. We are not ready to really talk about the direction we are going with this, but we are in talks on a large scale overhaul for the system. I've no eta or any date to give on this, only that we -are- working on it. Anyways, that is just a third of the workload and things we are working on in the background. We've things like building rules, wrapping up current narratives and still providing an enjoyable place to Role Play on our plates. Be assured, we will still be holding small events, finishing a few current major storylines and providing a place to Role Play, albeit a little less in staff support for a bit. Please, enjoy yourself on Shores.
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    Hello. It is I, the Curator, with a long overdue post. I do hope you all can forgive my tardiness, for I write this making use of the universities' internet as I do not currently have at my home. Without further ado, let us dip into it. As for the title, it is just how I have been naming the entire situation, and it is in no way meant to depreciate any part of it. Needless to say, every person has an individual opinion on the matter, but what follows is the… consensus… reached by staff. McDankus' Fiasco - Official Staff Stance The individual known as McDankus, player behind the character "Dragor Bloodfury", Warlord of the Doldrums Horde, has been banned from the server for three months, after which he can appeal to be unbanned, and will be talked to, to see if he has reflected upon the actions which brought this unto himself. Next, we will review parts of the rules which he has broken. These all can be found in the proper post under "Server Information", in the forums, under the name of "Rules and Regulations", though we will do so by going to the end of it, where it directly states "Do's and Don'ts", in order to prevent what may constitute as different "headcanons", or way to perceive things. "Be respectful to one another". "Do not cross OOC and IC" "Do not exacerbate OOC Drama or willfully start it" "Keep discussion civil" Now, to breach these points all at one, if we may, instead of going at them one by one. McDankus first expressed his doubts about Halfpoint Haven having more than 100+ NPCs. He pressed for an OOC clarification, at which point Elle stated classic catchphrases such as "You are not owed an OOC explanation." or "If you don't like it, there's an uninstall button." After this, the discussion kept getting less and less civil (With elements being hostile towards non-staff that was using the entire topic to joke about, even) , so Elle issued a warning: "Stop the topic, or you will be banned for 72h". At this point one/some of the elements decided to, in fact, log out and cool down. Dankus, however, tried to keep talking about it, and was therefore banned for 72h from the game, so he could cool off. Then, instead of deciding to leave for a while to calm himself, he continued to try to argue the thing on Discord. While I can not, as the time of writing this, recall exactly what transpired, he ended up kicked/banned from Discord too, without following the proper punishment procedure. By this point, -I- believe he was still on a 72h ban. After being kicked out of Discord, however, he brought it to PM's, directly calling Elle a "petulant child". He also sought after Varen in PM's, trying to argue the case. While, of course, I am not exactly privy to the discussion carried out in these, that (those?) insults and general behaviour is what earned him a permanent ban. Later, due to some elements of staff discussing the situation, the ban was reduced from perma to a 3 month ban which he can appeal at a later date, as it has been stated. From an IC PoV, Dragor seems to be gone off to deal with some private errands. No one knows where to, or for how long. Those with events/storylines/interactions pertaining to Dragor Bloodfury are greatly encouraged to contact the Keepers and try to work a solution, as they are innocents and should not suffer because of the ban. I do hope you can forgive me for not being clearer, as I have written this in the middle of class, and thus can not make use of my full resources to dig up specific quotes and information. Hopefully, when I get internet again I will be able to update the post and make it better. When I do so, I will make a post further below where I will also explain -what- I have updated.
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    4 Where: Meet at Haven Port When: Thursday 16th May 8pm server-time Who: Any race, any non-hostile (twilight hammer etc) faction, hunters only. Maximum of 5 players in attendance. Priority given to those who have attended previous hunter events. Event type: Combat (open world) Following the Opej Hunter's foray into the virmen den to quell their advances onto Haven, the group of eccentric marksmen and animal killers have been approached by an engimatic Elf residing in the town of Haven with an unusual request: to bring meat in vast quantities to feed the people of Haven in a grand feast the likes of which this island has never seen Seeing this as an opportunity to not only win fame but also bag a few trophies as well, Baron West has sounded the horn beckoning hunters from all walks of life to answer the call to fuel their obsession for hunting beasts across the land. The question however is will the group play it safe and bring naught but a hearty yet unimpressive bounty of deer meat or will they risk a fight with larger more prestigious beasts such as Nightsabers and Direhorns? The rumour begins to circulate, as before the targets appear to be those who follow the hunting profession. Whispers gather and carry across the wind from the tanning shops of Haven to the rangers of Drustgarde, a handful of Orcs relocating from Haven to Grom'Goshar spread the tale of the hunt with them up the mountains to the very heavens of Opej'nor itself. In the darkened night around Haven, a few archery butts are set up on the furthest reaches of the town where a few ambitious citizens practice with silent bows only for all traces of the act to disappear come sunrise. Event objectives Main objective: The Meat Feast Completed Bring enough meat to feed the people of Haven in a grand feast Bonus objectives: Variety is the spice of life Incompleted Bring meat from at least 5 different types of animals. Big Game Hunters Completed Kill at least one creature of a CR35 or more Fearless Hunters Incompleted Hunting party takes down a CR25 or more with only melee attacks ((Hi Folks Its that time again, the Opej Hunters are being contracted by an unnamed Elf within Haven to gather meat to put a feast on for the townsfolk. Unlike the previous event this is 'open world' and as such we will not be in a confined 'dungeon' persay but roaming around Opej itself in search for beasts to murdinate for the feast. I've decided to spice this up a bit by adding some little 'side' objectives which are a neat little achievement-hunty kinda way of gauging how well we do as hunters. The more objectives that are completed the better we are as a whole (generally speaking of course) The event does -NOT- require a GM to be present though if one wishes to drop in and DM the beasts they are more than welcome to do so. The kills and event as a whole will be recorded via screenshots and will be presented in a ticket afterwards to ascertain if enough meat has been gathered in addition to potentially claiming trophies from the creature's bodyparts. Event is on a 'first come first serve' basis for attendance, these events work out best small and honestly are considered less stressful for any GM wishing to oversee them and generally we don't like having to RP until 2am the next morning on a work day. 'First come first serve' however only applies to newbies to these events with prior attendees getting first priority on attendance for their committment and frankly its a case of Tim taking only who he trusts.))
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    Where: Meet at Haven Port When: Thursday 8pm server-time Who: Any race, any non-hostile (twilight hammer etc) faction, hunters only with the exception of up to 3 warriors max and a single healer (ideally priest) Event type: Combat (Small dungeon crawl) Word starts to spread around Opej in the major settlements of Haven, Drustgarde, and even the few straggling Orcs returning to the shell of Grom'Goshar. Strangely enough the people spreading this word, and mostly those receiving it, seem to have a lot in common: patches of mud smudged beneath the eyes, battered and dark green leathers to blend into the environment with the odd patch of maille to protect them... but most of all nearly every single one possesses ranged weapons be they guns, bows, crossbows, javelins, slings or even more unorthodox oddities. These are hunters. Many are welcomed into society with open arms as providers of sought after goods such as food and leather, others are outcasts deemed mad and insane for their endless pursuit of the hunt. The rumour begins to spread of the 'Baron' of Opej seeking a cabal of hunters to take down the nastiest prey on the island, but first a test of sorts for the uninitiated in the ways of the hunt to be considered worthy of taking down beasts such as the feared tyrant queen 'Dornevalesh' or 'Spear-tooth' believed to be one of the offspring of the late 'Golveldbarad' Those wishing to join in this hunt are told to be present at the port in 'Haven' to the north on Opej and to seek out the 'Baron' of Opej at 8 tolls of the bell at night. Bring your bows, guns and javelins Bring your passion for the hunt And keep your wits about you ((Hi folks This is a small scale event as a precursor to some larger ones i'm going to oversee on Opej. The event is open to any and all hunters (provided you are not an openly hostile faction like the twilight's hammer), a few warriors and a single healer (ideally a priest). I will emphasize that your hunter does not need to be of a particular rank or status they can be a freshly rolled character to trial out being a hunter and see if you enjoy it! Once again: can be newly rolled characters. If you attend this event and are deemed a skilled and generally 'good' hunter you will be (no pun intended) headhunted for further events stemming from this one and will be given priority attendance in the event of max capacity. This event is strictly for hunters as, quite frankly, despite there being a wide variety of fauna to hunt on Opej there are very few people actively hunting them who are -actually- 'hunters', this is an attempt to change that and throw a bit of diversity into the pool. Not only a new hunters welcome but new players are also welcome as the encounter is expected to be a relatively low-risk one so it's a good opportunity to get the feel of things.))
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    The call to the hunt had been sounded, and much to the surprise of the Baron it was answered! A merry party of four marched off into the jungle, a Troll, an Orc, a Tauren and a Human, the most unlikely of hunting parties to probably have ever graced Opej'Nor! Making their way to the burrow where their prey lay unaware and vulnerable they proceeded to enter, the burrow was awoken with battle cries, the clash of spears on stone and sporadic gunfire which echoed throughout the cave system Despite numerous injuries, the Bleeding Hollow Orc known as 'Grotga' fought on despite being brought down to her knees multiple times by swarms of Virmen whilst her accomplice the verbally limited Troll Zaniah poisoned her spear and delivered cut upon cut to the seemingly endless ranks of rat-like creatures. Though amidst all this the hulking silouette of the Tauren 'Jalut' proceeded to unleash volley upon volley of gunfire from a weapon which to a human would resemble a cannon more than a hunting firearm. As the group fought through, they reached the end of the burrow whereupon they discovered what could only be described as a 'throne room' in the centre of which stood a rather crude throne with a particuarly large and cruel looking ruler of the Virmen peoples. The attempt to intimidate both the proud Horde hunters and the nearly medically insane Baron West proved fruitless despite the vastly superior numbers of the ruler 'Snaggletooth' and his surrounding subjects, in fact the tables turned when the Baron interrupted Jalut's pleading only to offer a threat in return which was timed by Grotga's display of her collection of Virmen ears she had been collecting from the entrance. A compromise was reached, albeit a begrudged one, the ruler Snaggletooth stated he would no longer attack Haven or enter it's boundaries for fear of West and the other hunters returning for retribution. Although the group was ready to leave the Baron stupidly (albeit unwittingly) proposed a trade deal with some carrots as a bartering chip. The ravenous hordes of the virmen descended upon the vegetables like adventurers to a chest of loot which allowed the group a chance to escape. Parting ways amicably having managed to gather an abundance of trophies, the Baron took one step towards a marginal tolerance of the peoples of the Horde, viewing them less and less as mindless savages (though still considering them uncultured) but seeing them more as honorable hunters capable of -some- aspects of what he considers the 'best' of human characteristics. But with this having been said, three new 'Unbloodied' hunters have joined the Opej Hunters, in time perhaps they will amass a collection of trophies to rival or even surpass the mad baron of Opej himself? ____________________________________________ Jalut, Zaniah and Grotga are now new 'inductees' to the Opej Hunters as the 'unbloodied', they entered the Virmen burrow with Baron West and managed to get out with trophies and a great many kills notched onto their weapons, soon enough they will be granted a worthy prey to hunt and consider themselves 'Bloodied' and a force to be reckoned with upon the isle.
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    I'll throw an alt your way! Can't promise high activity levels but I'll mooch off events and important stuff. ;D
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    Goes without saying: Pledged. Looking forward to seeing what this brings, its always helpful on any server to see the Horde getting somewhere representing them.
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    Hey guys Just a quick post out there to see what's going on with regards to the Ice Island transition. Insofar as can be established, Ice Island will be -THE- main phase for everyone with limited visits / excursions to other islands (Sotoras, Kolai etc) to wrap up storyline loose ends and as such when the island comes everyone will ICly be on Ice Island (unless I guess they choose to remain where they are?) I'd just like to publicly query what's going on with regards to the movement from other islands to Ice Islands with a couple questions that hopefully won't reveal too much as to how ICly the transition will take place: 1.) Will there be a means for certain characters to be 'locked' if they wish to remain on certain islands (Menhirs / Opej?) rather than go to Ice Island? Once again as the reason for the move is not yet known characters may end up having to move due to (un)natural disasters hitting the islands. 2.) Will the transition to Ice Island be instantaneous or over an elongated period? Am hoping for the latter as the former basically forces people to be railroaded into -HOW- they get to Ice Island whereas the latter allows for folks to prepare, build ships or acquire other means to get there. It's not really been established much the reasoning for a mass exodus towards one island, and this thread is not to ascertain the why's, but rather it's quite important for folks to established they need to get from A to B ICly.
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    I believe that at least two of the current keepers are from the USA (The Head Keeper included), but I'm not sure about the other 1/2. One of them -is- in EU timezone, but I'm not sure what his keeper role is, as of right now
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    So, the thing about Mel (hi, I'm Mel) is that while I had a narrative concept for her in mind, I also made her in such a way where the expectation of power would probably mesh with the mechanical progression as it unfolded. I've butted heads with staff members a couple of times through the course of that evolution while figuring it out, but largely, I'm actually very much okay with how things have gone. I didn't envision Mel as a low-power character, I envisioned her as a character agnostic of power, and then adapted to the reality of how power played out and changed with regard to the character and the larger community and story. I don't see her as a 'high-power' character now, nor do I try to play her as one, despite being one of the oldest and highest XP characters currently on the server, because her mechanical power doesn't constitute the most important things about her, to me. She's a community-oriented character, a socially-oriented character, and I think for the most part, a lot of her 'sway' in things now doesn't come from her mechanical ability; it comes from her social and community position. She has very much evolved from a character who was essentially afraid of anything remotely dangerous, to someone who will do everything they can to walk beside someone who would otherwise be going into danger alone. She knows things, remembers things, and has developed skills and abilities very much based on a "we're all in this together" mentality, so in or out of combat, she strives to help others, and demands the best of people. While I play her as not believing it, she has gone from someone who needed to be protected, to someone who is very much a leader. It's come from her experiences with other characters, and I've tried to justify everything about who she is now by her experiences 'growing up' in the Doldrums, around all the other past and present characters. That's a character who's going to end up with ties to a lot of people, and relationships with a lot of people, and thus a lot of pull with a lot of people. But mechanically, she's maxed out in two professions--Architect (which has near-zero pure mechanical impact), and Provisioner (which is kind of a second-tier profession at best)--and would lose in a straight fight against any serious combat-focused character at almost any XP level. So she's both powerful and weak at the same time, and it's all come through an evolutionary narrative process. She's been a scared nobody, apprentice healer, caretaker, local leader, diplomat, negotiator, pseudo-crusader, entrepreneur, experienced healer, innkeeper, veteran survivor, local loremaster, and so on and so on, and almost none of that was what I originally had in mind, and I like the way it turned out way, way better. It's made her a much richer, fuller character in the long run. Wall of text aside, I think starting from zero like anyone else gave me the chance to mold a very compelling character for me to play over time in collaboration with the setting and system, instead of trying to force my concept onto the setting and system. But to achieve that, I saw what I was getting into, and committed to it as-is, and I'm honestly happy with the overall result from a narrative standpoint. I certainly think there's plenty of room for the systems to be made smoother and better designed, so I don't disagree with there needing to be improvements made to the systems and mechanics. But I think lifting the enforced baseline might damage what makes the server such a unique experience. It's not something everyone is going to enjoy, but it's also not meant for everyone to enjoy. There's a specific vision in play here (while it might not be extremely clearly conveyed), and I think this would dilute that vision. I think a better play would be to find specific targeted failings of the system to effectively onboard new players with that vision, and work on those aspects in order to make it easier for a player to bring their roleplay to the server, instead of demand that the server cater to their roleplay. In terms of GMing style, there are ultimately two primary types; the type which is highly concept-permissive, where the GM flexes the setting to accommodate whatever their players want to play; and the type which is more setting-first, where the GM has the setting and world, and there are firm, fixed boundaries within which players can create their concept. Shores is clearly the latter. There are going to be players who love that, and players who hate that, and players who have mixed feelings; I just think that's the nature of the beast.
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    Where: Haven. Outdoors. When: Tuesday 21st May 8pm server-time Who: Anyone on friendly / neutral terms with Haven Event Type: Social GM Assistance?: Only needed for setting out of tables / NPC townsfolk. Publicly accessible event so can be deleted afterwards. In the lateness of the evening the sound of sporadic gunfire, Orcish roars and screeching wildlife were some of the key indicators that the hunt was going somewhat well. Baron West and Grotga of the Bleeding Hollow managed to bag a few rather tasty local delicacies along with assistance from one of Bloodfury's followers the Orc Mik'Turok who assisted with bringing the carcasses back to the northern township where they were plucked, descaled, skinned and the flesh removed to be salted, smoked and prepared for the feast tomorrow. Many of the townsfolk would have seen the Baron preparing the foodstuffs out in the open and informing the townsfolk of the time of the feast, making sure to ask the odd citizen now and then to go request some tables off the captain of the guard. Before long a notice of sorts would go up in various parts of Haven, even making it as far as Drustgarde with possibly one or two of Grom'Goshar's Orcs taking the notices up as well (though written in common rather than Orcish) "Feasting Extravaganza To all ye humble folk of Haven, I Baron West and the Hunters of Opej bring forth to you this tuesday evening a feast for the eyes and a marvel of the bounty that Opej'nor provides! Worry and fret not, for this is a feast free to all who wish to attend, those coming shall be fed heartily and wine shall flow like the streams of Opej'Nor itself! I invite you all cordially to a banquet here in the town at 8 tolls of the bell at night, bring your own side dishes if you so desire and bring alcohol in abundance too if you wish for tonight is a night where we may forget our troubles that plague us, take no heed of the enemies at our doorstep, and celebrate the magnificence of the most glorious of all pursuits: that of the hunt! First course: Opej Stomper sausages & blood pudding with boiled vegetables Opej viper stew with herb garnish Gryphon skewers Garlic butter baked Doldrums salmon Second course: Grilled Gryphon beast with locally gathered salad and a Westfall coleslaw Opej Stomper steak flambeed in an Alterac brandy Third course: Gently fried honey Teroclaw wings with garlic roasted wild Opej potatoes and onions Dessert: Soft ginger bread with custard Drinks: Limited amount of wine Bring more along and be merry!" Event Objectives Main Objective: Feeding the Five Thousand Ensure everyone in Haven is fed and goes to bed with a full belly! Bonus Objectives: Lightweight! End up with several individuals drinking so much they start having a fight Lead by example Encourage a small band of Haven townsfolk to take up hunting and trapping Ego overwhelming Show off hunting trophies to at least 5 feast attendees
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    This event was awesome. We were having fun on our own but special shout-out to Lang for showing up and taking the event to the next level.
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    Oughta pledge me Zorku to this. Horde 4 Life.
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    Hi, I'm a returning player, and I've already noticed that EU players aren't really able to do all that much. I remember that this was a serious problem the last time I was here too, I understand that we're meant to be RP'ing with each other to create content for our characters, but RP is 100% enhanced with the addition of a DM. Are there plans for getting an EU timezone DM?
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    There were some fun times and some good people, but it is time to move on. For those who enjoyed the stories we wrote together, it was fun. To those who might not have appreciated my presence, I'm sorry if we didn't get along well.
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    Battered and bruised Cut and clawed Damned and defeated Or so it was thought The man, the myth, the legend known to many throughout the isles as 'The Mad Baron of Opej' has made a return fairly recently. Still highly irked at the seemingly impossible task of hunting down the dreaded 'Daggerfin' murloc, he has returned to the shores of Opej to find it a wildly different place. Haven now stands as a consolidated fortress with close to a hundred guards and soldiers at various points across the island seemingly becoming a defacto 'faction' of sorts, something which irked the nobleman as peace of a sorts on the isle was ever ironically maintained by the balance of power between the Orcs of Grom'Goshar and the Humans of Drustgarde, but with both gone (in the latter's case gone insofar as the baron is concerned with Haytham's apparent demise) he has grown distrusting of this neutral faction operating out from what was once Halfpoint Haven. Throw into the mix the presence of the group calling themselves the 'Trailblazers', the Baron heard only small hushed whispers of them having defeated the dreaded golem of Black Finger so thought to himself as long as they keep away from beasts on the isle and leave that to him he may have to quarrel with them. But with beasts comes a whole new prize: the Tyrant Queen. The Baron caught a glimpse of her, or rather felt her thundering her way through the jungle canopy to annihilate a rather unlucky raptor in her path, perhaps this is part of the same bloodline that was birthed from Golveldbarad? The Baron certainly hoped so as to keep at least a breeding pair of devilsaurs on the isle would ensure that the beasts were not wiped out by careless adventurers who had no consideration for the balance of wildlife... his first task would be to establish where it made its lair and if it had already produced a clutch of eggs yet or not. But thats only the start... what other new beasts have crawled from caves and canyons on Opej during his absence? Only time will tell!
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    Ye.. It's not enough to keep one interested in the long run. Fair enough if the plan is to keep the population small as it is.. Not a condescending tone by the way. I mean, is there a reason for the server to not have a DM that is active during times that are healthy for EU players to be online? Some of us have jobs and RL life commitments that mean that we can't stay online till ridiculous hours in the morning... Again not meant in a condescending tone.
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    Make some events yourself? Not a condescending tone by the way, maybe start an event or some small scale stuff that doesn't require a GM before stepping forward with this?
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    The Daggerfin Recently, the esteemed Baron West has come across a rumour of a particular species of aquatic life which would make a wonderful addition to his mantelpiece of trophies: 'The Daggerfin' Described as a creature capable of swallowing a Gnome whole and luring in it's prey with a lantern-like appendage dangling in front of its mouth to lure prey to their doom. As the name suggests, this creature also has a large fin upon its back sharp enough to cut through steel wire and even rend apart the armour of the strongest of warriors whilst its teeth are certainly no less lethal: considered to be sharper than even sewing needles. There is a reason these denizens of Azeroth's seas are known in certain fishing communities as "caught the wrong 'un" as they constitute about 20% of deaths of fishermen in exotic locals such as Tel'Abim and Tanaris despite their rarity. But before the baron can seek somewhere to buy diving gear and reconfigure his gun to shoot darts underwater, he needs information on where the creature can be found.... "250 silver should be enough to get me that information."
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    Some beasts stir uneasily, as the air within the jungles of Opej'Nor grows humid, the climate unsuitable for them anymore. Yet they refuse to move to a different island, something or someone giving them a reason to stay at the lush ecosystem.