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    Artwork: Piotr Krezelewski Where: Start at New Moonbrook When: Tuesday 23rd July 8pm server-time Who: New Moonbrook citizens and those of Alliance races Event Type: Investigation / rescue (possible combat) GM Assistance: Required unless DM kits can be set up to make it feasible? Reasoning for 'required' is mentioned below The Baron grumbled... the workforce, whilst it was a start, was not enough to truely get New Moonbrook off the ground, there was also somewhat of a lull in the amount of refugees turning up at Haven He looked out at the coastline, the Kul'tirans had a phrase that he recalled from his youth... 'the ocean always provides'... perhaps the fishpaste-swilling sailors had somewhat of a point considering whilst certainly not -all- refugees did but many of them ended up in the Doldrums either washing up ashore or being shipwrecked. He climbed down Baron's Watch and took out a map of Opej'nor, scanning it quickly, he eyed the coastline from east to west covering almost three-quarters of the edge of the isle save for the sharp jagged rocks to the south that would be impossible to rescue survivors from even if there were any "Hrmm, a patrol in two day's time going along the coast... we would need bandages, food, healing potions and several flasks of fresh drinking water" he mumbled to himself A settler of New Moonbrook walked by and the Baron collared them before they could walk off "You there, go gather up what supplies we can spare, we're heading out in a couple days to see who we can rescue from these... these Unknown Shores." The settler blinked for a moment "But Baron, what if those who wash up are not of the Alliance?" The Baron hesitated for a moment, he had no particular desire to see conflict flare up, but at the same time he could ill-afford to feed the mouths of members of the Horde especially as many who joined him did so expecting an -Alliance- settlement "We shall drop them off at the Zandalari Embassy afterwards, I shall send a runner to Bloodfury to pick them up whilst we return our own to New Moonbrook" The settler saluted before running off to go gather the aforementioned supplies, the Baron returned his gaze to the sea which lapped up so gently against the hull of egtown that it looked as though it were scarcely even moving. "Let us see if the ocean truely does provide..." Event Objectives Main Objective: For the King! Rescue at least 5 Alliance refugees Failed. Only X2 refugees recruited. Bonus Objectives: Excuse me, are you Elvish? Find and rescue an Elven bard Success. Recruited an Elven bard A blast to the past Rescue two mortar crewmen Failed. No mortar crewmen recruited You'll do! Capture a Murloc to work in the mine Success. Two Murlocs captured OOC: Hi folks Quick event for newcomers to Unknown Shores who have joined New Moonbrook, though people wishing to join up New Moonbrook are more than welcome to join up this way by having their character lying somewhere on the shores of Opej'nor to be rescued. Event duration is somewhat unknown, we will start in the south-eastern corner of Opej'nor due east of the Trailblazer's camp and then we will follow the shoreline anti-clockwise stopping before we bump into the Black Dragonflight forces in western Opej'nor. The time limit will be how long it takes (potential fights included) to walk from one side to the other. The ultimate goal of this will be to not only provide additional refugee workers / guards for New Moonbrook but also to give the new members of the guild some idea as to the scale of the isle and to help them get their bearings, this will also hopefully act to establish the Zandalari Embassy just between Drustgarde and Egtown as a spot for 'Horde' refugees to gather and not necessarily just Haven. Whilst the mission is expected to be relatively low-risk, it is likely there will be combat as not only do hostile forces sometimes wash up on the shores of Opej'nor but normally-peaceful Alliance soldiers will likely become insane upon arriving here due to the influence of the Old God.
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    A number of posters make themselves apparent, written in both the languages of Common and Orcish in various spots around the island of Opej'nor where major settlements lie, what stands out immediately to those viewing it is the merged symbol of both the Orcish clans and the Stormwind lion. "To those who read this missive. Here in accordance with the Leo-Lupus pact, the settlements of New Moonbrook and Grom'Thar / Mag'gol shall abide by the following agreements until such a time as the pact is dissolved by both parties or war is officially declared upon one of the factions by the other. Both parties to the pact will immediately cease all current trading and co-operation (unless already ceased) with both the settlement of Haven and the Scarlet Crusade encampment upon High Hearth. Members of either aforementioned faction will not be welcome into the settlements of either signatory of the accord and attempts to enter will result in immediate arrest (following warning) and imprisonment, attacks will be met with hostile force by both signatories of the accord. Co-operation with any faction or organization aiding either of the above forces will also cease. In the event of assault upon either signatory's settlements, namely by the newly dubbed 'Swarm', the settlement of New Moonbrook and its inhabitants will relocate insofar as possible to the settlement of Grom'Thar to aid in defence of the peak depending on severity of the threat. Both signatories will retain full control of their laws and hierarchies of their respective settlements. Tactics and weaknesses of the 'Swarm' are to be retained by both signatories until such as time as the artefact known as the [Bloodstone of Opej] is handed in for safekeeping to Miss Meredith Thistleton of the Wizard's Enclave under the watchful eye of -all- factions of Opej'nor. Neither signatory is to engage aggressively with the swarm unless it encroaches upon the eastern part of Opej'nor or until such a time as the aforementioned Bloodstone is turned over to the Enclave. Relationship with Haven will secede back to a neutral status when both signatory factions are convinced that Haven not only will fully severe any and all ties with the Scarlet Crusade (Including the void priestess known as 'Emily') but also when it is believed that Haven harbour no more hidden artifacts or secrets from other factions upon the Isle. Distrust and greed from others have led to the formation of this pact, until such is apparent it will remain. -Doldrosh Dragor Bloodfury -Baron Timothy West"
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    Where: Mag'gol village When: Wednesday 31st July 8pm server-time. Who: Flamespire Clan and allies Event Type: Labour / Work GM Assistance: Not required. Event will be self-DM'd. Keepers are of course welcome to come along an interact. The grumble could be heard from atop Grom'Goshar peak as the fiercely work-heavy peon Pik woke from his grog-induced slumber. He rolled out of his leather cot with a SLAM onto the compacted earthern floor of his hut and picked one of his teeth up which he had knocked out. Another shiny glowing day in the worklife of a peon... but his work orders now grew more intensive and more complex with scores of jobs needing done and only one Pik to do them. He may stand a great deal taller than many of Bloodfury's fiercest warriors but at the end of the day he is but one Orc.... or is he? An unusual expression of determination lit up the Orc's face which only added to the confusion when a number of the Flamespire Clan's most seasoned warriors had gathered around the campfire to tell war stories, drink grog and sing... the burly Peon leered over them. "PIK TIRED, PIK DO ALL WERK. WARRIORS SIT AND DRINK GROG. PIK HAVE NO TIME TO DRINK GROG. PIK TOO BUSY BUILDING. ELDER GIVE ORDERS TO PIK. PIK GIVING ORDERS TO YOU. NO MORE GROG, NO MORE SING-SING, NO MORE JOY UNTIL YOU HELP PIK WERK. YOU COME HERE TOMORROW WHEN AXEBEAKS STOP SQUARKING OR PIK GET MAD." The Orcs look confused, this may be the first time many of them have seen a Peon -angry- nevermind giving seasoned warriors work orders. Was it the fierce determination? The confident stride? Or simply abject confusion and terror at social norms for Orcs collapsing around them? We may never know, what we do however know is that Pik is swinging his gusto around to complete a great many of the Doldrosh's outstanding work orders, in this case: it involves the construction of earthern defences, ramparts, trenches and other means of defending against the bug swarm should it attack as well as cutting down every tree within distance of the village of Mag'gol Time will tell to see if the peon's ham-fisted threats work. Event Objectives Main Objective: Hellscream's Legacy Successfully fell all trees in front of the Flamespire Clan's Bastion in true Warsong style Bonus Objectives: My Axe Cannot Cleave Fleshless Spirits Cut down so many trees that the ire of Opej's forests is invoked TIIIIIIMMMMBEEERRRRR Cut down a tree that squashes a hostile beast Honey for the Horde Acquire a swarm of bees from a tree to start production of honey in the clan
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    ♫ Following the concealed convocation held by the various parties and factions of the Doldrums within the depths of Thor'modan, a plan of action has been orchestrated with its main objective entailing the rescue of the lost prisoners that dwell within the confines of Opej's grounded vessel. Should the party fail to discover any lucid prisoners, sabotaging the ship will take precedence to ensure that the odds are tipped in our favour when the inevitable day comes where the forces of Darkness are to be vanquished by a strengthened unified force. In addition to this, other key matters were brought up, discussed, and delegated including the resurgence and evolution of the Sand Reaver threat; and a fair amount of Drakes nestled on the beach north of Drustgarde and the Trailblazer settlement which were the very same beasts responsible for the destruction of Silver-Eye. Furthermore, it has been agreed upon by the present parties that a weekly gathering to touch base on the progress made on their delegated tasks would be necessary as the Doldrums is once again poised with a host of threats that if left unchecked will spiral out of hand and ultimately serve as their reckoning. OOC INFORMATION Date: 26/07/2019 (Friday) Where: Port Drustgarde, Tidesong (Galleon) Time: 9PM ST
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    A number of bounty posters are printed on a rather plain recycled parchment found commonly in the Doldrums, upon this one stands a fierce hooded looking Dwarvern woman in dark cultist-like robes with flaming incantations present. These letters make their way to major settlements but unusually for something marked with the Baron's signature it also appears in the city-ruin of Tordala. The poster itself reads: "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. Warlock of unknown name hereby referred to as 'Heinrich's Bane' Wanted for the murder of Captain Heinrich of the Alliance Combined Arms Brigade and an unnamed Kaldorei sentinel of the same aforementioned brigade. This warlock was found responsible for the summoning of a demonic succubus which slew and took the form of Captain Heinrich of the Alliance before also slaying a member of the brigade, culprit is wanted on the following charges by Baron Timothy West and the settlement of New Moonbrook: Impersonating an Alliance Captain Magical influence over Alliance soldiers Two counts of murder High Treason Falsifying documents Inciting war Alliance soldiers under the command of the Captain were found to have been enthralled by the demon until it was slain by heroic adventurers from Drustgarde and Tordala. Upon the elimination of the demon, a warlock believed to be a Dwarvern Female was found escaping the scene using a hearthstone. Those with information as to the location or whereabouts of Heinrich's Bane should report to Miss Mythglancer of Tordala, Governor Haytham of Drustgarde or Baron West of New Moonbrook. A SUM OF 25 GOLD IS OFFERED FOR THE WARLOCK'S HEAD A SUM OF 50 GOLD IS OFFERED FOR THE WARLOCK BROUGHT ALIVE, GAGGED, BOUND IN ANTI-MAGIC MANACLES AND DISARMED TO NEW MOONBROOK TO BE SUMMARILY EXECUTED"
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    ♫ Word quickly begins to spread like wildfire that the second coming of the annual Drustgarde Hordefall festival is slated for Sunday evening. It is said to be a night of rememberance and celebration in honour of those that fought and died fighting against the fel-corrupted Old Horde. Festivities will include a feast, including a large variety of seafood. Following the feast, a traditional dance contest will be held, with the victor standing against the champion of the last Hordefall festival - Gilthaniel Wildheart at a later date. To conclude with, an effigy shall be burned to commemorate the end of the Second War and the festivities. All are invited to attend! OOC INFORMATION Date: 11/08/2019 (Sunday) Where: Port Drustgarde, Tidesong (Galleon) Time: 10PM ST
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    An amendment appears to have been noted on the Pact, quickly this is disseminated through rumours and down the grapevine Those who are considered genuine pilgrims to the peak of Grom'Goshar to pay homage to the elementals are considered to be under the protection of the pact (namely the Flamespire Clan) and will be granted safe passage to the respective shrine of choice. Individuals seeking to do this must disarm themselves of any and all weapons before entering Flamespire Clan territory as well as being escorted at all times by one of their clansmen. Anyone found in direct violation of this will be considered a hostile target within Flamespire Clan territory and will be summarily sacrificed to the lava pits of Grom'Goshar. Anyone caught spying whilst under the guise of being considered a 'pilgrim' will be also executed. The amendment bears the signature of both Dragor Bloodfury and Timothy West, the latter seems to have actually noted the following on copies of the pact in both settlements: "Do what you want with them as long as it isn't dark magic... death by lava pit sounds better than firing squad down here at New Moonbrook... saves bullets if you ask me"
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    Location: Meredith's Tower (Opej'nor) Player(s) Involved: Aziphale Type of Project: Horticulture/Architect Summary: A short attempt to build a greenhouse and fill it with jungle vegetables and various plants. The goal is to have a reliable source of that sweet, sweet vegan nutrition (Wild vegetables) and eventually through roleplay fill it with plants of the narcotic variety or the more safer herbs used in Alchemy. The current plan is to interact with Eg or another architect in-game to see about building the greenhouse itself. Once a sutible location is found, Aziphale will use his immense survival training to plant seeds and migrate plants to the greenhouse for proper growing. After the basic plants successfully begin producing, the Farstrider will attempt to branch out into other more difficult plants, using various methods and help from other players. Of course because he is a Blood Elf he also wants something Botanical that'll make people come and visit. To see the labor he put into crafting plants. -Undergo different trials and tests to see how to get the fun stuff to grow (Bloodthistle, shimmerweed and Felweed.) -Acquire an Ancient Seed or two -Speak with the Treant or a Druid/Shaman for tips and help growing.
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    More bounty posters appear, this time specifically only on the isle of Opej'nor once again on recycled parchment with an image of a rather cocky looking human bandit. As with others, this bears the signature of Baron West The poster reads: "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE. Two members of the bandit gang known as the 'Rat Pack' Wanted for the waylaying and robbery of a citizen of New Moonbrook. Known members of this gang consist so far of a duo: a human and a mag'har Orc, the latter believed to be armed with a gun. They are believed to operate as part of a larger group. These criminal pigs were spotted close to the Trailblazer settlement at the foot of the Wizard's Enclave Tower in south-eastern Opej'nor. These bandits are wanted on the following charges of: One Count of Highway & Armed Robbery One Count of Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft Rewards are as follows: A SUM OF FIFTY SILVER FOR EACH OF THESE TWO BANDITS SLAIN. PROOF TO BE BROUGHT WITH THEIR HEADS. A SUM OF ONE GOLD AND FIFTY SILVER FOR EACH OF THESE TWO BANDITS BROUGHT TO NEW MOONBROOK ALIVE AND IN CHAINS TO FACE PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR CRIME A sum of five gold pieces will be rewarded to individuals who come forward with substantial information on this 'gang' known as the Rat Pack that leads to the utter dismantlement of aforementioned gang.